10 Ways To Meet Other Moms We Can Relate To

When you become a mother, you automatically assume that you can relate to anyone else who has had the experience of raising children. After all, every mother has swapped out dirty diapers for clean ones, figured out a sleep schedule, and dealt with all the little and big problems that occur.

The truth is that while meeting other moms might be fairly easy, it's hard to find moms that you can truly relate to. You want to find your tribe and have a real connection with at least one other mom, and this is something that is really important.

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There are definitely some ways to build a community of moms. Read on to find out 10 ways to meet other moms we can relate to.

10 Befriend One Mom At Our Kid's Preschool Or School

It can be super intimidating to walk into our kid's preschool or school and see a group of moms who see have already connected with one another. But this is still a great place to meet other moms.

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If we befriend one other mom, it's less intimidating than going up to a big group, and we might actually make a good friend. Once we start chatting with someone about our life and our kid, we might be able to bond. And even if we don't get along super well, this mom could introduce us to another mom that she knows who we have something in common with. Maybe our kids are both into soccer, for example.

9 Put Up A Flyer At The Local Starbucks (Or Coffee Shop)

You know that board at Starbucks (or any coffee shop in our neighborhood) that always has a bunch of flyers on it? Sure, we might briefly glance at the papers while putting milk and sugar into our drink, but this is actually a really effective place.

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Putting up a flyer of our own will be a great way to meet other moms that we can relate to. For one thing, we'll know that these mothers live in the same neighborhood as us, which will be convenient. And for another, we can say that we're a new mom who is looking to connect with some other moms over coffee. We can put our email if we're not comfortable sharing our phone number (or even create a separate, new email for this purpose).

8 Volunteer... But Only If It's Something We're Passionate About

We've probably heard that we should volunteer at our child's school in order to meet other moms. Sure, that's all well and good... but how do we make sure that we're meeting fellow mothers that we can relate to?

The trick is to volunteer for something that we're passionate about. This way, we're more likely to meet like-minded moms instead of just someone who happens to have a child as well. Maybe our kid is going to be in a play and we've got a creative spark inside of us, or we want to be in charge of bake sales or other food-related events since we love to cook (or maybe we're even in a food-related job).

7 Try A Few 'Mommy And Me' Groups

How do we feel about "Mommy and Me" classes or groups? We might turn our noses up and say that these aren't for us, or we might think that these are an awesome way to meet other mothers.

Even if we're not so sure that this is the best idea for us, we can probably still appreciate that this is a good place to meet people. When we want to meet other moms that we can relate to, we should definitely join at least a few of these groups. We have to keep an open mind and talk to a few people and see what happens. It's very likely that we'll connect with at least one person.

6 Lean On Friends And Family And Ask Around

Couples meet through set-ups or at parties where they realize that they get along and want to see each other again. Why not lean on our friends and families when we want to meet other moms that we can relate to?

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This type of set-up can work really well if we're specific about what we're looking for. Maybe we're in the new mom stage so finding someone else who is also going through this would be super helpful. Or maybe we're a working mom balancing both of these parts of our life and so we'd love to connect with another working mama. Chances are, if we use this network, we'll find at least one other mom we can relate to.

5 Host A Monthly Event In Our Home Or Free Event Space

Why not host a monthly event for moms? We can do this in our home, backyard if it's warm weather, or our condo or apartment building's common room. We can invite our friends and also invite some moms from our kids' school and advertise in the neighborhood.

The key thing would be making sure that this event reflects our hobbies and interests. Maybe we love film and pop culture, so we want this to be a chance for moms to get together, have some snacks, and watch a movie. Or maybe we want a creative outlet so we want to do some flower arranging or knitting.

4 Find A Yoga Class For Moms Or Something Equally Active

Maybe we're active and love working out. If that's the case, then this could be a really good way to meet other moms that we can relate to.

We can probably find a yoga class aimed at moms in our town or city. Maybe it's a monthly thing or a bit more frequently than that. We might be able to find a moms' pilates, barre, yoga, or running group by searching Meetup.com or a similar website.

3 Have A Dinner Party And Ask Every Friend To Bring A Mom They Know

Another way to meet other moms we can relate to would be hosting a dinner party and asking every friend to invite another mom that they know.

This will expand our social circle and allow us to meet more people. And when we're meeting more people, it's definitely likely that we'll find at least one or two people who we truly love and bond with. This can be casual and we can make it a potluck so we're not doing too much work in the kitchen (and other moms will totally understand that since we've all got kids).

2 Join A Social Media Group

There are tons of social media groups for moms, and we can search for ones that are in our town or city.

This is a great way to meet other moms that we can relate to because we might even find a local group that meets up IRL sometimes. We might also find that we relate to one mom who is posting a lot, and we might naturally and organically become friendly with one another and meet up.

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Sure, this is no guarantee because we might not find that we connect with anyone, but we truly never know what will happen. It's definitely worth a try.

1 Be Brave And Message Moms On Social Media

Social media (and Instagram in particular) is actually an amazing place to make friends. We might not necessarily see it this way because we scroll through our feeds and see lots of beautiful snapshots, but there are a lot of local people who we could become IRL pals with.

When we want to meet other moms who we can relate to, another good thing to do is be brave and message moms on social media. We honestly will get some responses and could make some amazing friends. We have to remember that there are definitely lots of other women who want to connect with other moms just like we do.

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