This Is The Question People Fear Being Asked The Most During Family Holiday Gatherings

The holidays are officially here which means that after everyone recovers from tomorrow's tryptophan coma it's all about Christmas, Hanukkah and any other holiday you celebrate. While most people look forward to spending time with family and friends over the holiday season, gathering with those you may not have seen in a while can also bring about a bit of anxiety especially if you have those relatives that like to get a bit too personal when asking questions.

According to a new survey commissioned by Hasbro of over 2000 Brits, the number one question people dread being asked over the holidays is a pretty personal one indeed. While it may seem completely rude to some, "Have you put on weight?" is the number one question people feared being asked when gathering to celebrate the holidays, because who wants to be asked about their waistline as their sitting down to a lavish Christmas dinner, or any time really?

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Marie Claire UK also noted that the second most dreaded question is  'What’s your New Year’s resolution?" followed by what political party you endorse! As if those questions weren't bad enough, asking about whether or not you're still single, when you're getting married, or questions about employment also top the list of the most dreaded questions.

Let's face it — most people want to avoid overly personal questions when gathering for the holidays because they're just that — personal! Thirty percent of people surveyed actually said that they look to avoid talking about money while one in five wants to stay far away from any talk about their love life or religion.

Some dread these questions so much that close to one in three people admitted that they've actually cancelled a family event just to avoid nosy relatives who will no doubt bring up those personal topics. Some admitted to hiding in the bathroom or taking a fake call to get out of an awkward conversation as well.

“With distant family visiting at Christmas, it’s inevitable there’s going to be small talk and personal questions about your job or love life," Hasbro Inc.'s Kay Green said.“We want to encourage Brits to fend off the festive FAQs (Family Asked Questions) this Christmas by playing one of our well-loved, classic games such as Monopoly, Cluedo or Jenga."

While Green says that playing a game is a great way to bring a family together, "It’s also a really handy technique to divert the attention away from any awkward small-talk moments."

So there you have it. If your nosy aunt keeps asking you if you've gained weight or why you haven't settled down already, instead of drowning your sorrows or angrily Tweeting about her rudeness, suggest breaking out the Jenga instead.

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