10 Tips For Dealing With Your Pregnancy During Summers

Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without the heat and humidity of the summer season. But if our second and third trimesters fall right in the middle of the summer season, it's extra strenuous for the pregnant woman's body.

But that's only if we do not know how to handle the warmer season and the extra person we are carrying at the same time. There are a number of ways we can deal with summer and our pregnancy and make it a little more comfortable, some even fun things that only pregnant women can enjoy and only during summer. Here are ten very helpful tips.

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10 The right clothes to wear

The clothes we wear every day may be the same items of clothing that gave us optimum levels of comfort, but that's before we got pregnant. Now, they may seem uncomfortable, tight, and even feel itchy. Let's choose a daily wardrobe that gets us the most comfortable, loose shirts with breathable fabric are great.

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When going out, opt for garments that are light and easy to move in. For colors, let's do away from darker colors like black, it doesn't go well with our precious belly anyways, instead, light colors are great. Great in battling the heat and looks great with our bellies.

9 What's good for your feet


There's a lot to choose from when it comes to comfortable shoes for pregnant women, and we don't even have to really buy orthopedic ones. Fashion doesn't have to be sacrificed in order to achieve maximum foot comfort. Swelling is normal while pregnant so let's watch out for that.

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Let's shelf our high heels for now and get out our comfy shoes for running, for example, the ones with nice soles that feel like beds underneath our overworked feet. Whatever shoe brand, whichever is most comfortable is the clear winner. Sometimes it's also wise to choose a cute ensemble especially when we're going out to flaunt our tummies.

8 Drinking for two

Regular hydration is alarmingly important during summer for us pregnant mamas. As always, water is still the best liquid we'll be drinking daily. But sometimes, depending on what we are doing and how hot the day is, we can take a break from the water and drink something that has more in it than hydrogen and oxygen.

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Sports drinks are a great way to replenish needed electrolytes, especially when we're out having a walk or doing some exercises. While at home, let's get more creative and not just chug down eight glasses of water every day. Try out new flavors, fruit juices, milk-based smoothies, anything that the doctor okays.

7 Move around

It's so easy to just give in to our pregnant tendencies and the comforts of paid maternity leave and just lie down all day and binge and eat ice cream and all that. But as our doctors probably advised us, moving around is important for mom and baby. So let's get those nice and comfortable running shoes, lace them up, and take a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. Better do it in the morning when the heat of the sun is still mild, or after sunset. Don't forget to bring your liquids for hydration and a comfortable outfit for walking, fashion sense undeterred.

6 Smart exercises

The regular exercises we did before we were pregnant are probably still okay to do now that we're with a bellyful of joy. But still, let's check with our doctor just to be safe. If we don't have any routines, now is the best time to take up swimming.

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Let's shop first for a nice maternity swimsuit, that should be exciting! Swimming is a good way to exercise, it's also perfect for pregnant women during summer. A nice and needed physical activity that won't get us feeling so exhausted, relieves the weight of the baby and helps cool us off. Let's jump in the pool, carefully of course, and practice that new preggystroke!

5 Precautions when going for a walk

Taking walks still seems like the activity that we'd be doing outside the house more often than every other physical activity. Having said that, we should be extra-prepared for these short excursions. Apart from the wardrobe and refreshments that we already know to wear and bring, there are some more essentials that would come in real handy. For example, wearing sunscreen during walks no matter whether the day is sunny or overcast.

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When it comes to nature hikes, walks in the park let's say, it's best to have protection from insect bites. Being itchy and getting rashes are an irritation we do not care for while pregnant during summer.

4 Bathing

It’s summer and it’s nice to feel fresh and cool every time we feel sticky and uncomfortable in the day. Taking a bath or a shower is the best way to escape that sticky and uncomfortable feeling in the summer. It’s okay to take frequent baths and showers when pregnant, it’s actually advisable and recommended.

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But be sure not to stay in a bath too long or take very hot or cold showers, it can be frequent, but not long ones. There's nothing easier that could beat the summer heat than a nice cool and quick shower. Even using some personal or baby wipes to freshen up can make you feel a lot cooler.

3 Other nice activities

Do not limit yourself to walking and swimming as your go-to activities, although those are really good physical activities while pregnant. Easy, efficient and effective, they do the job. But there are other activities that are safe for pregnant women, just like yoga. It's an exercise that improves balance, breathing, and meditation, which are perfect especially for delivery time.

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Most doctors actually suggest doing yoga while pregnant, so let's listen to our trusted professionals and not our gym buddies and other quasi-professional health nuts. Getting to that center, the state of mind where we are happy and centered, that's what we want to achieve in yoga.

2 Pampering yourself

Getting into that positive feeling while pregnant is very good for the growing baby. Feeling no kind of stress whatsoever, no worries, and no other thing on our minds but our own health and our baby’s, and maybe what tasty snack to munch on later.

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1 Feel your body

We’ve talked about zen and our state of mind and relaxation for pregnant women. These are all great if we can achieve them doing the list of things in this article. But of course, everything starts with us, getting that positive aura and that mindset of being chill in the midst of the summer season is something that we have to start inside ourselves.

So take it easy, be cool, and imagine everything around you is calm and serene. It's a state of mind more than anything else, do not think negative thoughts, flush them out our minds, and just... feel your body.

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