10 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Read

Books are amazing. They are wonderful little portals that can show readers things that happened in the past, things that might happen in the future, or a world that is totally imaginary. It is a well-known fact that reading can make a person more intelligent. A study showed that there is a direct correlation between how smart a person is, and how many books they own.

Some children are very interested in reading, which is great. Reading often goes hand-in-hand with a solid, great education. But there are also some kids who aren’t that excited about it. Here are some ways parents can encourage their children to read more often.

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10 Have Them Read Their Favorite Books Multiple Times

Most kids have a favorite book, and they can benefit greatly from reading it multiple times. This is not just a fun activity for them, it is educational as well. When a child memorizes the words in a story he or she really likes, that means that they are becoming more familiar with those words.

At this point, they are starting to fully understand the meaning of those words, and they are also probably figuring out how they can use them in their own sentences, if they haven’t already. This is also a good way for kids to memorize how to spell something.

9 Connect The Stories They Read To Real Events

Stories are sometimes more enjoyable to readers when the reader can connect them to something they have actually experienced. Moms and dads who want their kid to enjoy reading more should try making stories more real for them by comparing them to something the child has been through before.

This gives the child a chance to talk about his or her favorite book, and it also provides them with an opportunity to feel even more connected to the story than they already did. Hands-on activities such as this one will make books seem much more engaging to little ones than they did before.

8 Don’t Go Anywhere Without A Book

One thing moms and dads can do to get their child to read more frequently is to make sure they never leave the house without a book. Parents usually have to run a lot of errands, which can get very boring for their children.

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This is a really good opportunity to have them invest some time in an awesome book. They will probably see how fast time seems to pass when they read, since books are usually very immersive, which causes the reader to get quite invested in the story. This will show children that there is never a wrong time to open up a book.

7 Ask Them Why They Think Certain Things Happened In The Story

Asking children questions about the books they love to read makes them see that there are sometimes connections between themselves and the characters in those books. Some parents might be surprised to find that their children have really strong opinions on the books they read.

There are lots of questions parents can ask their kid once they have finished a book. Doing it throughout the day is usually best, since it can seem a bit overwhelming to ask lots of questions as soon as the last word has been read. This is also a great way for parents to strengthen the bond they share with their offspring.

6 Don’t Make Reading A Punishment

Make reading a reward. Lots of moms and dads allow their child to have extra time in front of the television, or other electronic devices, when they have done something really good.

Those are fine rewards, but parents should mix things up a bit by allowing their child to read something they are really interested in once in a while as well. But since kids also emulate what they see, their parents should lead by example. It is important for little ones to see their moms and dads, as well as the other adults they look up to, reading when they have some free time as well.

5 Give Them Time To Sound Out New Words

New words can be a little bit intimidating, so parents need to keep this in mind and give their kids time to sound them out. Sometimes kids can figure out new words all on their own, and sometimes they end up needing a bit of extra help from mom or dad.

No matter whether they do it alone or a parent has to step in, children should be praised for the effort they put into doing this. It will teach them not to give up, and it will encourage them to continue putting forth that same amount of effort every time they see a word they do not know.

4 Get Them Books That Are At Their Reading Level

Kids need to be able to read books that are at the right reading level for them, otherwise they will not enjoy reading. If kids read books that are too challenging for them, they will only become frustrated, which will likely make them want to avoid picking up any books in the future.

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If a book is too easy for them to read, they will probably want something that is more interesting to them. There are some very effective steps parents can take to find out what their child’s reading level is, one of which is asking his or her teachers about it.

3 Play Around With Words

Words can get a little bit confusing, so moms and dads can help their child become interested in reading by playing word games with them. Activities like this can actually be a great way to teach young boys and girls about sounds in words, and the connection between them and letters.

Tongue twisters are great for this. They’re also a bit humorous, so tongue twisters help a child have lots of fun without realizing that they are actually learning some valuable information. Parents can also try to encourage their offspring to swap out a couple of letters in words so that they can make new ones.

2 Read With Them

Parents need to read to their children each night, since it is probably the most effective way to get them to become interested in reading, not to mention a great way to bond with them. When parents read to their little ones, they should pick something that the child will find interesting.

But moms and dads also need to chose a book that is a bit beyond their child’s current reading level. If parents do this, their kids are very likely to become motivated to make advancements as far as their reading skills go so that they can eventually read those books on their own one day.

1 Have Conversations About Words

Since it can be hard for little ones to understand some words, they can benefit greatly from engaging in conversations about them. Moms and dads can encourage their kids to read by picking a few words and having in-depth discussions about them.

Kids need to know that there are some words that sound a lot alike, and yet they are spelled totally different than each other. It is also important to talk about words that have multiple meanings. There are lots of them that can be really confusing to kids for various reasons, which is why it is important for parents to talk about these things with their children.

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