10 Ways To Throw An Epic Summer Birthday Party

The summer season is almost here, which means people will be getting together, throwing parties and having even more of a blast than usual. Whether it's a backyard barbecue, an event to signal the start or end of the season or an actual birthday celebration, a summer bash needs to be epic.

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In order to make it memorable for guests of all ages, these are the 10 tips to follow; there are recipe suggestions, activities to keep in mind, decorations to incorporate and even ideas for favors.

So get some inspo here, then go have some fun in the sun!

10 Bring Out The Backyard Games

A great way to entertain everyone from toddlers up to grandparents is with backyard games. Classics like horseshoes and bocce ball are some of the fun options available. Bigger net games like volleyball or badminton can also be easily set up. It's even possible to build a personal version - maybe a custom-made cornhole that has the family monogram on it? Whatever you choose, this is an affordable way to bring people of all ages together. Plus, it gets everyone outside, which can be good for promoting wellness and actually putting the phones and tablets away.

9 Make Ice Fun

A staple at any summer birthday party is refreshments, since people need to stay cooled off and hydrated. And a fun way to make even simple drinks stand out is by placing items into the ice. If the theme is Jurassic Park, freeze little toy dinos in the ice, which then become party favors. If it is a girly celebration, try adding some edible flowers for some pretty colored cubes. If everyone needs to stay awake all night, use coffee instead of water, and mix them with milk! The options are endless, so we encourage everyone to get creative and not just opt for boring old ice.

8 Go Boho

One trendy theme for summer bashes is boho, and here are some tips on how to execute this well: first, use every pillow, blanket, rug, and ottoman available to create comfy, cozy and colorful seating areas on the ground. Then, utilize different types of lights and lanterns to really add to the ambiance. Some final touches could come in the form of a teepee, where little ones could play, and/or a flower crown-making station, where attendees could live out their Coachella dreams. Whether this is indoors or out, it will be a memorable day for care-free, hippie, wanderlusting pals!

7 Set Up An Outdoor Movie

Another smart party trick that appeals to many is an outdoor movie setup. There are fancy and official products that come with screens and projectors, but a DIY solution involves a sheet and projector for a cell phone (which can be made or purchased). The film that is shown can go along with the party theme, can lead into a campout in the backyard and can cater to just kids, just adults or the whole family. In fact, people may want to start doing this every weekend in the summer, putting out a schedule, showtimes and upcoming flicks.

6 Bring The Circus To Town

Circuses are associated with family fun, and they make for great birthday party inspo. For a child celebrating a birthday, stuffed animals could serve as decorations, like the ones that used to perform in the tents. For any age, retro touches like striped straws and paper popcorn pouches can be put out on the food and drink table. To really go big, one could even rent a carnival-style ride for the backyard, could dress up as a ringleader or could send out invites that looked like circus tickets. And don’t forget to serve snacks like caramel apples, candy, peanuts, funnel cakes, and/or cotton candy!

5 Cool Down With Water

As mentioned, stayed cool and refreshed is key during the warm summer months, so run with that when it comes to this birthday party. Let everyone chase each other around with water guns. Divide guests up into teams for an epic water balloon fight. Put a slip-and-slide in the backyard, or have sprinklers going for people to walk through and play in. Don’t forget about the other way to beat the heat: ice cream! A sundae station, homemade ice cream or a trip to the truck driving around the neighborhood would be the perfect ending to all of this.

4 Add Strung Lights

Many of these party ideas are for the great outdoors, since many people enjoy soaking up some vitamin D during this time. When the party keeps going and the sun starts setting, make sure that the strung lights are up and ready to go! These fairy-like decorations are like cherries on top of backyards. They may be surrounding a pool, underneath the back porch, up in the trees or all around the entire area. They may even be in all of these spots in more, and we get it - They are great! Wherever they are, they will help in making a summer birthday party even more incredible.

3 Have A Picnic

Here is another simple yet effective plan - have a picnic! This honestly sounds like the most iconic summer thing, and everyone can get involved… Neighbors, other parents, and family members can each be in charge of bringing either plates, chips, buns, silverware, dips, meat for the grills and so on. And, yes, the grill can be fired up to make hamburgers and hot dogs, of course. Then, everyone can sit on picnic tables or on quilts thrown on the ground, enjoying this time of the year, the food and each other. Oh, and having a birthday cake for dessert makes this even better.

2 Don’t Forget The Pool Floats

No list about how to throw an epic summer party would be complete without mentioning pool floats, and no party thrown will be as amazing if it does not include at least one of these bad boys! They are everywhere. They come in every shape, size, and style imaginable. And while we don’t all own massive pools that can house several unicorns, pizza slices or ducks, we think that at least one floatie should be around - even if it is just sitting out as a piece of decor. But if anyone here does have a pool, please float on a cool-shaped product for us!

1 Give The Best Party Favors

And, last but not least, think practically when putting together any event this summer. By that, we mean give the favor that everyone will truly appreciate: bug spray and sunscreen. Soaking up rays is awesome, but during these hot months, we risk get burned and getting bit by pesky insects. Therefore, have a tub of these go-to items out, and remind everyone to use them (whether they think they need them or not). They can even be packaged in a cute way, too, to make them feel more personal and less medical. Maybe even throw in some sunglasses and put out some citronella candles, too. Safety first!

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