Tommy Lee And Son Feud As Brandon Posts Video Of Rocker Seemingly Passed Out

Sometimes repairing a broken relationship with your kids is hard. Rocker Tommy Lee is probably thinking that now about his son Brandon Lee. The two have been at odds for months following a physical altercation back in March. For Father's Day, Tommy Lee shared two pictures; one of him with his dad, and another with him and one of his sons. Given the long caption accompanying the photo it is likely Brandon, though he never specifies if it is. Brandon Lee has a younger brother named Dylan.

In the photo caption, Tommy Lee claims to want to be honest about the hardships of parenting. Any parent knows that parenting is often a thankless an tiring job. Under the guise of transparency, Tommy Lee talks about raising entitled children and hoping that he would have been better able to instill in his own sons the values his father instilled in him.  While Tommy Lee does kind of take credit for giving his sons the space to be entitled, he seems to place most of the blame on his ex-wife, actress Pamela Anderson.

"I know I'm not fully to blame, because their mom has a lot to do with it," Tommy Lee states. Obviously we know nothing about what happens behind closed doors, but it seems that if he's going to call his son out for being entitled, he shouldn't pass much of the blame onto his son's mother.

The most generous soul I know.

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Naturally, Brandon, who is 22, saw his father's post. Since it doesn't paint him or his mom in the best light, he felt the need to clap back at his dad. Originally sharing a screenshot of the caption of his dad's post, he calls Tommy Lee out. From the picture Brandon is painting, Tommy Lee wasn't the most present parent. He insinuates that his dad was only around on occasionally. He also alludes to their previous physical altercation, seemingly threatening a repeat of the fight.

Brandon Lee follows up his first post with a note for his dad. First he explains why he felt the need to respond so harshly at first.

"You post something for the world to see, saying that I'm a bad kid and my mom is a bad mother, what do you expect?" In it, he again calls his father out for being absent as he grew up. Brandon also acknowledges that his father is probably still upset about their fight, but mentions that posting about it on social media isn't the way to solve any problems. He also mentions that Tommy Lee didn't call for his birthday a few weeks ago.

According to E! News, Brandon also shared a since-deleted video of his father seemingly passed out on the floor in a T-shirt and underwear.

"I didn't go around telling the world what a let down you are," Brandon adds. He ends it with imploring his father to let the fight go and move on.

Sorry for the noise everyone. Hopefully this is the End.

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Tommy Lee posted another retaliation post, outlining money he has allegedly given his son. Obviously, he didn't listen to his son's plea of moving on. Hopefully they are able to either work through their differences, or end their relationship until they can.

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