This Sephora Store's Introvert-Friendly Shopping Baskets Need To Happen Everywhere

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For many shoppers, there's nothing better than having a friendly and knowledgeable salesperson greet you when you enter a store, eager to help you find exactly what you're looking for. For others, that is something that nightmares are literally made of. Let's face it, many people prefer to browse a store in peace, taking their time to peruse the shelves at their leisure without being interrupted by a well-meaning salesperson. The people at Sephora in Europe seem to know that both types of people love to shop at their stores, and now they've come up with a simple yet genius way of communicating which type of shopper you are.

Twitter user Cami Williams recently shared a picture from a Sephora store that features two different color shopping baskets, each with a different purpose. The red shopping baskets are for shoppers who are looking for help while in the store, while the black shopping baskets are for those shoppers who would prefer to shop without interruption. Genius!

"There is a fellow introvert on the Sephora customer experience team who deserves A RAISE RIGHT NOW," Williams captioned her Twitter post, and we couldn't agree more!

A Sephora rep confirmed to Allure that the baskets are currently being used in European stores only, but based on the incredibly positive reaction they may want to think about adopting the practice in North America as soon as possible.

The response to Williams's post has been overwhelming, with some users pointing out that Sephora isn't the first beauty chain to give shoppers an option like this. Others pointed out that the Korean beauty brand Innisfree has also been doing this.

Some commenters on Williams's Twitter post have tagged other popular beauty stores asking them to adopt a similar policy, while others simply applauded the sheer brilliance of such a simple practice.

"And from a marketing standpoint, this puts a basket in the hands of people who may have only planned to window shop. A win for the customer and for the store," wrote one commenter, while another added, "Yes, and changes the narrative from "no thanks, I'm just looking" to "I'm shopping on my own."

Many salespeople pointed out that sales targets and practices often don't allow for customers to be in a store and not be greeted but that implementing something as simple as this would be a welcome change. Would you prefer to have an option to be helped or to shop alone?

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