10 Tips When Transitioning Your Toddler From A Cot To A Bed

Your child’s room is their everything to them. It’s where they sleep, play, and relax in so when it is time to transition your child from a crib to a bed it is common for children to get upset. We can't blame your little one for being upset about it, this is something that is there's a that they have been using for as long as they remember. And we know that you want to make this transition as easy as possible. So keep reading to discover ten things you want to do when you are transitioning your child from the crib to a bed.

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10 Talk To Other Moms

The best thing you should do anytime you want other opinions about something is to talk to other moms. This is because there is an unspoken rule that moms help other mothers out. Call up your mom's friends and see what they did when the got rid of their child’s crib to hear what to do and what not to do.

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If you don’t have any mom friends yet, then head online and join a mom's group on social media because we know they will have great stories to share with you.

9 Get Them A Book About It

Books are great for teaching your kids many important things in life and books are great for showing kids things that they may not understand. Getting your child a book about not using a crib anymore can be great to show them that this is something all kids go through. This can make the process exciting for your little one instead of it being daunting. Head to the library and check out some books that will help you explain what getting a new bed is to your little one.

8 Have A Going Away Sleepover

A crib is your child’s special pace and is a place that they always feel safe. So before you transition them into a big bed have a sleepover with them. Have your child spend one last night in their crib with you and the family celebrating and spending the night in sleeping bags on the floor.

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This little celebration you are throwing can make your little one feel like this is a very special moment in their life and they will be happy to move into the next phase of their lives.

7 Do Not Surprise Them

The biggest mistake that a parent can make when they are getting a new bed for their child is making it a surprise. Though surprised can typically be fun this one can be very devastating to your child. This is because you did not consider how they feel about not seeing their crib when they got back from being out. Transitioning from a crib to a bed is something you need to involve your child in and make them feel like they have a say in what is happening to their room.

6 Tell Them Where Their Old Bed Is Going

If your child is resenting the fact that they have to give up their crib and moving into a bed, you need to try explaining to them where their crib is going. Telling your child that you are passing on their crib to a family friend or a family member can really help them understand that they are helping someone out. This also works when you are donating their crib as well. Sometimes when you say that they are going to be helping out a family in need they will feel proud and want to give up their crib.

5 Let Them Saw Goodbye To Their Old One

Kids can be emotions and can end up getting upset over little things. If they come home and do not find their crib this can cause them to start crying. You need to consider their feelings and let them say goodbye to their crib before you remove it from their room. Saying goodbye can help them have that closure they need to say thank you for the time they had with their crib. So make sure to let your child wave goodbye as you take their crib away.

4 Build The Bed With Them

Getting a new bed means that it needs to get put together. When you decide to make the bed for them make sure you are letting them in the room while it’s being built. This is fantastic since all you need to assemble the bed is a screwdriver so you can even let them try to screw a nail in too!

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These are the moments in life that they are going to remember when they get older and doing this can make them feel more comfortable with getting a new bed.

3 Have You Child Choose Their New Bed Sheets

When you are moving your child from a crib to a bed means we are going to need to get new bed sheets for them too. Their baby sheets are not going to be able to fit over their new mattress, but instead of picking out anything from the store bring your child with you. Allowing your child to pick out their new sheets can get them ready for their new bed. There are so many wonderful kids sheets out there today too. From their favorite charter or animals, they will be thrilled to be involved.

2 Let Them Help Choose Their New One

A wonderful way to get your child involved with transition into a bed is to let them help you choose their new bed. We are not saying to let them choose the bed by themselves, but even just letting them look around the store and be amazed by the bugger beds can get them excited for it. While you are out bed shopping make sure you let them sit and lay on the bed so they feel like they are really involved in the process and you can about what they want.

1 Talk To Them About Why They Are Getting A New Bed

Something that some parents do not even think about when you are transitioning your child from a crib to a bed is to sit down and talk to your child about why this is happening. Sure your child is still a toddler so they will not understand everything, but taking the time to explain that they are being a big kid so they need a big kid bed can help answer a lot of questions about what is happening to their room. So let your child feel confident about what is going on and tell them why they are getting a new bed.

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