T.I Addresses His Controversial Statement He Made About His Daughter’s Virginity

T.I. with his daughter Deyjah

Sometimes, things get awkward between dads and daughters. There are some things that are hard for the two to talk about, but then there are other times when dad gets too personal and tells too much to an outside audience.

That's what happened to rapper T.I. earlier this month, when he went too far in talking about his daughter's virginity in a podcast interview with Ladies Like Us. His statements weren't just embarrassing for daughter Deyjah — they were also controversial in a time when women need to be supported about their decisions over their bodies, not controlled.

T.I. sat down for another interview recently with Jada Pinkett Smith for a Red Table Talk, and he basically said that he embellished the story for a few laughs. The ladies on the original podcast did giggle about it, which got them in some hot water as well. But Jada also laid down some truth on T.I. about parenting daughters.

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T.I. participates in a Red Table Talk interview
Credit: Youtube/Red Table Talk

When T.I. started talking about protecting his daughter, Jada explained that it's better to make sure that girls have an understanding of the maturity aspects to sex and that they don't feel pressured to do something they don't want to do, but she said she doesn't put much stock into the virginity part of it.

She also talked about the patriarchal angle to his statements, and while he pushed back a little, he seemed to appreciate that she was explaining things through a woman's perspective and helping him get  the fact that men don't have the same lens to view these things.

T.I. also clarified that he wasn't in the room for his daughter's gynecological exams, that he doesn't go now that she is 18, and he said that Deyjah was comfortable with the situation until he started talking about it. She has since deleted all of her social media accounts. He added that he has apologized to her personally, but he said he doesn't owe an apology to anyone else.

Jada has been known for providing a safe space for celebrities to give their side to a story, such as when Jordan Woods appeared in Red Table Talk. She has a knack for giving people a chance to express their views while also explaining to them the other side. We hope that her conversation with T.I. helped him to grow as a parent and as a man.

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