10 Things Moms Are Judged For On Social Media

At first glance, social media seems like a great thing to have when you become a mom. You can share pregnancy updates, pictures of your little one, and keep in touch with relatives who live far away (and want to see those cute pictures).

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But the more a mom posts and uses social media, the more she realizes that it's tough and people can judge... a lot. Sometimes you want to ask, "Can't we all just get along?" and ask people not to make mean comments or say that someone isn't parenting properly. Here are 10 things that moms are judged for on social media.

10 What Their Kids Eat

Moms get judged on social media for what their kids eat, usually when they post photos of their little one's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She'll be so proud of the fact that she got her toddler to finally try broccoli and another mom will wonder why she didn't a serve a green salad on the side. Or she'll post a lovely meal of pasta and sauce... and someone else will think that there are no veggies or that's too many carbs.

If a mom is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free, she might have her family eat that way, too. But instead of admiring her for following a healthy lifestyle, other people could judge her.

9 What Their Children Are Wearing

Often, celebrity moms will post photos of their little ones and while most people agree that they look so adorable, some trolls will come out. They'll say that since they're not wearing a shirt or they're just in a diaper so the photo shouldn't have been posted. They'll also say it's too cold out and they need more layers.

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Moms get judged on social media for what their children are wearing, and it's really too bad. Moms make all kinds of choices for their kids, including regarding clothing, and it's no one else's business.

8 Anytime They Share Something Personal

There are many aspects of being a mom that are very personal. How long she decides to breastfeed for, whether she has a home or hospital birth, and if her child follows a specific dietary lifestyle all appear to be fair game for people judging on social media.

Sharing these things in an Instagram post can be a great way to connect with followers and fellow moms, and it can spark an interesting and crucial discussion. Unfortunately, some people just want to judge, and they're going to tell this mom that she's doing things the wrong way or is making the wrong choices.

7 Choosing To Have One Child

When a couple gets married, people start asking when they're going to have a baby pretty much as soon as their wedding day has come and gone. It's a super personal question... and if that couple does decide to have a kid, it's not long before family and friends ask about a second child.

When a mom shares photos of her family life on social media, some might wonder when she's going to expand her family. Even if no one says it to her, they might judge her for choosing to have one child. If the mom has a big social following, she'll definitely get comments, and they're not always going to be so nice.

6 Drinking A Cocktail

Moms can also be judged for posting a photo on social media where they're enjoying a cocktail on a nice summer evening, or they're having dinner and there's a glass of wine on the table.

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This is definitely unfair since everyone likes to unwind and enjoy a drink every now and then. There's an unfortunate culture of "Mom Shaming" and there are people who think that being a mother means never drinking.

5 Going Out With Friends

Moms also get judged for posting that they're going out with friends. People wonder why they're out so late on a weeknight or why they're not at home putting their little ones to bed.

Sometimes it can feel like no matter what a mom shares on social media, people are going to think that she's doing something wrong. This is one of those times, for sure. It's so important to see friends and keep up those relationships.

4 Taking Me Time

Everyone needs "me time," and self-care is a huge part of being a mom. People like to say "you can't take care of others unless you look out for yourself" or "you can't pour from an empty cup" and it's so true.

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When moms take "me time" and post about going to a workout class, meeting someone for coffee, getting a manicure, or anything along those lines, people definitely judge them for it. They don't think that they should take time away from their children. This is unfair and ridiculous. Every mom can take a break.

3 Updating Everyone Whenever Her Kid Does Something New

Part of the fun of having a social media presence is being able to post about something that literally just happened. A mom will be so excited to update everyone in her life when her kid says their first sentence or starts walking or crawling.

But while she thinks that it's fun to post this on social media, other people could judge her. They think that she doesn't have to post online everytime something big happens. This is the kind of situation when you say "haters are gonna hate." Moms will get enough positive comments from their family and friends who love seeing what their children are up to that it will make up for it.

2 Liking Too Many Posts Or Commenting A Lot

People judge mothers for doing anything that doesn't involve their children, and moms can get judged for liking too many social media posts. They can even face harsh judgment for commenting a lot.

This is a shame since there's a "social" part of social media and it's all about connecting. Being part of a community of moms is so nice. It doesn't mean that a mom isn't looking after her kids.

1 Posting Too Many Photos

The final way that moms get judged on social media? If people think that they're posting too many photos. She thinks that it's fun to share snapshots of her toddler throughout the day, going from their waffle breakfast to their afternoon puzzle, but someone thinks that she should put the phone down.

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At the end of the day, moms have to do what feels right and if that means using social media and sharing their family life, that's awesome.

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