10 Things To Consider While Deciding If A Movie Is Appropriate To Show Your Young Child

Taking your kids out to go see a movie in theaters is always a special treat but one of the worst things to discover is a sense that you do not feel comfortable having your kids watch content you had no idea about! What about if you are trying to entertain your little ones on a rainy day, how do you decide what is appropriate for your child to watch?

It seems like every movie coming out has something in it that you do not approve of but your child still wants to see it. Well, if you are in this boat then you need to keep reading to see the ten things you should consider while deciding if a movie is appropriate to show your child.

10 Is Your Child Mature Enough?

A go-to question to assess if a movie is appropriate for your child is to ask yourself the question, “Is my child mature enough for this?”

Many movies, even ones that are rated PG, do have some romance in them and if kids are grossed out by people kissing then you probably want to find another movie for them. But this is true at any stage of their life.

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If you feel like your child is mature enough to match the subject matter then go for it, and if not then just explain why you made your choice.

9 Is It Worth Your Child’s Time?

Time is the most precious resource that a person has. This is because time is something that you can never get back once it is gone. So if you are conflicted about whether a movie is appropriate for your child thinks of it as: is it a waste of time or will it be something worthwhile?

Look to see how long the movie they want to watch is and if you think it is an appropriate amount of time to be inside and sitting down then go for it, but if you think that it is too long to be showing stuff that you are not 100% okay with then you need to not let them watch it.

8 Would You Be Embarrassed If Your Mom Friends Found Out Your Kids Watched It?

Even though you should never care about what people think of you or your parenting style a good way to know if a movie is appropriate to show your child is to think about what your mom friends would think.

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If they think overall, it was a wrong choice for you to show your child then they are probably right. Movies stick in people's brains, even your own child’s brain, and if they are talking or acting like a scene from a movie they do not approve of then your child may not be able to play with their kids anymore.

7 Does It Show Violence?

If you have young kids you often spend your time trying to teach them to never put their hands on someone else. So if you ended up showing them a movie where there is violence they are not going to be able to understand that violence is not the answer.

Violence is from anything from a character getting smacked to a full-on fight scene that lasts for several minutes. As a parent, you want to make the smart choice and lead by example by not showing your kids a movie with any violence.

6 Is It Educational?

Though you do not want to show your kids a boring documentary when you select a movie, you do want your kids to learn something about the world. Many kid's movies being released straight to DVD are fun and educational for your kids to learn something while they are watching.

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Some children’s movies teach them about an occupation like working at a zoo or may even take your kids on an adventure to outer space. No matter what they are learning these movies are kid and mom-approved!

5 Does It Have Any Language You Don’t Want Them To Hear?

Though most movies that have adult language are already rated PG 13 or R there are some PG movies out there that feature just a little adult language but didn’t make the cut for a higher rating.

Look to see if they are using other language that you do not approve of like “stupid,” “idiot,” or whatever words are not used in your household.

You want to make sure that what you are showing them a movie you support fully from the content to what is being spoken on the screen.

4 Will It Teach Them A Lesson?

Many times when you are selecting a movie to put on for your kids you do not want to just put something on that is going to rot out their brains. You want to put on a movie that is entertaining and will teach them a lesson too!

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Find out this information by reading the synopsis of the movie online or on the back of the DVD when you are picking it out. Some of the best movies for kids will teach them about themselves and how it is okay to be them.

3 Will It Entertain Your Kids?

When you put programming on for your kids to watch you want to make sure that they are going to watch the whole thing, and this is especially true if you are taking them out to the theaters to watch it.

Go online to read the reviews of the movie to see if your kids are going to be entertained the whole time the movie is playing. The last thing you want to happen is to put on a movie and have your kids lose interest, especially if you are in a movie theatre.

2 What Is The Movie Rated?

The best way to see if a movie your kids want to watch is going to be appropriate to show your kids is to look at the rating. The rating of the movie will tell you were the target audience is and why it was rated that way.

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For example, a PG 13 movie is could say on the cover that it contains violence or bad language, albeit milder than higher-rated movies. But if your kids know that violence is never okay, you can still decide to show them the movie if they are not 13.

1 Does It Have Anything Else In It You Do Not Want Your Kids To See?

Thousands of movies are released every year with ratings all over the place. But overall you get to decide if you want your kids to watch a movie or not.

You might feel like even if your kids are not old enough to watch a certain movie if the rating on it is above their age. Knowing what the content in the movie shows can really help you decide.

So if you are on the edge about whether a movie is suitable for your kids, watch the movie first then make your decision.

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