10 Things Moms Should Always Have In Their Purses

Moms are some of the busiest people out there. They are always on the go, as they take kids to school, drive them to lessons and activities, run errands and work hard to keep families happy and healthy. That being said, a mother’s purse is a big deal; this is where the essentials are kept, in order to make sure days run as smoothly as possible.

But what tools are needed in there exactly? What products are the best of the best? Look no further, because down below are the 10 things that every mom should have in her purse - always.

10 HankyBook

GET IT NOW: $24.95

Tissues are a must-have product for parents, but this option is even better. HankyBooks are eco-friendly and multi-use handkerchiefs - with a twist. These cute little books are made out of extra soft, 100 percent organic cotton, and after using a page up, simply turn to the next one when wiping noses, hands, eyes or spills.

The covers of these books - with their fun prints - keep everything closed up and clean after this item is thrown into a purse. Plus, they can be put in the washing machine, as well, making these a great replacement for disposable wipes, tissues, napkins or towels.

9 Classic Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs by Justin's


It is always smart to have snacks handy in a purse, too, and going for a healthier one is even better. Justin’s squeeze packs are simple, gluten-free and delicious. This pack of 10 means that everyone can enjoy an on-the-go peanut butter treat.

Also, this popular brand has six other flavors, such as Honey Peanut, Honey Almond, Classic Almond, Maple Almond, Vanilla Almond and Chocolate Hazelnut - so stock up, keep that purse full, and be ready to please kids if/when those tummies start growling (and feel free to have one or two set aside for Mom and Dad, too)!

8 First Aid Kit

GET IT NOW: $12.95

Accidents happen, so be prepared with a first aid kit. This small and light one is great for purses, but don’t let its cute size be deceiving; it has 66 hospital-grade medical supplies in it!

The rip-stop nylon case is durable, so this little guy can be packed away in backpacks when a camping trip pops up, in cars when it is time for a road trip and/or in a desk for at-work emergencies. From scissors and band-aids to safety pins and a burn gel packet, this first aid kit can be there when needed, just in case.

7 M-Aimee 4 Sets Spiral Notebook Kraft Paper Cover Steno Pocket Notepad with Pen in Holder

GET IT NOW: $12.58

This next item could be handy in so many different situations... Need to mark a place in a book? Use these sticky page markers in a variety of colors! Need to make a grocery or a to-do list? Grab the lined paper and a pen (which is secured to the notebook in an elastic loop)! Need to entertain the kiddos for a bit?

Let them each create art in one of four spiral notebooks! Need to leave a note for someone? Utilize the 100 yellow sticky notes found here! Need four different pen colors? Yes, this set has that, too!

6 Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes


There are certain products that everyone tries to stock up on, especially parents, and antibacterial wipes are one of these products. Wet Ones is a trusted brand, so a 10-pack is a wise investment (seriously - keep a package in every room and in every place possible)!

These bad boys get rid of 99.99 percent of germs, they are hypoallergenic, and they are enriched with skin-conditioning aloe. So whether a mom is wiping off the handle on a shopping cart or cleaning up a mess in the car, this portable and convenient pack will be there to save the day.

5 Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles

GET IT NOW: $14.47

On-the-go mothers should always carry water bottles, which can be reused and refilled anywhere. These 20 ounce ones will definitely do the trick, as they are easy to clean, made of food-grade silicone (which is resistant to stains and odors) and can be frozen, in order to keep drinks cold. Oh, and they are rollable and foldable!

When they are not being used, they will hardly take up any space in that purse, and if they need to be carried somewhere else, there is a metal carabiner that can be clipped onto strollers or backpacks. There is another bonus here, too: A portion of all profits are donated to dolphin rescue and protection organizations.

4 Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

GET IT NOW: $19.99

There are phone calls to make to family members, doctors’ offices and schools. There are videos that kids like to watch on iPads and games they like to play on other devices. And if something should lose its charge… Uh-oh. Avoid that problem and a potential meltdown moment with a portable charger, which will keep gadgets juiced up and ready to use at any time!

This premium aluminum power bank is super compact, with high-speed charging abilities, making it the perfect addition to any purse. It also comes with a micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide and an 18-month warranty.

3 Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm

GET IT NOW: $9.57

Another brand that many people know, trust and love is Burt’s Bees, and these particular lips balms are made from original beeswax, with vitamin E & peppermint oil. Store these in purses, all in order to refresh and renew lips. Keep lips hydrated and nourished, especially during the dry winter months.

Feel good in knowing that 100 % natural ingredients are used in these products, meaning that this natural lip balm is formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS. And let everyone in the family have their own, since this pack comes with four different tubes of Burt’s Bees lip balm!

2 loveBuds

GET IT NOW: $29.99

As mentioned, technology is usually very big for kids, as it can help in keeping them happy and occupied while out and about. Therefore, these shared earbuds are another must-have item! The best part is that no splitters are needed… They were made for couples, siblings and friends who want to watch a movie together, play a video game together or enjoy music together.

They come in fun yours-and-mine colors, which is neat. They have individual volume controls, so everyone gets what is wanted and needed. They are also great for noise cancelling, as they naturally block out other sounds.

1 Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pens

GET IT NOW: $13.38

And, of course, moms must have stain-remover pens in their purses, too! Children can be messy. Accidents can happen. Even parents can accidentally spill at times. That being said, a pack of Tide To Go pens can be tossed in when heading out the door, can instantly remove food and drink stains and can easily be capped up and put away when done (with nothing to throw away and no additional messes, like on hands, to clean up).

This is a trusted product that feels super necessary for active families, and it can be there, in that purse, just in case.

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