Toddler Dies After Being Struck By Distracted Driver On Her Phone

Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare. Factor in a situation that could've been easily avoided, and you've got a recipe for a heartache like no other. One Texas family is speaking out after their two-year-old daughter was hit by a driver distracted by her phone. According to CBS Austin, Chris and Jamie White were enjoying a family day out with their three children at the local soccer fields in Round Rock. Little Allie Estelle was getting her sunscreen put on by her dad when he turned his back for a moment.

In that split second, Allie saw her brothers across the field and ran to them, not seeing the oncoming car speeding towards her. "As she was running, I saw the car coming really quickly from the main road that didn't slow down," Chris told CBS Austin. "And within a matter of two seconds, my poor baby was kind of knocked over with the front fender." Despite the father's desperate pleas for the driver to stop, it was too late, and Allie was killed by the car.

Witnesses described seeing the woman speeding recklessly while she spoke on the phone at Old Settlers Park. Chris said that when she stopped and got out, she still had the cell phone to her ear, seemingly oblivious to what had happened. "I think they thought they ran over a soccer ball," he said. Round Rock Police aren't charging the driver, deeming the terrible tragedy an accident.

Now, Chris and his wife hope to convince the city to place speed bumps and other precautions in the parking lot to stop history from repeating itself. The couple believes that if there were traffic calming things like this already in place, Allie Estelle would still be alive.

"Maybe we could save other babies from having to go through this, and other parents from having to feel this heartache," said Allie's mother, Jamie. "If we could help people change a little of their habits to be safer, then there's a positive coming from this." Her family describes her as a girl who "lit up everyone's lives with immense, unforgettable love and laughter."

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