There's A 'Friends' Reunion In The Works

When you think of classic shows that you were sad to see the end of and would love to see rebooted, the list is probably small. There are very few shows that leave that burning question "I wonder what happened to them all" inside of our heads. One show that's sure to top most people's list though is Friends.

The first episode of Friends premiered in 1994 and it quickly became a hit, but even after it's series finale 10 years later the show has managed to become even more popular, thanks to syndication and streaming services like Netflix. Whether you watched the show when it first came out or just finished the last episode, you'll be excited to learn that you may finally get to find out what all of the friends are up to now.

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In honor of the 25th year since the show first aired, it's been reported that the Friends may be back on the scene soon! The Hollywood Reporter announced on November 12th that while there probably won't be a reboot of the show, fans may get the next best thing in the form of a reunion and all of the original cast plans to be there!

This news comes just weeks after Jennifer Aniston who played Rachael on the show mentioned the possibility of a Friends reunion when she was recently on the Ellen Degeneres show. On the show, her exact words "Listen, we would love for there to be something, but we don't know what that something is. So, we're just trying. We're working on something."

Even though as of now, Aniston's comments and the Hollywood Reporter announcement are just rumors, fans of Friends are taking them and running with it. HBO Max also just announced that they're going to have all 10 seasons of the popular available for streaming on their service so maybe this is a sign that the rumors are indeed true.

Elite Daily reached out to HBO Max to confirm but they were hesitant to respond with a yay or nay. It looks like friends everywhere are just going to have to wait it out, cross their fingers and hope that all of these whispers turn out to be true or maybe all of the excitement from the buzz will take something that really was just a rumor and make it a reality.

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