Tom Cruise's Adopted Kids Vs. Suri: 20 Ways He's Raising Them Different

Tom Cruise has three kids named Isabella, Connor, and Suri. He adopted Isabella and Connor during his marriage to Nicole Kidman. After that "Hollywood power couple" marriage ended in divorce, he moved on by tying the knot with another actress, Katie Holmes. Tom and Katie's daughter, Suri, came along in April of 2006. Tom and Katie separated in 2012 and are now divorced.

Lately, there has been a lot of press about the differences between Tom's relationships with his adopted kids and his relationship with Suri. People are always curious as to why Tom seems to be closer to his adopted children than his younger daughter. While it's certainly no one's business, it doesn't stop people from feeling bad that Suri gets less attention from her Dad than Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise get.

Most people put the blame on Tom's beliefs but whether that's true, we likely won't know any time soon.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Tom's parenting style with his adopted kids and with Suri will enjoy this list. It's packed with interesting facts about his life, his children and his relationships. Tom's life is anything but average. He's been famous for so long. With an estimated net worth of 550 million bucks, Tom is able to live out the lifestyle of his choice.

20 Suri Doesn’t Get Attention Like His Adopted Kids


In late April of this year, a story surfaced at Hollywoodlife.com, which told a sad tale about the life of Suri Cruise. According to the online report, Suri misses her father and feels unhappy because he didn't appear at her twelfth birthday party. While sources revealed that Suri did get a present from her famous father, the young girl was crestfallen that Dad didn't show up on the big day. Apparently, Suri has a lot of curiosity about her father and wishes that she saw him more often. That's more than understandable.

The saddest thing about divorce is the toll that it takes on kids.

19 Suri Isn’t Being Raised With Tom’s Beliefs


Suri isn't being raised with the beliefs that are so important to Tom. She's being raised by Katie Holmes, who doesn't share her ex-husband's faith. According to Leah Remini, who used to share Tom's beliefs and has since been very vocal about her disdain for the organization, Katie will put her custody of Suri at risk by even talking about Tom's beliefs, or hanging out with Leah, who used to be her close buddy.

Tom's beliefs are everything to him, so the fact that his daughter doesn't share them may be a real problem for him.

He would surely prefer that his youngest daughter did share his beliefs. This is likely the primary reason why his relationship with Suri is distant and strained.

18 Tom Didn't Go To His Daughter Isabella’s Wedding


Tom has spent tons of time with his daughter Isabella, but he chose to skip her wedding, even though he was invited and paid for the ceremony and reception, according to Hollywoodlife.com.

According to some sources, Tom wasn't really fond of the groom, so he decided to pass on the wedding because he wanted his daughter to enjoy her big day without worrying about his feelings.

Tom was very busy with film work at that time, too. By staying away, he allowed the bride to get all of the attention. If he would have attended, everyone would have been focused on him, including the press because of his fame, so perhaps it's a good thing he stayed away.

17 Tom’s Son Connor Lives In Luxury In Clearwater, Florida


Clearwater, Florida is an important place for Tom Cruise. His son, Connor, likely chooses to live in luxury in Clearwater because of that. Based on information at News.com.au, Connor moved into an "elite compound" in Clearwater. The compound has residential areas, as well as places to study. It also has incredible amenities, including a rooftop garden, a hot tub, a bar, and a pool.

Connor's move happened in August of 2018. His famous Dad has a fancy penthouse very close to Connor's building, which is known as The Sandcastle, so it's easy for father and son to hang out.

Let's just hope Suri never finds out.

16 Tom Didn’t Mind Young Suri Wearing Heels and Lipstick


Tom was an indulgent daddy when it came to Suri's desire to put on makeup and wear heels while she was just a little girl. Katie Holmes was indulgent, too. Obviously, Suri's a little girl who likes a traditionally feminine look. Maybe she wants to look like her mother, Katie, who does hit the red carpet in high style now and then. Fans were overly critical when young Suri Cruise began appearing in tiny high heels, with reddened lips, but Katie thought everyone should just chill out because the little high heels were really ballroom dancing footwear for children, according to some sources.

15 Tom Hasn’t Seen Suri Since She Was 7


In light of the fact that Tom Cruise has more money than he can ever spend, as well as a career which allows him to pick and choose when he works, it's pretty remarkable that Tom hasn't seen Suri since she was seven years old.

Unfortunately, according to Msn.com, he hasn't seen her since the year after he broke up with Katie Holmes. A source revealed that Tom has stayed away despite having the legal right to spend 10 days of each month with his youngest daughter.

Why? Well, the source says it's about his beliefs and the fact that Suri doesn't share them.

14 Tom’s Son Embraces Dad's Beliefs and Gets Rewarded


Connor Cruise definitely shares Dad's beliefs and he gets plenty of perks for doing so, such as a luxury residence and his father's respect and affection. Isabella is also reportedly on board with Tom's beliefs but doesn't live in Clearwater, Florida, as her brother does.

Connor seems to be everything that Tom wants in a child. He is deeply entrenched in the organization that his father supports, and may always be deeply entrenched in it. After all, it's all that Connor has ever known. It must seem very normal to him. According to Smooth.com.au, Nicole Kidman worries about her son Connor because he's being groomed to play a key role in this organization.

13 Suri May Be Shunned


Will Tom come around and get close to his sweet little girl, who's growing up so fast? Possibly. For years, though, Suri has been ignored because Katie is raising her, according to Usmagazine.com.

This may seem a bit childish, or a lot childish, but it's not the little girl's decision how she's being raised.

She is innocent and should be able to enjoy strong bonds with both parents. That being said, Tom's way of life come with a lot of rules that need to be followed.

12 Tom Takes Connor to Ball Games


While Suri feels the pain of not seeing her Dad, Connor gets a lot of quality time with his father. Connor and Tom are frequently photographed at ball games, hanging out and watching the action. According to Hellomagazine.com, Tom and his son are fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and went to see them in the playoffs in 2013. Tom was 51 at the time. Connor was then eighteen years of age. This is just one example of many. There are lots of pics online showing Tom and his son at ball games. Usually, the pair looks very happy to be together. They seem very in tune with each other.

11 Tom Didn’t See Suri When He Was In The Same City


Suri lives in the Big Apple with her mother, Katie Holmes, who is in a relationship with the multi-talented Jamie Foxx. There were big engagement rumors about Katie and Jamie recently when Katie was spotted with a diamond ring on THAT finger, but Katie squashed the rumors by letting the press know that the ring was only a film prop, as reported by Cbsnews.com.

Tom has been in NYC while his daughter was there, but made the decision not to see her. He's actually been only blocks away from her and didn't reach out. That's something that's hard to understand, even with differing life views.

10 Daughter Isabella Moved To Another Country (England)


According to the Dailymail.co.uk, Isabella Cruise got married and moved away from the USA to Croyden, England.  She reportedly wants a normal life that's not lavish, unlike the rich-kid lives of typical Hollywood celeb offspring. She did have a wedding that featured rituals and traditions based on her father's beliefs, which she shares.

Isabella is married to an IT consultant named Max and their home in England is worth about half a million dollars. Tom's former home in Beverly Hills sold for a whopping 39 million dollars. Isabella is believed to have a troubled relationship with her mom, Nicole Kidman.

9 Tom Took Action After A Tabloid Said He Abandoned Suri


Tom lashed out when a tabloid reported that he had abandoned his daughter. He got his team involved and took action to the tune of 50 million dollars.

He actually challenged a couple of magazines for defamation, namely In Touch and Life & Style.

Tom claims to be a caring parent who loves his daughter Suri dearly. He feels that the claim of abandonment made by the magazines is false and vicious. The issue was settled in 2013. The publisher of the magazines admitted there were no sources for the claim of abandonment.

8 Bella and Connor Stayed With Tom After Nicole Kidman Divorce


Most kids stay with their moms after divorce, but there are exceptions. Some kids choose to stay with their fathers or are instructed by the court to stay with their fathers.

According to Mercurynews.com, the two kids, Connor and Isabella, share Tom's beliefs and wanted to stay with him, in part because of this way of life. Nicole Kidman says she tried to have bio children with Tom during their marriage but their relationship just wasn't able to recover after they lost a baby early on in the pregnancy.

The couple adopted as a result and although they tried to have another baby together, the same fate awaited them. Today, Nicole has two daughters with husband, Keith Urban.

7 Tom And Nicole Keep Contact With Their Adopted Kids


For a long time after her divorce from Tom, it seemed like Nicole Kidman wasn't apart of her adopted kid's lives anymore, but they did remain in contact.

Both Tom and Nicole keep contact with the kids. However, Tom lives just steps away from his son, Connor, in Clearwater, Florida, while Nicole Kidman divides her time between L.A., Nashville, Sutton Forest in New South Wales and Sydney, Australia.

With Isabella in England, Nicole and Tom both need to travel to see her, or have her come to them. While Tom doesn't hang out with Suri, he does have contact. For example, he sends gifts to her on special occasions.

6 Tom Said Suri’s No Longer a Part of His Life


While Tom did take action because he was accused of abandonment by a tabloid, he has admitted that Suri isn't part of his life, according to Newidea.com.au. In October of 2017, an old friend of Tom's who runs a Facebook page for Tom Cruise fans was asked by Tom to take photos of Suri off of the fan page because Suri wasn't a part of Tom's life. She obliged with Tom's wishes.

There's clearly a lot going on under the surface with Tom Cruise. It's really unusual for a father to make requests like this, and not to be part of his daughter's life.

5 Tom Had A Troubled Relationship With His Own Dad


Tom had big issues with own father, Thomas Cruise Mapother III. According to Cbs.com, he has described his dad as a coward and a bully. He said that his dad hurt him, both in a physical and emotional way.

He felt that something wasn't right with his dad and he was sure that his father couldn't be trusted.

He always had to be on guard around him and this gave Tom anxiety. Tom had also said that classmates gave him a hard time in school. All of this has given him zero tolerance for bullies. He doesn't like bullying behavior.

4 Suri Has Tried To Reach Out To Tom


According to Newidea.com.au, Suri has sent to many pleas to Tom over the years for him to be involved in her life. Unfortunately, Tom's beliefs involve the process of disconnecting with those who decide to stop sharing those beliefs. Suri has reportedly called Tom and left voicemails, in addition to sending letters and talking to him on the phone.

Tom is believed to listen to every message that she sends and read every letter that she sends. Some people believe that Tom's making moves that allow him to bypass the regulations of his belief organization and reconnect with his daughter.

3 Tom May Be Ready To Reconnect With Suri


Is Tom ready to step back into his daughter's life? Suri is growing up so fast and Tom's been missing out on face-to-face contact with his child, although he does stay in contact in other ways. A report at Hollywoodlife.com indicates that Tom has tried to follow the rules set out by his leaders, but is getting frustrated because these rules mean that he can't see his daughter. Suri turned 12 during April and it's hurting Tom that he can't be a part of her life. If Tom is ready to make a change, let's hope that others support his choices.

2 Isabella’s Bio Mom Shares Tom’s Beliefs


Isabella's biological mom shared Tom's beliefs. She and Tom learned about and practiced those beliefs through the same organization. According to Thefamouspeople.com, Isabella's full name is Isabella Jane Cruise and she went through some emotional turmoil due to her unique upbringing after she was adopted by Tom and Nicole. As a child, she was prone to depression and anxiety. Her parent's separation happened when she was nine and it seemed to be a catalyst for her emotional issues. Now, Isabella is married to Max Parker and seems much happier, although it is strange that neither Nicole or Tom went to her wedding.

1 Connor Is Following In Dad’s Actor Footsteps


Connor Cruise grew up with Tom Cruise and he's dabbled in acting. Tom Cruise is an exceptionally good actor. Connor has some big shoes to fill. So many celeb offspring end up in their famous parent's shadows for their whole lives. It's the dark side of enjoying wealth, glamour, connections and privilege. According to Imdb.com, Connor appeared in Red Dawn in 2012 and Seven Pounds in 2008.

Will more roles be in his future? Right now, Connor seems more into deep sea fishing. It's his passion. Since he lives in Florida, it's easy for him to enjoy world-class deep sea fishing.

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