Three Men Sue Home For Boys Alleging Abuse

Timothy Hill Children's Ranch, located in New York, is being sued by former residents. These men claim they were sexually and physically abused by older boys while residing at the ranch. They are suing for poor supervision. On September 20th, Andres Alexander Ramos was the first to file a lawsuit. November 6th, Joseph Barci filed as well. Recently, November 14th, John Gubitosi has filed the latest lawsuit against this home for boys.

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As reported by Riverhead News Reviewthe three men are using the same law firm to file these lawsuits. The law firm, Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz of Manhattan has filed under New York State’s Child Victims Act, claiming as stated above, that there was no or little supervision in the ranch. The attorney, Regina Calcaterra says, that the ranch knew about these events and are trying to cover it up by not admitting to the truth.

The Timothy Hill Children's Ranch began business in 1980, focusing their attention on boys who were neglected and, ironically, abused. Gubitosi remembered that when he was there, he was beaten and told the person in charge. Instead of immediately handling the issue, the "parent" told him to "Man up." Eventually, Gubitosi ran away from the ranch to live with his grandmother.

Barci states that a 17-year-old boy locked him in a barn with a horse, and threw rocks at the animal in hopes of angering it. The same older boy sexually abused him. Barci reported what had happened and was told that he was just lying or dreaming. There were numerous occasions Barci, as a 12-year-old boy, experienced these types of abuse.

It is still an ongoing investigation. The attorney representing the ranch has not immediately responded to requests. Presumably the three men are seeking monetary damages, but it is not clear at the moment. The Supreme Court of Suffolk County has ruled that the boys who were living there, are no longer required to reside at the Timothy Hill Children's Ranch.

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