10 Things Every Child Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten

Sending your little one off to their first day of kindergarten can be a mix of emotions for Moms. You can feel excited for your child to be taking this new step in their lives, concerned hoping that things go well, and even sad because they are growing up too fast.

As parents, we want to make sure that we are setting our kids up for success and with kindergarten being a huge stepping stone for the rest of their education and learning. So keep reading to discover what ten things every child should know before starting kindergarten this fall!

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10 Who They Are

Of course, by the time your child enters kindergarten they know their first names, but kids should be able to correctly pronounce their first and last name when they are talking to teachers. In kindergarten, your child will have a primary teacher every day and the kids are also going to have other teachers as well.

Make sure to spend time with your child to make sure they know their full name and how to clearly introduce themselves to adults.

9 They Can Count To Ten

Math is a topic that your child is going to keep learning about and growing on throughout their school years. But before they can learn any form of math, your child needs to be able to count. You are not saying that your child needs to be able to count to a hundred in one go, but they do need to know at least how to count to ten.

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Lower number counting is something they are going to use a lot in kindergarten. They will be counting down to being quiet and forced for the teacher, the will need to know how to count so they can get the right amount of markers the teacher asks to get, and so much more!

8 Their Parents' Names

Yes, your child needs to know their full name, but they also need to know yours as well. When a child discovers that their parents have real names and that they are not just “Mom” and “Dad,” it is a mind-blowing experience for your kids. It is important that they know who their parents are.

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They should be able to tell anyone if they are asked or if they are lost and need help getting back to you. We know that you don’t want your child to call you by your first name, but make sure to tell them what it is in case they need it.

7 Know Their Letters

Twenty-six letters can feel like a lot for a child to know before going into kindergarten, but with the help of the alphabet song, it is easier for kids to know of the letters that we use. In kindergarten, your child is going to know more about the letters, the sounds they make, create small words they are used in, and everything else.

Make sure that they are prepared by knowing all of the letters and can pick out of the crowd. By doing this your child will be in a great place for starting school.

6 Know How To Use Craft Supplies

Kids love arts and crafts and this is something your child is going to be done when they are in their class with their primary teacher and when they are in their art class. That is why your child should know how to properly use kids scissors and glue.

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Yes, these items can be tricky at first to get the hang of it. But with practice and being patient with your little one we know that they will be able to handle these items no problem by the time kindergarten comes around.

5 Can Sit Through Storytime

Sitting still for kids when they are in kindergarten can still be a challenge when it comes to long periods of time. That is why in kindergarten they still get some playtime, hands-on activities, recess, and gym time. Young kids need to burn off their energy.

But they still need to know how to sit still when it comes to storytime and other lessons the teacher has planned. Sure these lessons and stories will probably only be twenty to thirty minutes long at a time, but your little one needs to be able to sit quietly through them.

4 Verbalize Their Wants And Needs

By the time your little one is entering kindergarten they might love to talk about anything. They want to discuss the dream they had, the food their eating, the color of the sky, really anything that catches their attention. By this age, your kids should be able to verbalize their wants and needs to adults. This is important so their teachers and other staff know what your child is trying to express.

They should be able to say what color markers they want or if they don't feel good and need to see the nurse. The only way the teacher knows what is on a child's mind is if they tell them.

3 Handle Being Away From Their Parents

It’s normal for kids to have some separation anxiety when it comes to their parents leaving them when they are little. Think about it, you are your kid's whole world. But when they enter kindergarten your child should be able to handle being away from you during the whole school day.

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One way for kids to handle this better is by telling them that you will be picking them up or will be there waiting for them when they get off the bus. Just by you reminding them of these little things can make a huge difference in their attitude being away from you.

2 Independently Use The Bathroom

Potty training is not a mother's idea of fun. It is just something that Moms need to teach their kids so they can be independent so when kindergarten comes around they are able to use the bathroom by themselves. This means that they are able to wipe and get themselves clean and be able to wash their hands without any assistant.

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Though this seems like common sense some Moms might have it go right over their heads due to thinking of other things in their lives. Spend time with your little one making sure that they are comfortable enough using the bathroom alone.

1 Sharing

It doesn't matter if your child is an only child or has brothers and sisters, by the time they are entering kindergarten they need to know how to share. Sharing is an important behavior trait that kids need to know to be successful in life.

And sure there may be some things that your child has that they do not want to share with other kids, but overall they need to know how to share. With them sharing with their classmates, their classmates are going to want to share with them!

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