The FDA Is Recalling Two Thyroid Medications


The FDA has recently announced that it is recalling two thyroid medications after fears that the product may contain impurities. Westminster Pharmaceuticals has issued a voluntary recall of two thyroid medications after the FDA found that one of its Chinese suppliers was using ingredients and were "found to have deficiencies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices."

The medicines Levothyroxine and Liothyronine in tablet form are the medications affected, and are, as CNN explains, synthetic hormones. Gajan Mahendiran, CEO of Westminster Pharmaceuticals explained the reasoning for the recall in a press release, despite no reports of any injuries or illness related to the products.

“Westminster Pharmaceuticals aims to ensure that integrity is embedded in our reputation through the products we develop and market. We will never compromise when it comes to providing our patients with the caliber of medication they deserve. While we stand behind the quality of our product, we are taking the utmost precaution by recalling our Thyroid, USP Tablets only to the wholesale level due to a recent inspection by the FDA at one of our active ingredient manufacturers.”

Dr. Scot Ackerman with the Ackerman Cancer Center spoke to News 4Jax about the recall. “They think that at this manufacturer in China that some impurities can go into the drug,” Ackerman said. “There have been no reports of any adverse events because of this, but this manufacturer has been known to have some impurities in their drugs, so the FDA has looked at that and said, 'For now, to be safe, don't use these.'”

Although there is a recall in effect, thyroid medication treats serious illness and therefore the FDA suggests that patients continue using their medication until they receive a replacement option. If you are someone using these products Westminster Pharmaceuticals suggests contacting your doctor immediately for guidance on treatment options.

“You do want to take the thyroid medication daily. You don't want to have any kind of gap,” Ackerman said of continuing with the recalled medication.

The recalled products are packed in 100 quantity bottles, and a full list of identifying features including lot numbers and expiry dates can be found here. There are 37 affected unexpired lots of the two medications that range from 15, 30, 60, 90 to 120 milligrams doses.

If you have any questions about this recall, you can contact Westminster's Regulatory Affairs Department on weekdays at 888-354-9939 or via email at recalls@wprx.com.

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