Then & Now: The Stars Of Teen Mom (23 Pics)

Back when Teen Mom was young, there were four original cast members and not a whole lot of precedent. These days, there are countless alums from Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, and a handful of spinoffs.

But it all started with four moms: Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell. We met these girls when they were teens and became invested in their stories, but so much has changed since they were all sixteen and pregnant. Of course, not every mom has stayed with MTV as the series grew—in fact, one mom has since been replaced with two other young moms who aren’t strangers to reality TV.

Whether you loved them or weren’t sure what to think, the OG teen moms have made names for themselves in the media, the fashion market, the business world, and even in the film industry. There have been marriages, divorces, new babies and new boyfriends, business developments and even run-ins with the law.

Here, we’ll reflect on the last decade with our favorite teen moms—both old and new—and everything that’s happened in their lives since the first episode. Here are 23 pics of the stars of Teen Mom—original teen moms Maci McKinney, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Baltierra, plus the newcomers—Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd.

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23 Then: Hitting The Books With Baby Bentley

Via NBC News

Maci Bookout was actually excited to welcome baby Bentley with her then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. But after their baby arrived, Ryan wasn’t exactly a hands-on dad. He left Maci to deal with a lot, including round the clock feedings and everyday baby care. But Maci was also trying to attend college, often doing her homework while trying to care for Bentley at the same time. In this throwback pic, she was literally holding Bentley while trying to do her school work.

Times were tough, but even though she and Ryan didn’t work out, Maci didn’t let that stop her from working toward her goals.

22 Then: A Relationship That Didn’t Last

Via OK Magazine

Back when Teen Mom was still new, I remember watching Maci and Kyle together and thinking how cute they were. And of course, it helped that Kyle was great with little Bentley—the two were buds, and the show made Maci’s new beau look even more hands-on with Bentley than his dad was.

But despite how well the pair seemed to work together, even buying a house with their funds earned from appearances on MTV, it didn’t last.

Kyle later admitted to cheating on Maci, and it wasn’t long before they called it quits for good. Which is actually a good thing, if you’ve been keeping up with Maci in the years since!

21 Future Husband Photo Shoot

via Engagement

In 2012, Maci met her future husband, Taylor McKinney, who’s a motocross racer. The pair actually welcomed two children together—daughter Jayde and son Maverick—before tying the knot. Of course, fans were doubtful at first, whether the pair would last, but then they rolled out these adorable engagement photos, and it looked like the fan-favorite Maci had finally met her match.

In 2016, the two got married and settled down with their family.

Since getting together with Taylor, Maci has earned her associate degree and written two books—surefire signs that life is going great for the mom of three!

20 Baby Makes Five For Maci

Via Blasting News

No word on whether Maci and Taylor are planning on adding to their brood, but for now they’re a happy family of five. With big brother Bentley and little siblings Jayde and Maverick, Maci definitely has her hands full. And good news for Teen Mom fans: Maci will continue to appear on the show with both new and old castmates. Of course, the drama has been toned down quite a bit this time around, what with her marriage and family life seeming so stable. Of course, who knows what the future of Teen Mom holds for Maci and her family.

19 Then: Juggling The Baby And College Classes

When Farrah Abraham first debuted on Teen Mom, she had one of the most heart-wrenching stories of all the girls. Her first love and baby daddy, Derek Underwood, passed away two months before their daughter Sophia was born. Farrah was devastated, but mostly she lashed out at her mom, dad, and her late boyfriend’s family. In fact, it took years before Derek’s family admitted that Sophia was their flesh and blood, although they reportedly have a better relationship these days. And Farrah pulled it together to get her coursework done despite being a young and grieving single mom—she later finished her associate degree in culinary arts and management.

18 Then: All Farrah’s Publicized Splits

Via Radar Online

Currently, Farrah’s the only one of the original teen moms to stay single and not have any additional children. Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with Farrah’s story all along, you’ll know that her life hasn’t been free from drama. She’s opened a couple of restaurants, released some music, wrote a book, and starred in a "film". But she’s also had very few relationships, and those that she’s had have ended rather publicly. She and ex Simon Saran have exchanged words, with Saran apparently continuing to comment on Farrah’s “wrongdoings” despite their breakup. And another ex was slated to appear on a couples show with Farrah, but the two split before it happened—leading Farrah to hire someone to take his place.

17 Growing Up Glam

Via In Touch Weekly

Along with criticism over Farrah’s relationships, she’s also had plenty of negative press about her parenting methods. From that time she waxed Sophia’s eyebrows—yes, she admitted that, and yes, Sophia was a preschooler—to that time she had her young daughter star in a swimsuit photo shoot, Farrah’s drawn a lot of angry followers. It also didn’t help that she apparently slathers makeup on her girl, and dresses her up in decidedly mature fashions when they hit the red carpet together. Of course, with the way Farrah approaches parenting, we probably shouldn’t be surprised at this point how she’s raising her daughter. Either way, Farrah doesn’t seem to be interested in having more children.

16 Product Promo Takes Over

Via Morning News USA

While tabloids are divided over whether Farrah was fired from Teen Mom because of issues with her co-stars or because of her film resume, the fact remains that she’ll no longer be appearing on the series. Instead, Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd will be “replacing” her. But that doesn’t mean Farrah’s not making her fame lucrative. She pushes a lot of products on her IG and other social media platforms, going so far as to include Sophia in the posts—she’s also caught heat for reportedly giving Sophia diet supplements. At the end of the day, though, she’s making a living—and apparently doing okay at it.

15 Then: Young Mom Makes Bad Decisions

Via Hollywood Life

I remember watching the trainwreck relationship between Amber Portwood and her now-ex Gary Shirley back when Teen Mom first aired. Although you can’t say Gary was a saint, Amber never treated him well, and their relationship imploded after a few of their fights turned physical. In the end, Amber even injured Gary so badly that he had permanent scars. After all that, though, Amber and Gary were still trying to work out custody arrangements with their daughter, with CPS getting involved. Amber made a “deal” with CPS and had her behavior monitored so that she could retain custody of her daughter Leah.

14 Then: Time Behind Bars Turned Her Life Around

Via NY Daily News

While under CPS’ oversight, Amber faced charges that would land her five-years. In the end, she served 17 months and got out early for good behavior, and she credits the experience with changing her life around. After all, she had refused rehab and other programs before being locked up, programs that were meant to help her get better. I remember watching episodes of Teen Mom that talked about Amber’s absence, with Gary worrying over what to tell Leah, who was only four at the time. Fortunately, Amber’s early release enabled her to repair her relationship with her daughter.

13 Talking Recovery With Dr. Phil

Via Today

Though it wasn’t evident from watching Amber and Gary’s early days together, it was later revealed that Amber struggled with substance abuse issues.

In fact, Amber later admitted that she was often under the influence when appearing on Teen Mom.

After her physical outbursts against Gary landed her in jail, everything came to a head. But she told Dr. Phil in an appearance on his show that when she went to rehab, she was still using and not improving her life at all. So, she admitted, being locked up had the effect of cleaning her up and renewing her motivation for being there for her daughter and improving her life.

12 New Baby With Her New Beau

Via Us Weekly

Fast forward to 2018, and suddenly Amber is in a new relationship and welcoming a new baby! This was following a publicized relationship with a former radio DJ who later admitted he was just using Amber for her Teen Mom fame.

Shortly after that split, Amber met Andrew Glennon, and after less than a year together, the pair welcomed their son James in May of 2018.

No word on whether they planned their son or not, but regardless, Amber has gushed about the baby—and big sis Leah’s reaction to him—on her social media, even exclaiming in an interview that her life was “almost perfect.”

11 Then: Saying Goodbye To Baby Carly


I know I wasn’t the only fan who cried authentic tears when Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra said goodbye to their baby girl Carly. They were the only couple on Teen Mom to choose adoption for their baby, a decision they didn’t come to lightly. But without a support network and both of them struggling to finish school, Catelynn and Tyler did what they thought was best for Carly. And they hand-picked her parents, keeping in touch over the years with adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa. Things haven’t been perfect, of course, and a few run-ins with Carly’s parents often left Catelynn and Tyler wondering whether they’d have the ideal open adoption they’d craved.

10 The Pair Finally Tied The Knot

via US Weekly

While fans were cautiously optimistic about Catelynn and Tyler’s future together, we were thrilled when the pair finally tied the knot! We all had high hopes for Catelynn and Tyler from the beginning, so it was refreshing to see the young couple stick together through the most difficult and beautiful times in their lives. Of course, the most beautiful moment was when they welcomed their second child together, daughter Novalee, in 2015. Later that same year, they got married, and the wedding included a special appearance by Carly and her adoptive parents. Carly was six at the time, and a welcome guest at the festivities.

9 Then: Reuniting With Their Eldest Daughter

via Amazon

While there have been a number of visits between Catelynn and Tyler and their eldest daughter over the years, the couple frequently discussed how they wanted more. In the early days, they received photos and visits with Carly, but it seemed like the older she got, the more Brandon and Teresa wanted their privacy.

Also, they had to navigate explaining the adoption to Carly, which undoubtedly became more difficult as the little girl grew up.

So this snapshot of their reunion, where Carly is much older, is heartwarming. Still, the drama wasn’t over—especially since Catelynn and Tyler apparently went against Brandon and Teresa’s wishes when it came to posting pics of Carly on social media.

8 Another Baby Helps Them Heal

via US Weekly

While they’ll never fully “recover” from placing their first child for adoption, Catelynn and Tyler’s impending bundle of joy may help them heal in other ways.

After Novalee’s birth, Catelynn suffered a miscarriage, something she and Tyler have been open about.

So with their fourth pregnancy, the couple is remaining optimistic that they’ll grow their family of three into a family of four. Of course, they also include Carly in their list of children, even though she’s not always with them. Still, growing their family—an ensuring that Carly knows she’ll always be a part of it—undoubtedly helps Catelynn and Tyler feel positive about their decision and where it’s taken them all in life.

7 Then: Stepping Into The Spotlight

Via Vanity Fair

Sure, teen pregnancy was becoming an epidemic—hence the reason why Teen Mom started. It was meant to be a cautionary tale, of course, but it also reflected higher-than-ever teen pregnancy rates. And for Bristol, she didn’t get to be another anonymous teen mom just learning to deal with life. Thanks to her mom, she was literally on a stage for most of her pregnancy. Her son Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, originally stood by her side, but the pair later separated—and not exactly amicably, according to their court filings.

6 Life’s A Tripp

Via IMDb

Following her split from Tripp’s dad, Bristol moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and filmed her own show there. The show also followed Bristol moving back to Alaska, but the focus was mostly on her raising her son as a single mom. And while she maintained her speaking engagements for abstinence organizations (however laughable it seems), she also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and wrote a memoir. It seemed that the young mom was most comfortable with reality TV, as she later agreed to appear on Teen Mom in place of one of the original moms, Farrah Abraham.

5 Then: Married To Her Military Man

Via Star Magazine

In 2014, Bristol met Dakota Meyer, a former marine, and the pair planned to marry in 2015. However, the wedding was later called off—with a pregnancy announcement following soon after. Bristol admitted that the situation wasn’t ideal, but also that the baby was planned, another fact that the media jumped all over. The pair welcomed their daughter Sailor in December of 2015, and the two were married in June of the following year. They also had another daughter, baby Atlee, in May of 2017. Unfortunately, the pair went on to separate in early 2018, with their divorce being finalized over the summer.

4 Solo Bristol Speaks Up About Dating Post-Divorce

Via Us Weekly

Bristol’s journey as a teen mom and now as a single mom of three hasn’t been an easy one. Between gossip and rumors from her exes plus the criticism of her mom’s supporters and opponents, Bristol hasn’t had the easiest life. And though she attended school and had a regular job before meeting and marrying Dakota, reality TV seems to still be her calling.

In the summer of 2018, MTV confirmed that they’d invited Bristol to join the newest season of Teen Mom, meaning we’ll get to see even more of Bristol’s life with her three kids—including post-divorce dating—on the show.

3 Then: TV Romance Turns Serious

Via Us Weekly

If you’ve never heard of Cheyenne Floyd, you must not have caught her on the show Are You The One. Even though the show intended to make love matches, it didn’t work out for Cheyenne—she went on to make an appearance on The Challenge: Rivals 3, where she met her future baby daddy. But she didn’t tell Cory Wharton that he had a daughter until their baby was already six months old. However, some fans have balked at Cheyenne’s joining Teen Mom since she’s never actually been a teen mom. Cheyenne was 23 when baby Ryder arrived, making her one of the most mature moms in terms of pregnancy and birth.

2 Baby Girl Born With Rare Disorder

Via Pinterest

Cheyenne has defended her presence on Teen Mom by saying that she’s also a young mom, despite not being a teen when she had her baby. She maintains that 23 isn’t the ideal age to have a baby, and that she faced many of the same struggles as the OG teen moms did and still do to this day. Of course, she also had the added challenge of her daughter’s unique medical condition. Both Cheyenne and Cory have publicly explained that baby Ryder has VLCADD, a condition in which people have difficulty breaking down the fat in their food. Babies with the condition can have heart, liver, and muscle problems—but so far, Ryder’s perfectly healthy, her parents note.

1 Co-Parenting With Cory


While she didn’t let the news slip that Cory was a dad until their daughter was already six months old, Cory doesn’t seem to hold that against Cheyenne. At least, he hasn’t publicly dragged her for it yet. He’s said in interviews that he’s glad to be a father and that Ryder has changed his life for the better. And so far, he’s only had positive words for his baby mama Cheyenne—but who knows if that will change thanks to their appearance on Teen Mom. After all, the show is known for bringing the drama, no matter how well two exes seem to be able to co-parent. And rumor has it that Cheyenne’s current boyfriend has some beef with her ex already—we’ll have to tune in to see how that plays out.

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