10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

As parents, it can feel like we are always talking to our kids. We are teaching them new things, helping them properly sound out a word, and of course, we are always talking as we parent them and make sure they are not doing things they can get them hurt. But sometimes we say things to our kids that we regret and that we do not mean.

Though raising kids is always going to be a struggle to find the right parenting style there are just some things you should never say to your kids. Keep reading to discover what sayings you shouldn’t tell your kids.

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10 “What’s Wrong With You?”

Something that might just slip out of your mouth without meaning to say it is, “What’s wrong with you?”

This is a question you should never say to your kids after they say or do something that you do not approve of. Saying this to your child can make them start to seriously think that they are a bad person and there is something wrong with them that they need to fix. Instead, ask your child why they did what they did or said that made you take a step back.

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9 “Wait Until You Father Get Home”

One saying you hear a lot in movies and T.V. shows is, “Wait until your father gets home.” This saying is something you should never say since it will tell your kids that you are not in charge of the discipline in the house.

You need to be able to make any discipline decisions when your partner is not home. So use your best judgment to discipline your kids when they are acting up and do not always rely on your partner to be in charge of all the discipline in the house.

8 “I Will Never Forgive You”

A kid hearing their parents say that, “I will never forgive you,” is something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. No matter what your child did to you to make you feel like they betrayed your trust is just a brief moment in time.

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And though you might not give them as much freedom as they had before you you should never say that you won't forgive them. You are their parents and if you want to teach them about forgiveness then you need to forgive any mistakes your child made.

7 “You’re Okay”

Something parents say to their kids all the time, especially to their sons is, “You’re okay.” This is a very bad habit to get into if you are trying to comfort your child if they are upset. You need to teach your kids that it is okay to feel any emotion that they have and not to just make them feel “okay” all the time.

So next time your little one starts getting upset take your time to hear why they are feeling the way they are and teach them that all feelings are valid.

6 “There Are Starving Kids That Would Like That Meal”

Getting kids to eat their meals can be challenging at times and after a long day of work and trying to cook a healthy meal for your family the last thing you want to see if your child not touching the food on their plates.

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A saying that parents like to use to make their kids eat is, “there are starving kids that would like that meal.” and even though it can seem harmless this can teach your kids to have a negative connotation with food if you are making them feel bad/guilty about eating.

5 “I’m Just Going To Leave You Here Then”

Either way, you should not tell your children, “I'm just going to leave you here then,” if they are not listening to you. Instead, talk to your child in a calm voice and explain why we need to go to the next place on the list.

4 “You’re Going To Be In Big Trouble”

If you are looking into making your little one listens to you and behave then you cannot tell them “you’re going to be in big trouble,” for doing what they want. Your kids do not know what “big trouble” is and you threatening them with it is not going to get them to act how you want.

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Take the time to teach what your child is going is wrong so they can understand why it is bad and they shouldn’t do it. Talking to them is surely going to make a difference then a threat.

3 “Because I Said So”

We know growing up you heard your parents say the phrase, “because I said so,” when you asked them about why there are not allowing certain things. So before you say this to your child think back to when you were their age and this saying just made your frustrated that you didn’t get an actual answer.

Break the cycle of “because I said so,” so truthfully tell your children why you do not allow certain things. Telling them the truth is going to help them understand good and bad and let them form their own opinions.

2 “Stop Crying”

Just like the saying, “you’re okay,” “stop crying,” can be a very negative phrase you say to your children. Even though you do not want to see your kids cry, you need to teach them that if they are sad it is not just a good thing to cry, but crying is healthy.

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You do not want your children to grow up feeling numb to their emotions since this can impact their friendships and work. Teach your kids that crying is okay and not to be embarrassed for expressing their emotions.

1 Anything About Their Bodies

One thing you should never do is mention anything about your kid's body to them. Saying anything good or bad can make them feel self-conscious about their appearance and make them put too much thought into how they look.

As a parent you should only be teaching your kids about how to take care of their bodies, not to judge them. It doesn't matter if you noticed that your daughter is growing into her body or that your son has acne anything you say can be taken negatively and affect how they see themselves.

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