10 Genius Ways To Keep Your Toddler Occupied

Having a toddler is awesome, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Every parent knows what it is like to be busy trying to get stuff done while their toddler also wants their attention. Sometimes it is hard to balance parenting and other parts of life. Things are especially hard for moms and dads everywhere when they are trying to work, clean the house, or prepare dinner while they have a little one begging them to play with them.

But they can make things a bit easier by making sure their little boys and girls have something to do. Here are some ways parents can keep little kids occupied when they are really busy, or when they just need a moment to themselves.

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10 They Can Give You Tickets

When families go on road trips, the youngest ones are always wondering when the trip will be over. Parents can keep their kid busy by creating fake tickets.

Every time thirty minutes passes, the little one can hand mom or dad a ticket. This will help keep the little boy or girl busy during the trip, since it will make them feel as though they have something fun and important to do. But it is important that moms and dads make sure there are enough tickets to last the whole trip, since the idea is to keep their children busy the entire time.

9 Play Dough Is Awesome

Play dough is one of the best things a parent can have on hand when they need to keep their toddler busy since it can entertain kids for hours. But that’s actually not the only benefit kids (and parents) can get out of this classic toy.

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Playdough helps kids develop physically. Kids squash, roll, and shape play dough, so it actually helps the muscles in their hands develop correctly. As wonderful as it is, there are a couple of things parents should keep in mind before bringing this into their house. Kids under 2-years-old should not play with it, since they like to put things in their mouth.

8 Card Games Work

Cards aren’t just for older people. They are actually a pretty good thing to have on hand when toddlers need something to do. Parents can enjoy playing cards games with their kids, or they can have them sort the cards by color. This is fun for the kid, and it is a really good way to see if they know their colors.

The same can also be done for numbers as well. Having them play the memory matching game is a great idea as well. This helps them strengthen their memory, as well as some of their other mental skills.

7 Mr. Potato Head Is Fun

Mr. (or Mrs.) Potato head can keep little ones busy for hours. Plus, one of the other great things about it is that parents don’t have to do much while their little ones are playing with it. This toy can also help kids improve their verbal skills. Since they have to put the toy together, it can also help parents teach their children what certain body parts are called.

This toy is also a great way for kids to use their imaginations, which is why it keeps them occupied for such a long time. There are also fun games kids can play with this toy, so it is pretty versatile.

6 Have Them Wash Some Dishes

Kids like to play in water, so they will absolutely love getting to wash the dishes. If mom and dad need the kids to keep themselves occupied for a little while, they can just pull up a little stool in front of the sink, fill the sink with warm water, sponges, and lots soap bubbles and then let their kids have fun washing a couple of dishes.

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They do not need to wash anything sharp, or any dish that could cause harm. Just give them a few plastic cups and plates, and they should be good to go for a little bit.

5 Build A Fort For Them

Forts are fun for all ages, and that’s because lots of people like to spend time in them. It’s almost like camping without the discomfort of leaving the house. Another thing that makes this an awesome idea is that it can be fun for mom and dad as well. That is because there are a lot of different forts they can build for their kids.

Moms and dads can build one with pillows. They can also make a fort with blankets, or they can make a simple one with just a clothesline and a sheet. Some of them can even have secret entrances.

4 Have Them Match Socks

Matching socks with their mates is often a very time-consuming task, which makes it the perfect activity for toddlers. This will also make little boys and girls feel like they are helping out around the house.

Little kids like to have important tasks to complete, so this will keep them from getting bored, and it will make them feel as though they have an important job to do. It probably won’t be perfect, though, so moms and dads should set aside some time to fix any mistakes that might be made, since some socks might be matched with one that is not their mate.

3 Let Them Get Creative

Parents can encourage their children’s creativity and keep them occupied at the same time by providing them with some objects that they probably already have somewhere in their home. Most toddlers will be happy with simply being able to play with paper and markers, or even paint that is safe for them to have.

Moms and dads can also encourage their kids to make puppets with plastic bottles or paper towel rolls. Toddlers can also use fallen leaves for some of their crafts while mom and dad are busy. They can use them to paint, or they can simply create pretty images by pasting different colored leaves on paper.

2 Make Edible Sludge

Toddlers love putting things in their mouths, so edible sludge is probably something that will keep little boys and girls very busy for a while. It is edible, it’s soft, and it is fun to squish, which makes this a perfect toy for toddlers.

They’ll be entertained for long periods of time with this stuff, and very little adult supervision is actually needed. Edible sludge is something parents make at home, and there is a recipe for it here. But it does start to become really sticky after a while, so that is something parents need to make a note of.

1 Let Them Get A Bit Musical

It’s no secret that toddlers like to make noise, so of course, they will love playing with objects that allow them to do that. If mom and dad don’t mind hearing it, they can place some beans or something else that is very small inside of a box (or a similar container) and give it to their offspring to shake and play with.

This is actually a pretty cool and effective idea. Another thing that makes it awesome is the fact that moms and dads do not have to do much to make it. Kids will have fun shaking this around while their parents get to take a few moments for themselves.

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