New Study Finds There's Literally Nothing Moms Don't Feel Guilty About

A new survey by Beauty company Birchbox has has some interesting results. The survey was done by Kelton Global, and surveyed 1000 women, and looked at attitudes towards self care and taking "me-time".

The study found that 40% of people don't feel like they have enough time for themselves., and this was especially true with parents (45%) who felt that they did not have the time to prioritize self care. Furthermore, when parents did take the time for self care, they reported feeling guilty for doing so.

The results of this study also found a paradoxical mental effect of people wanting more self care time, yet avoiding it because of the guilt that it caused them to feel. The respondents who did end up taking that time for themselves reported that it made them feel guilty. Doesn't sound very relaxing does it?

The study additionally found that men and women were dramatically different when it came to prioritizing "me-time" (shocking, right?).

The results showed that men are typically better at making sure they got their self care time. When it came to parents, women were more likely to feel burnt out and overwhelmed than men. Men were also more likely to neglect their self care for work related reasons, while women did for caregiving reasons. Women were more likely to see self care as involving grooming or "pampering" as self care than men, yet they were also more likely to neglect engaging in this form of self care due to household responsibilities. Overall, the way that men and women viewed and pursued self care looked different.

For the full list of results from the study, check out the results here.

Overall, all humans are better at handling life and the challenges that come along with it if they are taking care of themselves properly. So the next time you're feeling guilty for trying to take a little time for yourself, try to quiet that nagging guilt. It will be worth it to prioritize yourself, and everyone around you will probably end up thanking you for it. Moms deserve to be healthy, happy and well-cared for too.

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