10 Things You Can Expect If You Are Mom Of A Boy

There is nothing more thrilling or satisfying than being a mom to a boy. However, for a woman, this might mean making certain adaptations and letting your hair down every now and again. There is a poem which says that little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice… and boys, of slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails.

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Boys are busy and adventurous and the new mom to a boy might need some advice to find her footing as a ‘boy mom’. While all children are different and unique often there's truth in those stereotypes. With this in mind here are 10 things you should know about being a mom to a boy.

10 Boys are busy

Boys can be busy. For a new mom whose toddler son has started walking, this might come as a bit of a surprise. How busy can a person really be? 'Boy moms' know.

Look away one moment, and he is already halfway across the room – a small explorer ready to conquer the world. They have busy legs and they will often want to relate to the world in a physical, active way

9 Boys are relatively uncomplicated

Woman chat. So do little girls. They talk their way through life and this starts from an early age. Boys, however, take a different approach to life, right from the beginning.

The boy will engage meaningfully with his world through adventure and physical contact, forging his own unique path through his environment and ultimately his circumstances. Chatting won’t necessarily be the way he does this.

He will talk to say what needs to be said. If you talk for too long, he will often get distracted or frustrated. Save those long chats for your girlfriends over coffee.

8 Boys are great huggers

Boys communicate with their bodies in that they display affection often through a good arm wrestle or squeeze-filled hug. They will often hug mom and show her she is special by encouraging her to hug back. But be warned, little girls’ hugs might seem like half hugs compared to the big bear hugs you will receive from a son.

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Boys throw their bodies into their hugs and with these hugs comes a lot of physical exertion – and love.

7 Boys like to eat

When it comes to daily bread, girls might need a slice or two. Boys, however, need a loaf. Mom will continually be making sandwiches for her busy little guy and he will seem to have multiple meals to fuel all of that energy and bravado. But take heart, you are his mom and one day he will pay it back, with loyalty and by giving you a special place in his life and heart (no-one messes with a boy’s mother or insults her).

While girls might like to cut the carbs, boys will want to beef up on these and on foods that bulk their weight up and make them stronger than they already are.

6 Boys like to wrestle

Even from a young age, your son will soon start to introduce a new kind of hug, which often feels a lot like a wrestling grip. It will often be his small arm across your neck or chest, playfully coercing you into a mini wrestling match.

Perhaps this is how he was made or maybe it was seen by him on TV, and he fancied the move. Still, there is an inner wrestler in every boy. Even the quiet ones.

5 Boys like superheroes

superhero dad and son
Credit: iStock / Wavebreakmedia

It won’t be long before your boy toddler is reaching for capes and superhero paraphernalia. It also won’t be long before, wearing these superhero clothes, he charges across the garden and roars, shouting out lines he heard on TV or from his friends.

Don’t you dare tell him it is cute. Girls might aim for cute. Boys will want to seem heroic. From an early age, they aspire to be mountain movers and life changers.

4 Boys take things apart

Remember that old broken food juicer you had in the cupboard? How about that vacuum cleaner you no longer use which you thought everyone had forgotten about? Don’t be surprised if one day you walk into a room and find the vacuum cleaner cord attached to the juicer, and a few extras added on.

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This ‘new invention’ is not something to worry about or get cross with junior about. He is a boy and he is doing what boys do: they take things apart. But don’t worry mom, they put them together again (not always as they were before, but sometimes in an even better way).

3 Boys like climbing

For the new mom visiting a friend, it might come as a surprise when her son, barely able to walk, starts to climb the friend’s couch as though it were a mountain pass.

He has an inner mountaineer in him and it is best to steer this energy in the right way, rather than to try and suppress it.

2 Boys like exploring

It’s a fact, boys, even from a young age, like to explore. This means exploring cupboards. Exploring the garden. Exploring the world and conquering new territories is what boyhood is all about.

For exploring, they will use binoculars and magnifying glasses, and telescopes to see closer. They will want pen knives to cut things open to see better. They will explore reactions by throwing stones into murky ponds. They will explore trees by putting on camouflage gear and climbing into the branches, and they will explore horizons by seeing how high they can climb so that they can see further, from higher up.

1 Bath time isn’t just bath time

For the boy, bath time is another excuse for an adventure. You might have thought you bought that snorkel and goggles set for swimming lessons. He already knew he would use it in the bath, to pretend he is a diver.

Don’t be surprised if you find extras in the bath with him, and little side experiments with your hair conditioner and shampoo on the go when you stick your head in to see everything is alright (after he has become a little too quiet for your liking). You are a ‘boy mom’. Did you really think bathing was just about getting clean?

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