These Hilarious Pillowcases Let Your Spouse Know Exactly When You're In The Mood (Or Not)

When it comes to getting busy in a relationship, there can be a lot of gray area in regards to when it's green light time! And no, we're not talking about consent - no ALWAYS means no, regardless of how long you've been together. What we're talking is more like ... reading the same book, but being on completely different pages. One person feeling some kind of way, when the other person is feeling some kind of Netflix and sleep. Or one person wants to make some moves but isn't sure the other is feeling frisky that night! OR WORSE, when you go in for the nuzzle after some flirting at dinner and get shot down. Communication is key, but in relationships, signals get crossed all the time and hints can easily go unnoticed. So wouldn't it be great if there was a way to let your partner know that you're into it or not, before the awkwardness? Well, now there is, and it comes in the form of some super adorable and clever pillows. Because once you're in the bedroom, no one has time for back and forth - better to have it spelled out nice and clear. These Not Tonight pillows should be on every couple's bed!

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not tonight pillows
Credit: Etsy/thecottonandcanvasco

This simple pair of canvas pillowcases is made by Etsy shop thecottonandcanvasco, and we like that they're straightforward and not at all fussy! No mixed signals here - these pillows have yes or no written all over them. Literally. The apology is a nice touch.

Credit: Etsy/GogohandmadeIN

Or how about this, from Etsy shop GogohandmadeIN? This pillowcase will fit over any standard queen size pillow, and you can flip it over based on how you're feeling that night. You can even express your excitement with the 'Woohoo!'

Credit: Etsy/TheLilliePad

These pillowcases from Etsy shop TheLilliePad made us laugh, because who hasn't trotted out the headache excuse before?! So you can say no thanks, or you can say YES! and flip the other pillow over to let your partner know you showed that headache who was boss.

Credit: Etsy/BedHeadCreations

Tonight's the night! Awwwwwww, no it's not. The sad face is a hilarious little addition to this pillowcase from Etsy shop BedHeadCreations. So sorry, love! It ain't happening.

Credit: Etsy/OSusannahs

Lastly, and our personal favorite, is this pillowcase for every bookworm who turned down some nookie so they could finish their book(ie)! Etsy shop OSusannahs is responsible for this one, and we need one immediately.

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