Tie-Dye Nails Are Popping Up All Over Instagram

tie dye nails

There’s a new nail trend that is popping up all over social media, and yes it’s getting a lot of attention. In fact, this nail art trend was inspired from old tie-dye t-shirts. And now you can tap into your inner bohemian spirit for a nostalgic but tailored and contemporary look that will most definitely bring a lot of attention to your nails.

The tie-dye nail trend is getting so much attention that it also appeared on manicurist Park Eynkyung’s Instagram page this last week. If you are looking for a way to add a little color to your nail work while still keeping things subtle, this is definitely for you.

Trying tie-dye nails at home might seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s actually simpler than it seems. First, you need to have the right materials. A shallow container of water that is at cool or room temperature works best. Next, paint a base coat. You will need to paint your nails with a base coat just like you normally would during a regular manicure.

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Next, tape your finger and start putting drops in your container of water. Then comes the fun part: swirl and dip until you are satisfied or have achieved your desired look. Finally, enjoy your new look and don’t forget to show off your fabulous nails to all of your envious family, friends, and co-workers at the office. It might take some time to complete, but thankfully tie-dye nail art gives plenty of room for error since it doesn’t have to be perfect, unlike other styles.

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You can also mix and match your colors and use anything from pretty pastels to bright, primary shades. The great thing about tie-dye nails is that the style is very adjustable to whatever color combination you feel like experimenting with.

For those who keep up with style trends, the tie-dye style covered a lot of the Spring 2019 runways this past season, encouraging many style enthusiasts to stock up while they can.

And while there are so many trends that come and go, tie-dye (whether it’s on clothing, accessories or in this case, nail art) seems to always make a comeback, one way or another.

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