10 Things In Parenting Harder Than Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things that a female body can do yet it is also one of the most difficult. Yes, breastfeeding can be hard, particularly for first-time mothers; with breastfeeding probably being one of the most stressful things to do during those first few months. However, although it might be incredibly difficult it might not be the hardest thing you'll have to face, especially as your kids get older and wiser.

That's right, breastfeeding will be the least of your worries a few years down the line, with parenting seemingly just one problem after the next. Here are 10 things in parenting harder than breastfeeding.

10 Choosing A Name


Choosing a name is one of the most difficult things to do when becoming a parent mostly due to the amount of pressure that comes along with it. Think about it? A person's name can really define their whole existence as well as their identity, among other things. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you pick the perfect name and a name that will come with on regrets.

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Over the years, parents have made huge mistakes when it comes to choosing their children's names, from strange spelling mistakes, odd pronunciations and unfortunately choosing the same name as a notorious famous person famed for doing bad things. Think long and hard...

9 Child Birth

It is no secret that childbirth is painful, horrific, and ultimately life-changing. Yes, giving birth can be agonizing, both physically and psychologically. In fact, childbirth comes with two separate parts, visceral pain during the early stages of labor and somatic pain, which occurs right at the end.

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Unfortunately, both stages are excruciating and that's not to mention all the other things that come along with it such as tearing and ripping. However, people often tend to forget the pain soon after the child is born, which is why the true painful nature of childbirth is often forgotten.

8 Sibling Conflict

Sibling rivalry, which can start before the second child is even born, is one of the most difficult things to deal with as a parent. It can be extremely upsetting to watch your kids fight, especially when the conflict ends up affecting the whole household. There are a number of different things that can cause siblings to create conflict with one another, from jealousy to competition to just plain old boredom. However, thankfully these things usually fizzle out, with siblings often becoming closer as a result. Nevertheless, it is still a stressful experience and something that can really put a strain on parenthood.

7 Painful Experiences

Being a parent comes with all sorts of ups and downs, with the positives some of the best things in the world and the negatives having the ability to completely destroy you. For instance, when children undergo first-time experiences of pain and heartbreak it can be extremely difficult to watch.

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Sadly, it is sometimes important to let your children go through such experiences in order to be able to deal with them properly when they happen again in the future. Yes, they can't always come to you to help solve their problems, no matter how badly you might want to.

6 Being Hard On Yourself

Mom guilt is one of the biggest problems that mothers have to deal with and often it continues throughout motherhood, even when you kids are fully grown and have families of themselves. Yes, mom guilt is here to stay and is extremely tough to deal with. Unfortunately, there is no real cure, apart from talking it out with other parents who may have some of the same guilty feelings that you have. Overall, it is important to remember that you are probably doing the best you can and that you have nothing to worry about despite what your mind might be telling you.

5 Judgment

Most of the time, other parents can be a blessing, especially during those early years when you may feel like you are completely alone. However, other parents can also be judgemental and can really turn your day from a good one into an absolute disaster.

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Yes, mothers can be some of the most judgemental people on earth and love nothing more than to offer you unwanted advice and criticism. The best thing to do is just ignore it and focus on what is best for you and your family. After all, you know your child better than they do, so make sure you remember that.

4 Sleep Deprivation 

Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things a human being can suffer, so you can only imagine how bad it is when you add that to taking care of a tiny baby. Yes, sleep deprivation has extremely bad and long term effects and can really drain your mental abilities as well as your physical health.

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For instance, a severe lack of sleep can drum up a whole host of health problems, from weight gain, depression, anxiety, and memory problems. This can then lead to accidents along with mobility issues which can then affect you and your baby. That's right, getting enough sleep is vital in order to live a happy and sustained lifestyle.

3 First Day Of School

The first day of school is extremely tough, for both you and your little one and probably one of the most difficult things to do throughout parenthood. Yes, the first day of school is the day that your little one is no longer your baby. Not only is this unbearably sad but it also comes as a huge shock for your child. This then leads to tears, breakdowns, and screaming — begging you to come back and collect them. Sadly, the best thing you can do is leave them there, hoping that as soon as you disappear they will calm down and get on with their day.

2 Mentally Draining 

Being a parent is one of the best things in the world, yet it also comes with lots of downsides. For instance, the majority of parenthood is worrying, problem-solving and mostly feeling tired, all things that can be extremely mentally draining on the brain. Yes, taking care of children is mentally and physically exhausting and can leave parents open to depression and severe anxiety. Sadly, this is often left unnoticed, with parents usually on autopilot and neglecting themselves in the process. This can also put a lot of strain on the entire family, therefore it is extremely important to ask for help if you feel as if you might need it.

1 Letting Go

There are many milestones in a child's life that force you to let go and let them get on with things themselves. From the first day of pre-school to high school graduations, there will always be moments of letting them go and trusting them to make the right decisions.

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Sadly, this will always be extremely sad, especially as they get older and older and no longer depend on you to make them feel better. Unfortunately, there is no correct way to deal with such an event apart from trusting that the values you have installed in them will continue throughout their lives and eventually onto their own family.

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