10 Tips For A Smooth First Day Of School

While summer is in full swing, parents can't help but think about the new school year which is fast approaching. Whether your kids are going to kindergarten or third grade, whether they're new to school or old pros, they might be a bit nervous about a new year. No matter what age your kids are, all parents want the same things for them: to make new friends, to like their teacher, to look forward to a new school day, and to learn a lot.

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Soon everyone's schedules will get much fuller and busier and summer will be but a distant memory. Before then, it's a good idea to look ahead to a great first day of the new school year. Here are 10 tips for a smooth first day of school.

10 Be Prepared

Many of us feel that if we can prepare for something, we're a lot more confident. This goes for job interviews and dates and it also applies to your kids when they're starting a new school year.

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Since you want the first day to go as smooth as possible, make sure that you and your kids are both prepared. Talk to your kids a month before the first day and talk to them about the new school year. Tell them about their teacher, any familiar classmates, and what they're going to do every day.

9 Talk To The Teacher About What To Expect

Whether your kid is starting first grade or they're a few years into elementary school, they might wonder about what to expect on the big day. You can always contact the teacher and ask them what they can expect.

Maybe it's only a half-day so your kid will only have to go in for a few hours and get the lay of the land before coming back home. Or maybe it's a full day and learning is going to start. Either way, you'll all breathe a sigh of relief that you know what the expectations are.

8 Practice Your Morning Routine

Many parents feel that the mornings before taking the kids to school are super packed and rushed. It can seem like there is never enough time and like you just can't get it together.

When you want to make sure that your little ones have a smooth first day of school, you can practice your morning routine for a week or so beforehand. Get your kids up at the same as they will have to wake up for school. Make them the same quick breakfast that you're planning to. And practice getting out the door on time. Maybe you're bringing them to camp or to a relative's house while you go to work, but this will be a good indicator of how things will go once the school year begins.

7 Pack A Favorite Lunch (And Snack)

Make the first day of school smooth and also special by packing your kiddo a favorite lunch... and don't forget the snack.

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Whether they have a certain type of sandwich that they always want to eat or they like dinner leftovers such as pasta, you can find something that will cheer them up and make them smile during their lunch break.

6 Carpool Or Walk Over With Friends

Maybe your kid is going to the same school that they've been at for a while, which means that they have some friends there. Seeing some familiar faces might ease their nerves on the first day of school.

Set up a carpool or walk over to the local school with your children and some of their pals. This will be a fun way to kick off the big day, and it will make them feel happy and comforted. It will also remind them that they're not alone and they'll be among friends at their school.

5 Write A Note For Their Lunch Box

Even if your children are used to their school environment and not too nervous about the new school year, they might still want some reassurance.

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You can ensure a smooth first day of school by writing a little note for their lunch box. You can write "Good Luck!" and add some fun doodles and drawings to the paper, or you can write another equally positive and motivational message. This will make them smile and give them a boost of self-confidence to continue the school day.

4 Get A Fun New Backpack

Many of us like school supplies and have fond memories of going back-to-school shopping.  You can do the same thing with your children and get them a fun new backpack.

Backpacks are a really big deal, and when your kids find one that has their favorite movie or cartoon character or it's a design and color that they really love, it'll make all the difference. They're going to feel so proud to wear it.

3 Come Up With One Goal

Another tip for a smooth first day of school is if you ask your kids to come up with a goal for the day. Maybe they want to talk to a new person and start making a new friend, or they want to work on their manners, or they want to eat some vegetables at lunch.

This goal will give them something positive to focus on and they'll feel really great once they achieve it. This will enable them to come up with more goals that they want to accomplish throughout every week of the school year.

2 Keep Reminding Your Kids Of The Schedule

Kids love reminders and they love knowing what's ahead. Even if you feel that you've gone over the first day of school schedule a ton of times, it doesn't hurt to talk to your children about it a little bit more.

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You just want to make sure that there are definitely no surprises and that everyone is on the same page.

1 Have An Enjoyable Evening

When your kids come home from their first day of school, they're going to be super eager to tell you all about it. Plan a special dinner and make their favorite meal (or order their favorite take-out).

You can also plan to play a game or work on a puzzle or something like that for fifteen minutes or so after dinner. This will help your kids calm down and focus on something other than the exciting school day they just had... so they'll be totally ready for the second day of school tomorrow.

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