For The First Time Ever, Time Magazine's Top 100 List Is Almost Half Women

Time Magazine

Who run the world? Girls, obviously. And it's about time the rest of the world started to realize it. For far too long, women have been relegated to the supporting role in society, even though they are doing most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. But finally, women are forcing their way to the spotlight that they rightfully deserve. And this year, almost half of Time Magazine's Top 100 list is women. It's ridiculous that this is only happening in 2019, but better late than never. When Time released its first list in 2004, there were only 24 women, which is pretty much criminal.

Up from 45 women last year, there are 48 women on the list this year. There is no doubt that these are some of the most influential women in the world right now, from tech to sports, and entertainment to politics. Every one of these women have rightfully claimed their space in the world, not with a whisper, but with a shout.

Edward Felsenthal, editor-in-chief and CEO of Time Magazine told CBS Morning News the list “is in some ways a reflection of our society, but an amazing year for the women on the list.”

Some of those women include former First Lady Michelle Obama, who was honored by Beyonce. "She empowers all of us to interrogate our fears and surpass greatness."

Actress Sandra Oh (who got her own cover) was honored by Shonda Rhimes, who helped Oh catapult to stardom on the show Grey's Anatomy. "Sandra Oh has chosen to fearlessly take up space in a universe that has not always made space for her. Now, the power of her talented presence makes space for others," Rhimes notes.

Internet favorite (and all around force to be reckoned with) Chrissy Teigen also makes the list. "She may be glamorous and an icon in elegance, but she’s extremely approachable and warm. And above all, she’s a very proud mother and a tremendously supportive wife. I admire her so much," says chef Eric Ripert.

Other women who got covers include music superstar Taylor Swift, and journalist Gayle King. Gayle King actually got to interview Felsenthal and express just how grateful she was for the honor in person.

Hopefully this means that next year, there will be a least 50 women recognized, and that the number only continues to climb in the future.

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