10 Things To Expect At Your First Ultrasound

Finding out you are pregnant is exciting! And what can be a wonderful, joyful time can turn into one when you have many questions about the process stuck in your head. One of the first questions you will always have as a new mom is what is going to happen at your first doctor’s appointment. You are not alone in wondering either, and all new Moms want to know what is happening to them and their baby. Don’t keep wondering what your first appointment is going to be like. Find out right now by reading to discover the top ten things you can expect when you go for your first ultrasound.

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10 A Chance To Ask Your Doctor Questions

Meeting the people who are going to be looking after your health and the health of your baby can be wonderful. You can now put together the faces of the nurses and doctors who are going to bring your little one into this world, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have questions. 

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It’s your body and your baby, so make sure to ask any questions that you have, even if they seem silly. Your team is here to help you and part of that is comforting you with any thoughts you have.

9 Finding Out How Far Along You Are

After finding out that you are pregnant you cannot be 100% sure how far along you are with your baby until you have your first ultrasound. And even though some expensive pregnancy tests can estimate how old your little one is, it will never give you the exact timeframe like your doctor will. Finding out how far along you are can help you and your partner see when your little one was conceived. Also once you know how old your baby is then you can start preparing and memory keeping your pregnancy milestones.

8 A Picture Of The Ultrasound

During the ultrasound, you are able to see what is happening inside of your belly. And one of the best parts is that during it, your team is able to take a picture of and print out a still of the ultrasound. 

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Even though it can be hard to make out your baby if you do not know where you are looking, that is your baby and their first picture! So make sure to share with all of your family and friends so they can see the little one that will meet in a few months.

7 Finding Out How You & The Baby Are Developing

Being emotional is part of a pregnancy. So it is only typical that you can feel happy, and worry about the pregnancy even at the same time. But luckily, when you first have your appointment all of the fears and worrying can instantly fade when your doctor says that you and the baby are doing fine. It’s funny how those few words can make you feel better, but just hearing the doctor explain how everything is normal makes your mind at ease. So just tough it out until that first ultrasound and then you will feel better the rest of the pregnancy.

6 How Big Your Baby Currently Is

Anything your doctor can do to make you and your partner feel more connected to your baby is phenomenal. And during your first ultrasound, your doctor is taking a close look at your baby and trying to see as much of them as possible. 

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At this appointment, your doctor can tell you how big your little one is already and what they can expect them to be, too. Knowing how big your baby is can make pregnancy seem more real and help you keep track of how the baby is going to grow by your next appointment.

5 Seeing How Many Babies You Have

Before your first ultrasound, you cannot know how many babies you are having. So when you are with your doctor they can determine how many babies you are carrying in this pregnancy. This is especially helpful for parents who have used any type of fertility drug since many fertility drugs can lead to multiple babies. And if you are having multiples then you want to know so you can prepare for the excitement of more than one baby! So figure out how many little ones you can expect when you have your first appointment.

4 Getting A Due Date

Since your doctor can tell you how far along you are they can also tell you when you are due. And getting a due date for your baby helps gives you and your family a better timeframe of when you need a crib and a car seat by. 

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And more importantly, it can help you plan leave time with your company. This due date will become one of the best days of your life when you get to see your little one for the first time. So make sure to tell your family so they can mark off when they can expect their new family member to arrive.

3 Your First Glimpse Of What They Look Like

Since your little one is developing more and more every day by the time you get to your first ultrasound, you will be able to see what they look like. There you can see their tiny arms and feet as you melt at the first sight of your baby. Even though they still have a long way to go until they are fully developed many Moms have been able to select both a girl and boy name just by that first look. So be prepared to meet your little one at your first ultrasound.

2 The First Listen To The Heartbeat

The most exciting part of an ultrasound is when you get a chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. It’s the pitter-patter that will instantly make you smile and realize that they are a part of you. 

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The heartbeat will also remind you that you are a part of something bigger now for the rest of your life. And once you hear their heartbeat you will know that you are ready to take on the responsibility of raising this child. So be prepared to cry because listening to the heartbeat is emotional!

1 Happy Tears

As much as you try to keep it together at your ultrasound there are going to be many moments where you cannot hold it in anymore, and you will start crying with happiness. It doesn’t matter if they are tears of relief when the doctor tells you that everything is fine or once you hear your little one's heartbeat, you are allowed to be emotional. And the nurses and doctors are going to understand too if you let out a tear. Remember this is a happy time in your life so feel free to express yourself.

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