After Her 3-Year-Old Called Her Fat, This Mom Took It Upon Herself To Lose 138 Pounds

Schauna Harshman lost 138 pounds after her three-year-old son fat shamed her. At first, she was upset and angry, but she soon realized that it was an important wakeup call. Sometimes, we need a little tough love to get us on track.

The 35-year-old mom from North Dakota admitted that she’s always been unhappy about her weight. Since she got pregnant at 18, she’s been using her kids as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted. This included a lot of processed foods and high-calorie meals. She was 217 pounds when she had her first child, and she gained 56 more after that. When her third child was born, Harshman was nearly 300 pounds.

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One day, her middle child, Chase, pointed at her and called her fat. The kid doesn’t know the true impact of his words, and Harshman got angry and emotional. After hearing that, she locked herself in the bathroom and cried. She soon realized, however, that her son is someone who loves her dearly, and for him to point out her body weight must mean something. This was a true turning point, and she began her weight loss journey.

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She began by changing her diet. She grew up without any education on proper health and nutrition, so she only made quick and easy processed meals. The menu of the house completely transformed, and everyone was eating fresh, healthy meals. To aid her weight loss, Harshman also looked into surgeries. She opted to get a gastric band to help her slow down when eating and to consume less than she usually would. As soon as she slimmed down, Harshman made going to the gym a part of her daily routine.

Through just eating healthier, she lost 70 pounds. When her weight began to plateau at the beginning of the year, she switched to a keto diet. Her lifestyle changes brought her weight down to 156 pounds from almost 300. To keep herself in check, she tracks her progress on her Instagram page. She can’t fall off her diet when there are many people following her journey. With a little tough love from her toddler, Harshman was able to successfully change her life.

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