JoJo Siwa, Ariana Grande, And Meghan Markle Take Over 'Time's Most Influential People On The Internet' List

It's 2019 and the internet has never been so important. We spend a worrying amount of time online, thanks in large to social media. Rewind the clock 15 years and the most popular person on the net was Tom from MySpace. These days, there are people who actually have "social media influencer" as their job title. Not that we're jealous or anything. Time has released its fifth annual list of the top 25 most influential people on the internet, and if you're a parent, you probably won't be surprised at who's made it to the top.

Ariana Grande takes one of the coveted positions. The actress-turned-singer has been through the ringer over the last few years. First, the Manchester bombings, then her subsequent break up from Mac Miller and her very quick engagement to Pete Davidson, followed by Miller's untimely death. All the while, Grande has continued to put on her big girl ponytail and release hit after hit. Ariana is no stranger to the modeling world either, having collaborated with several top brands. Most recently, she's starred in Givenchy's new campaign and graced the cover of Vogue. Despite all the tragedy, Ariana has never been more successful.

Another noteworthy name is the Duchess of Sussex herself, Archie's mom, Meghan Markle. Markle is changing things up in the British monarchy. Within the first few hours of launching their own Instagram page, the Duke and Duchess had one million followers. The majority of the posts focus on the couple's charitable pursuits, with a few snaps of baby Archie thrown in for good measure. Given that Markle was a public figure before she wed Prince Harry, her influence is beyond measure.

And here she is, the girl with a million bows and more money to her name at the age of 16 then we're ever likely to have in our entire lives. JoJo Siwa is the multicolored sensation that girls across the globe adore. There's something about her endlessly energetic persona that kids just love, regardless of how irritated their parents get by the music. Her song "Boomerang" has an astounding 700 million views on YouTube, while she's raking in the cash from Nickelodeon deals. The best part? It's all good, clean fun.

Other people on the list include Lil Nas X, Donald Trump, James Charles, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and that guy who started the World Record Egg on Instagram.

It's great to see such powerful females ticking the boxes. For the full list check out Time's Most Influential People On The Internet.

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