10 Tips For Raising More Confident Kids

When you think about the kind of kids that you want to raise, you want them to have confidence. When children have confidence, they will have huge dreams, do well in school, and great each new day with a smile on their little faces.

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We all need a bit of help with our confidence levels from time to time, and kiddos are no different. They could be frustrated that they're not good at every class at school or they've tried something new recently and it's not working out that easily. When you notice your little one's self-esteem starting to dip a little bit, use these 10 tips for raising more confident kids.

10 Ask Them To Say One Thing They Did Today That They're Proud Of

A lot of families get into the habit of having dinner and talking about their days, particularly the great things that happened earlier. If you want to raise more confident kids, you can ask your kids to say one thing that they did that day that they're proud of.

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Even if they didn't have the happiest day, there's definitely going to be something that they can bring up. Maybe they tried a new food, helped pack their own lunch, scored a goal in gym class, or made a friend. This will reinforce some good thoughts.

9 Reinforce Their Positive Qualities

Everyone has positive qualities. Maybe we're super friendly and always introduce ourselves to new neighbors, or we always remember to text family and friends and check in with them.

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Chat with your kids about their positive qualities. You can talk to them about what good readers they are, their kindness, their sense of humor, their artistic talent, and anything else that's relevant. They will remember to feel good about themselves and that'll help them be more confident.

8 Help Them Discover Their Hobbies

Adults build confidence by learning what they're good at and what they want to turn into a job or even just a hobby or major interest. You can help your kids with their confidence by figuring out what their interests are.

A child who loves music or art or writing their own stories is going to have high self-esteem since they're going to take so much pride in what they do.

7 Make Sure They're Socializing

When we think about it, we feel a lot more confident when we're having some social time. If we go a few weeks without seeing our good friends or even some of our acquaintances, we can feel a real difference.

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Friends build up your self-esteem since they care about you and it's just plain fun to be around them. The same thing is true for little ones. When you want to raise more confident kids, making sure that they're socializing is a good idea. Get some playdates on the calendar and you'll see their confidence shoot up.

6 Enlist Their Culinary Help

For generations, kids have been heading into the kitchen to mix cookie dough together, eat some (that's the whole point, after all), and of course, eat the final product. You can boost your child's confidence by enlisting their culinary help.

Kids feel super confident when they help cook since they can see a tangible connection between something that they have done and then the food on their plate. They can see that they contributed and they feel awesome about that. And you could even raise a little cooking superstar who asks to be involved from now on.

5 Let Them Make Some Decisions


Kids love getting a choice between two snack options or what they want to watch on TV. If you can let your children make some decisions, that will help them with their confidence.

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Let kids choose some foods to make for dinner this week, what to do this summer, and even between a few places to go on a family trip. They'll love having this decision making power.

4 Strengthen Family Connections

Of course it's great for kids to have a lot of friends. Having strong family bonds is really key too, though.

Moms can strengthen family connections by having cousins play together if it's possible and Skyping with relatives who are far away. The love and bond that family members share definitely can't be underestimated.

3 Give Them A Few Chores

While chore charts aren't exactly for every family (some will find it a totally practical idea and others might think it's too strict), giving kids a few chores is a good way to help them become more confident.

Sweeping under the dinner table, putting trash in the garbage can, and making sure that toys go where they're supposed to are all good chores since they're nothing too crazy but will make kids feel a part of things.

2 Think About A Sports Team Or Neighborhood Game

It's true that not every kid is going to have any interest in playing sports, just like a lot of grown-ups will totally pass on watching and playing them. But playing sports is widely considered to be a really good way to encourage confidence in little ones.

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You can raise confident kids by having them join a sports team or even just set up a game of basketball or soccer with their friends and neighbors. Being part of a team and feeling that community will help kids feel really good about themselves.

1 Talk To Them Like Grown-Ups

While we can't help but talk to cute babies in baby talk at times, older kids want to be talked to like adults. They don't want to be talked down to and they want to know what's happening that day and in their lives in general.

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If you keep talking to your kids on a regular basis, they will appreciate that you treat them like they're on the same level as you, and they're going to feel like they can come to you with anything. That definitely builds confidence.

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