10 Things A Mom Always Wants To Hear From Her Kids

Children wield great power in our households. They might be small, but their words and actions can transform a household -- for the good, or for the bad.

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Every mom knows how her day can be changed by just a few words from her kid. However different us moms are from each other, there are certain universal expressions that will warm a mom's heart across the globe. Here are 10 things that a mom always wants to hear from her kids, and they are sure to bring a big smile to her face.

10 "Mom"

With one word, a child can hold your heart forever. The first time a son or daughter utters the word "Mom" in some form or another (Mama, Meemaa, Moomoo, etc.) that little person has his mother wrapped around his or her finger forever.

"Mom" is something we aspire to be. It is who we are in the core of our hearts. It is our title, our credentials, our rank, and our heart. It is one word but it is the word that matters more than anything else.

9 "I love you"

There is no sentence in the human language that can transform another human heart than "I love you." When your child throws their arms around you and says these words to you, you are ready to face giants and conquer the world for them.

Usually, children say "I love you" based on how they see you interacting with others and with them. Just as you love to hear this from them, ensure you constantly remind them of your love for them, through words and deeds.

8 "You look cool"

Okay, so you might not actually hear your children use the word "cool" but you will love when they say something along these lines. The word to describe coolness changes with each generation, however, when your child tells you that you are cool or look cool, it makes you feel just a little young again.

You realize that you "still have it." Yes, you can put on those sunglasses and lip gloss and look a little cool. If your kid thinks so, then that’s all that counts.

7 "I'm sorry, mommy"

It is a triumphant moment for any mom to hear her child apologize. For moms, it means we have done something right in our child-rearing.

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A child who says ‘I’m sorry’ with no strings attached reminds us of how beautiful this child’s heart is beneath all the superhero antics. And when the child adds "mommy" to the end of this expression, it is like music to a mother’s ears.

6 "I made something for you"

happy family funny kids are preparing the dough, bake cookies in the kitchen

These words make a mother’s heart skip a beat and melt all at the same time. We know that our child has gone to some effort to do something special for us and it really means a lot to us.

Even if they bring in a weird cup of coffee with suspicious foam, and a burned piece of toast, just the sentiment, "I made something for you" is enough to make our day. Bring on the super bitter, foamy coffee!

5 "You are already beautiful, mommy"

When a mother stands before the mirror feeling tired and fed-up, because of lifeless hair, or tired eyes, and hears little feet behind her and the expression, "You are already beautiful mommy," it's a really special and sweet moment.

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A child has the power to redefine beauty with their words and the power to remind Mom that beauty is about so much more than appearance. It’s in the hug of a mom, or her kind words or in the way she tucks her child into bed or reads a bedtime story.

4 "I can do it"

Seeing your children grow up is a blessing. It is rewarding to see them learn to do new things and take on responsibility. It's also a great moment when a child overcomes their fear of a situation or responsibility and takes it on with both hands, or when a child who has lacked courage steps up to task and says, "I can do it!"

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This expression demonstrates confidence and shows that your child believes in themselves and that you have succeeded in helping to build security and stability inside of them.

3 "That smells good!"

Moms always feel pride when they're making dinner and her kid comes in and says to her, "That smells good!"

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There is something in the mother’s heart that loves to nurture and care for her children and cooking is a part of this. When our food smells good to them, we feel good, and we're ready to enjoy a nice meal and some quality time together.

2 "You’re the best"

Not that we were competing or anything but when our child regards us as something special, we feel ten feet tall. This encouragement makes us strive to be the best version of ourselves and become even better parents.

It’s not that we have to win a Super Mommy competition but as long as our children consider us with eyes that say we are best, then we know we have gotten the prize and we're going to feel amazing.

1 "It’s just what I wanted!"

It brings great joy to a mother's heart when her children open presents on their birthday or on Christmas morning and say that the present was exactly what they were hoping for. Of course, we want to give our children great gifts, and so this is so satisfying.

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We don’t always hit the mark in terms of doing this but when we do and we see their faces light up and hear them say, "It’s just what I wanted!" we feel like we have received a gift ourselves.

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