10 Things You Can Buy at The Dollar Store That Make Mom Life Easier

Having children is very rewarding, but it's also expensive. It can be hard to give your children everything they want when many of the items that they want cost a lot of money. Luckily, there are dollar stores that can help when your family is on a tight budget. The dollar store is a great place to shop to save money and get items that you and your family will use. If you haven't been to the dollar store recently, we know that this article will change your mind.

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Keep reading to discover the things you can buy at the dollar store that will actually make mom life easier for you!

10 Party Supplies

The next time you're throwing a birthday party for your little one, you need to go to the dollar store to buy all of your party supplies. You can find themed plates, cups, decorations, and even toys for goodie bags. The best part is that everything is so cheap.

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You can also find fun balloons for your child's party. Instead of spending a ton of money at a party store, head to the dollar store and save!

9 Coloring Books

Kids love to color and buying tons of coloring books can add up. If you go to an arts and crafts store, for instance, you could spend $10 or more on just one book.

The dollar store is the place to go for coloring books since you can find a lot of them and stock up. Once your little one is done with one book, they can move onto the next one right away, and you will have saved a lot of money.

8 Plastic Containers

Meal prepping is a mom's best friend since it makes cooking throughout the week a lot easier when all of your veggies are already precut and you've done some other work ahead of time. If you need plastic containers for your meal prep or for leftovers, you need to go to the dollar store.

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The dollar store has hundreds of different sized plastic containers for whatever you need. They have big ones that can fit a whole family meal, medium ones for leftovers or meal prep, and they even have individual-size plastic containers for lunches!

7 Kids' Hair Accessories

If you have a little girl, one of the best places to shop for hair accessories for them is at the dollar store. The dollar store has several different items that we know that your baby girl will love. They have different bows and fun hair ties you can use to add a little fun decoration to their hair.

They also have headbands in every color you can imagine to fit your little one’s style. The best part they have the essentials, hair ties, and bobby pins at an affordable cost for you.

6 Plastic Dishware And Cups

Kids can be clumsy and that is why when you have kids you tried in your nice dishware for plastic dishware that will not break when your child drops a plate on the floor. The best play to get plastic dishware that will survive your kids are ones you can buy at the dollar store.

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Though the dollar store dishware might not have the fun characters other stores have on their plates, these ones won’t cost you over $20 for a new set. Make the smart decision and get you plastic dishware for your kids at the dollar store.

5 Toys

You might be surprised to find toys at the dollar store. Sure, they might not have the newest toys that other stores have, but you'll be sure to find something that your kids love (at an affordable price, too!).


They have different types of toys like play cars, dress up items, and play tea sets. The toys are great since they are only a dollar each and your children are sure to have endless fun with them. Next time you're at the dollar store, make sure to walk down the toy aisle.

4 Ice Pops

The dollar store is also a great place for you to shop if you're looking for cheap snacks for the family. One item they have that is always a perfect treat is ice pops.

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At the dollar store, they have several different types of ice pops you can pick up. These ice pops are just like the ones you buy at the supermarket but at a fraction of the price of the superstore ones.

3 Cleaning Supplies

Trying to keep a clean house is difficult. There are so many different items and cleaning spray you need for different items for different areas of the house you are going to clean.

Shopping at the dollar store for cleaning supplies is going to be the best thing you can do to save some money. The dollar store has name-brand items that you would pay three times the amount for at another store. Head to your local dollar store to find affordable cleaning supplies the next time you are going to clean your house.

2 Bibs

If you have a baby, you know how messy they can get when they eat. No matter how many bibs you have, they always seem to be missing when mealtime comes around.

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The dollar store has a baby section in it where you can shop and get bundles of bibs at a lower cost than at a baby store. Grab a pack to keep in the kitchen, the bedroom, and even your car so you are prepared next time your little one is ready to eat or have a bottle of milk.

1 Learning Activity Books & Cards

Finally, you can find another great deal at the dollar store when it comes to learning activity books and flashcards. When you look online, these items can cost a lot of money. But the dollar store has them at a cheap price. These books can help your kids  learn the alphabet, work on their counting and math skills, and more.

And the activity books and flashcards feature fun characters from TV and animals to keep your kids entertained. Don’t spend extra money on the same items you can get at the dollar store.

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