If You're Single And Over 26 There’s A Word For What To Call You Now

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Life is hard for single women, especially those over the age of 25. It seems that if you're not in a relationship by your mid-to late 20s or beyond, somehow there's something wrong with you. This is an incredibly outdated way of thinking, and yet, people continue to subscribe to it. And it's ridiculous. Many people may not realize just how deep society's ire for single women goes. Perhaps you've heard the term "spinster?" For a long time, it was used to describe an unmarried woman, similar to the term "old maid." But apparently, there's another, even better term out there.

After doing some research on the topic, Twitter user Sophia Benoit discovered that spinster only refers to women between the ages of 23 and 26. Benoit, who is 26, found that after you're a spinster, society considered you a "thornback." And if we're being completely honest, we're really into it.

Spinster sounds pretty terrible, but thornback sounds downright sinister, and if you're still single after the age of 26, obviously, there's something deeply sinister about you right? That's why no one wants to date you? Because you're a mean old thornback? Honestly, sounds legit.

Benoit has come up with the brilliant idea (joke) to open a bar called Thornbacks that only plays rom-coms and The Bachelor on TV. Naturally, it would only serve single women over the age of 26. We wish this was a real place, because any single woman will tell you that going to a bar can be a really taxing experience. And then we wouldn't be subjected to watching nothing but sports while we sip on an overpriced cocktail. Plus then we wouldn't have to scream over loud music with too much bass to have a conversation with our girlfriends. Maybe somehow this magical fictional place can become reality.

But the question still remains, what in the world is a thornback? Well, a thornback is a reference to a sea-skate. A sea-skate is similar to a sting ray, which in theory is cool. Except the sea-skate doesn't have a spine and only lives in cold water. So, what they're trying to say is that single women over the age of 26 are cold and spineless? Seems like a stretch but okay.

Reality is, thornbacks aren't all that much of an anomaly anymore. Women are pretty openly waiting to get married now. By taking time and care to develop their careers and themselves, they're realizing that they're better able to settle down later in life. They're still just as valuable, and hopefully we'll begin to shift past this archaic way of thinking soon.

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