10 Times Kristen Bell & Dax Sheppard Were Parent Goals

There are a few couples in Hollywood who are normalizing their celebrity status these days by sharing with the rest of us their parenting journey, from the struggles to the laughter to the chaos. While we know that celebrities have it a bit easier, since they have the finances to make their lives a little simpler, there's no denying that parenting is hard, no matter how much money you have.

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No amount of money can stave off an epic toddler tantrum, and your baby doesn't care if you're famous when it's 3:30 AM and they're in need of a diaper change. The fact of the matter is that we are all in this crazy parenting journey, and whether you are a celebrity or not, some days parenting is just hard. Some celebrities we just can't help but admire, with their candid approach to parenting, their sense of humor, and their commitment to their children. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are definitely one of those couples, and here are 10 times that they were absolute parenting goals.

10 They keep their sense of humor

It's like the old saying goes: "If you don't laugh, you'll cry." Well, sometimes parenting is a lot like that saying. The utter chaos behind it all can sometimes make you feel as though you are losing your mind, and if you don't learn to laugh about it, it can consume you completely.

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Kristen and Dax have always been able to laugh, and the couple has a wonderful, genuine sense of humor about everything, including parenting. From their witty pregnancy announcements to online banter with one another, this is one couple who make a point to find the humor in life.

9 They have fun with their kids

Dax posted this picture on his Instagram account with the caption, "In this scenario I'm 'Little Sister', and my 3-year old daughter was 'Big Brother.' My 5-year old was 'Mommy', and damn was she strict :)" These parents know how to have fun with their kids, and they make sure to do so on a regular basis.

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Not only are the kids shielded from the cameras and protected from the media, but both Kristen and Dax make every effort to give their daughters a fun, normal life, with lots of parent interaction and fun time woven in. Life is hard enough so working some fun and laughter into your day is so important, for kids and adults alike!

8 They teach their kids important life lessons

Kids learn the most important life lessons from their parents, and Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are doing a phenomenal job of teaching their daughters those important life lessons.

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Recently, Kristen posted a photo of her with her two girls at the Women's March with this message: "Me last year at the #womensmarch. Holding up my fellow women and reminding them that they have rights and agency over their bodies, they deserve equal pay, and do not have to be afraid to use their voices loud and proud. Would do it again today, or any day in the future." Total #momgoals right there.

7 They have mastered the art of Tag Team Parenting

This strategy could, quite possibly, be the exact thing that saves many parents' sanity - the art of Tag Team Parenting. When you've reached your boiling point, you allow the other parent to step in and take control of the situation. Many parents use this strategy, and it is a great way to prevent yourself from totally losing your cool amidst the umpteenth toddler tantrum.

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Recently, Bell told People that she and Shepard use this strategy regularly. She explained, "We switch kids all the time. [If] I'm talking to the [two-year-old] and I'm done, I'll just be like, 'We've got to switch. I don't want to talk to this kid anymore.'" Some may think that sounds harsh, but it is the reality of parenting. Sometimes you've just reached your limit and need to tag out for a minute (or ten!).

6 The couple makes their relationship a priority

One of the things that often gets put on the back burner when you're in the midst of parenting is your relationship with your spouse. Too often, couples drift apart during the years of raising little ones, and before they know it, they're two strangers living under the same roof, and nothing is left of their marriage.

Kristen and Dax have both been very vocal about the amount of work they put into their marriage. They don't pretend like it's all roses and laughter, and they've shared with fans the fact that they attend counseling and make it a point to work on their relationship every single day. Taking time to work on your marriage throughout this parenting journey is so important, and they're doing an amazing job of it.

5 They embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly

Parenting truly is a little bit of everything - good, bad, and ugly. There are those wonderful moments where you wish you could freeze time and soak in the warm, fuzzy feelings you have, and then there are those moments where bedtime can't come fast enough, and you feel as though you're one tantrum away from totally losing your cool.

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The awesome thing about Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard is that they share all of those moments with their fans. They don't pretend to have it all together, and they don't act as though their lives are perfect. How can they? They're parents! Life is never perfect when you're a parent, no matter who you are. Seeing posts like this recent one on Bell's Instagram page with the caption, "This is a picture of both the floor of my house and the interior of my brain" lets us know that we are not the only parents struggling in a sea of chaos.

4 Kristen and Dax share parent hacks with their fans

Not only are these parents adorable in their love for each other and their kids, they're kind enough to share some parent hacks with the rest of us! We all know that learning a good tip here and there can go a long way in making parenting a bit easier.

Kristen recently shared this genius parenting hack on her Instagram account, explaining that by having her daughters put their "hands on the circle", meaning the circle of the fuel tank on the side of the car, has kept them safe while she unloads the car. Genius! Thanks for sharing that tip, Kristen.

3 They are both very involved parents

Celebrity or not, kids don't always luck out with both parents being involved in their lives. Sometimes that's due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, but unfortunately, sometimes that's also due to parents just not being interested in their kids' lives. Luckily for Lincoln and Delta Shepard, they have two very loving, devoted parents who are very much involved in their lives.

No matter how busy their schedules are, you can tell that Kristen and Dax make their family a priority. This picture was featured on Bell's Instagram page with the caption, "Nerd Alert!!! The team Shepard loves school!" on their daughter Lincoln's first day of school. Lucky kids, indeed!

2 "Kids will be kids" is a theme that they recognize

It doesn't phase Kristen Bell or Dax Shepard when their kids are "being kids" i.e. throwing tantrums, making messes, and everything else kids tend to do. They take it in stride and maintain that wonderful sense of humor (see above), and they recognize that what their kids are doing is perfectly normal and expected.

As Bell explained in an interview with Babble, "If my child is acting the fool in the grocery store, the embarrassment is on her. In truth, that shouldn't make me feel a certain way." And she's right! Too often, we feel absolutely mortified when our kids misbehave in public. The truth of the matter though is that kids will be kids, and it is not a reflection on us if our kids are having a meltdown in the grocery store.

1 Kristen and Dax are both very realistic parents

In a recent interview with Romper, Bell and Shepard got real about parenting and about how our own worries and stresses stem from our ego's desire to be the perfect parent. As Shepard explained, "It's way more about the parents than it is about the kids, this anxiety that 'I'm not doing it perfectly', as if anyone in history has ever done it perfectly."

That's exactly the point: both of these awesome celebrities recognize that no one has this parenting gig figured out to perfection, it's impossible. Our kids are little people with their own minds, own thoughts, and own personalities, and no one can anticipate what parenting will be like. Both Kristen and Dax send the message that parenting is hard, parenting is wonderful, and we all just need to cut ourselves some slack and hang on for the ride.

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