This Mom's Son Wouldn’t Cuddle Her Anymore, So She Knitted A New One

Moms can be really extra sometimes. Especially ones who have skills with knitting needles. Knitters can create some of the most insanely elaborate creations with yarn. It's actually kind of mind-boggling to see the level of intricacy they can accomplish. And their attention to detail on top of their bonkers level of skill is just beyond. So it's no surprise that we're totally freaking out about a mom who knitted a scale model of her teenage son. Yes, you're reading that correctly. A Dutch woman knitted a full-scale version of her son. Why? Simply because she can, okay?

Marieke Voorsluijs, who calls herself a "textiles enthusiast" decided that she was wanted to create a fun family project. So with her son's help, they set out on the two-month project. She admits that she likes to knit "weird" things, and is always looking for ways to challenge herself and continue to develop her skills and her brand. Again, her attention to detail is amazing, in addition to the very realistic graphic tee her "son" wears, which reads 'Punks Not Dead.' It also wears a baseball cap and bright red sneakers, has removable headphones, and wears a watch.

"To set the bar a little higher regarding my knitting skills I thought of knitting my son. He liked it, and we worked together on it."

And in a very odd, but kind of cool twist, the knit son is actually a wearable suit. Though she created him in the image of both her sons, by time as the project was complete, only her younger (and smaller) son is able to fit in it. When you see pictures of her creation, her son is standing next to it, and they are the same size. It's hard to know why you would want your son to wear a knit costume version of himself, but who are we to judge?

When she initially began talking about her stunning creation, she said she partially made it because her sons were growing up and seeking independence. As they grew up and didn't want to cuddle with her anymore, she still craved that physical connection. So in its own way, the knit son acts as a substitute child that she could cuddle with.

"Him needing more of his own space and my covert needs to keep on smothering him with maternal love. I am a textiles designer, and he often helps me and has great creative ideas," she said at the time.

Apparently, that was only a joke, but honestly, not too many of us moms would fault her for it being true!

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