This Toddler Target Toilet Light Actually Makes Potty Training Fun

Parents of boys know all too well just how messy potty training can be. Not only do they face the same challenges as parents with daughters do with simply getting their child potty trained, by they have the extra added mess that comes with aim issues to deal with. While parents of boys are typically thrilled when their sons get the hang of potty training, keeping the bathroom clean is a whole other battle.

Target Toilet Light
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Parents of boys have used everything from Cheerios in the toilet bowl to offering rewards to even having their sons sit down while they use the bathroom in hopes of minimizing their child peeing over the entire toilet seat and inevitably the wall and floor behind and around the toilet. There's a new product on the market now however that has boy parents totally excited because it's something new and fun and looks like it can really be effective when getting boys to aim directly into the toilet.

The Toddler Target Potty Training Learning Easy Fast Fun Motion Sensor Activated Bullseye Nightlight is basically a laser light that attaches to the lid of your toilet and shines a light in the toilet bowl for your child to use as a target. The light helps boys practice their aim, which hopefully will help eliminate those unfortunate messes in the bathroom.

The product currently retails for just $29.88 on Amazon, which is less than a month's supply of Clorox wipes that you'll need to buy to clean up those bathroom messes! The company states that their product helps to promote independent potty training for boys and is especially effective for children with special needs and those on the autism spectrum. In addition to being a great training tool, the target light also doubles as a nightlight, which is useful for kids who are already potty trained. Having the light seems like it would definitely eliminate those middle of the night misfires when the lighting isn't great.

TOilet light
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The light is designed to fit every toilet and won't be damaged by any of your household cleaners. It is battery operated and designed to help make toilet training a bit of fun for all boys. Reviewers on Amazon can't help but rave about the product, with one customer writing; "It first I was skeptical about the idea of spending about 30 bucks on a toilet target... well, I haven't had pee on the floor since the day I installed it. I have 2 toddlers and a husband. My bathroom had to be cleaned twice a day. The boys went into the toilet and next to it... not anymore. They enjoy peeing on the target. My toilet is much cleaner, and so is my floor. It shuts off when no motion detected. It's awesome!"

Potty training is never fun, nor is the one who has to clean the bathroom, so any product that can make both of those tasks a bit easier seems well worth the money.

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