The Weirdest Things 20 Moms Asked When They Brought Their Baby Home

We can imagine what it would be like to finally bring our baby home after carrying them for nine months, but, of course, there is no way to know until we experience it. Parents will say that having a newborn is exhilarating and beautiful at the same time, but it's also exhausting and full of hard times, as well.

Having a newborn is really like nothing else. Parents feel this crazy amount of love for their little one and can't believe that they didn't know this kind of love before. It feels like they have known their baby forever and are just so in love with something that they created. New moms and dads love experiencing this with their partner, and while they know that other parents have gone through the same thing, it feels very special and intimate for the couple.

When a woman's a new mom, she has so many things running through her mind. And when a parent voices these thoughts, non-parents might think that they're being silly or wonder why they're asking such broad questions, but, hey, a new mom needs to know! These things are on their mind and they want to talk about them. That being said, here are the weirdest things these 20 moms asked when they brought their baby home.

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20 Cutting The Cord

There are so many things that a new mom learns, and one of them is all about the umbilical cord. It's not something that you would really think about otherwise, but once you're the proud mom of a newborn, it's a topic that you become very familiar with.

As Mamiverse says, here is one question that moms will ask, and it's pretty weird: "When will the umbilical cord fall off?" Before you become a mom, you might think that happens at the hospital, but it can take 10-20 days!

19 If you cry, I'll cry

"How does your body respond to your baby's crying?" might not be a question that someone would ask themselves before becoming a mom. We all know that babies cry (a lot) and we assume that this is something we'll experience when we become moms. And yet someone posted this question on Reddit because it's something that they started to wonder.

It's an interesting question because, as they wrote that they started to "feel severe stress" whenever their baby cried. It seems like most moms of newborns would agree that they dislike when their baby cries and that they can feel it physically.

18 Is that... chocolate?

Thanks to Bounty, we can nod our heads about another weird question that moms ask: "Is that chocolate or poo?" This is something that mothers can ask anytime but seems like something that a new mom would wonder when they've got a newborn or a toddler running around their house.

After all, you're still getting used to changing diapers and learning about your baby's bathroom habits. Sure, when your baby becomes a toddler, you might be more confused about the whole chocolate vs. poo thing because kids love to eat chocolate. But the chances are your newborn isn't chowing down on chocolate. But you still would ask a weird question involving your baby's bathroom habits because poop talk isn't really that common in everyday society.

17 All About The Gas

"Issues with gas only at 3 a.m.?" asked this mom on Reddit. Asking a question about why your baby does something at a certain time and if there are ways to help is definitely something that all new moms experience.

It might sound strange that this would only happen in the middle of the night (and maybe does sound strange to non-parents). But every new mom is probably nodding in agreement right now because these strange things are all part of the new mom experience. Something weird like 3am gas becomes something that you just deal with.

16 Diapers, Diapers, And More Diapers

Crunchy Living Collective

New moms expect to change diapers and it's not that strange to realize that that will be one of your duties as a parent. What is weird, however, is wondering how many diapers a new mom ends up changing per day.

Mamiverse mentions another question that moms will ask when they bring their baby home: "How many poopy diapers are normal in one day?"

I think having a newborn baby would be the only time a person asks this kind of question. But hey, inquiring minds want to know!

15 The Question All Kids Toys Raise


"Why are these toys so loud?" seems to be a question that new moms would ask after having a newborn in the house; at least based on this advice from a parent on Reddit to "Put a piece of tape over the toy sound holes."

Buy toys for a baby seems like a no-brainer. Toys with sound effects even seem cute. However, once that baby plays with noisy toys all day and night — those toys are no longer cute. And when you're sleep deprived and step on a toy that makes a super loud noise in the middle of the night, well, we can see how that would get annoying.

14 More On The Infamous Cord

"How should I care for my newborn's umbilical cord?" is another thing that moms ask, according to Babble.

Most non-parents wouldn't even think twice about this kind of thing. It just doesn't seem like something that would even occur to them. But when you're pregnant, you're nesting and cleaning your house and getting the baby's room together. You're buying cute baby clothes and dreaming big dreams and basking in the glow of motherhood. And then you bring the baby home and have to deal with the cord. It's a lot to think about.

13 Tiny Clothes

via brendamanzelli on instagram

"Why are baby clothes so complicated?" is something that new moms could find themselves asking. This hilarious question comes from Scary Mommy. 

It's such a strange question to ask because how complex can tiny clothes be? You've got sleepers and onesies and once your baby starts getting bigger, tiny pants, tiny shirts, and tiny socks are something to look for. But as all new moms know, these clothes can be tough to put on little ones. You don't expect this to be as hard as it is! And if you ask why it's so hard to dress your baby or why these clothes seem like a lot to deal with, people might look at you funny (until they go through it themselves, that is).

12 Cute As A (Belly) Button

Thanks to Motherly, we know that new moms worry about their baby's belly button: "I worried she would have an outie belly button and now at 6 years old, she does!"

It seems like, based on that worry, that some moms might bring their baby home and think, "What kind of belly button are they going to have?" or "Will it be an outie like mine?." Yes, it does seem like an odd thing to think about, but hey, it's just one of the many things that new moms wonder.

11 That Sleep-Deprived Limbo

As Babble puts it, being a new mom means being exhausted and sleeping so little that it's hard to even tell when you're sleeping or not.

"Am I even awake right now or what is even going on?" is definitely a question that moms ask themselves once they bring their baby home; they get used to life with a newborn. It sounds weird because you assume that you know when you're sleeping and when you're awake, but when you're living on three hours of sleep — you become delusional.

10 As Many Questions As There Are Teeth

This mom asked about "Brushing tips for [a] 9-month-old?" on Reddit and it brings up a great question: when should we start brushing out little one's teeth? How many teeth do babies have, anyway? Don't they have almost no teeth? Should we start brushing as soon as their first tooth pops in? As this mom posted, her 9-month-old baby had only four teeth. Think about how small those teeth must be! Oh man. And speaking of teeth, when should we bring them to the dentist?!

9 Am I Seeing Things?

If any new mom has looked at their baby and thought, "Does our baby have boobs?" it might be a strange question, but it's one that some new moms ask.

As Babble says, "If you think your newborn (male or female) appears to have little breasts, you’re not going crazy. Babies are exposed to the same hormones that stimulate a mother’s milk glands while in the womb, and sometimes they have the same effect on the fetus. In some cases, breast milk can even be expressed from a newborn. Within a few weeks or months, the breast tissue will shrink on its own."

8 Did That Just Happen?!

We often hear moms say that after having a baby, they can't jump around like they used to because they're afraid of peeing a bit. Talk about getting personal!

Babble mentions the whole "peeing yourself" thing, so it seems way more common than not. After all the changes your body goes through from having a baby, peeing a little from jumping around or sneezing is the least of your concerns. But it's definitely something most new moms deal with in strides.

7 How Much Brown Sauce

Before you become a mom, you're aware that one day you'll have to eventually potty-train your child. You'll also know that changing diapers will be a big part of your life, at least for a little while, and that you're going to see some poop. But do you really think that you'll be talking about poop so much? It's one of those new mom things that sounds so odd but is so normal.

"How can one tiny little human poop so much in one day?" is another strange thing that new moms ask, and thanks to Scary Mommy, we can nod our heads and say that we all can relate to this.

6 Crib Problems

Via: Loving Moments by Leading Lady

"Why does my baby keep getting stuck in the crib?" is another dangerous question, but one that a mom mentioned in a Reddit thread. She wrote about her 8-month-old baby, saying, "So, for the past month or so we keep getting woken up in the middle of the night by our son crying like crazy. Every time we go in there his leg is stuck in between the bars of the crib. We tried crib bumpers but he just tears them down. Has anyone had this problem? Is there anything we can do?"

First of all, that sounds truly tough and the poor kid! Second of all, would we ever imagine that something like this could happen?

5 The Wrong Name

Youtube/@Brittani Boren Leach

"Have you ever had naming regret? Have you ever thought of a better name after you had already named your kid?" That's what a parent posted on Reddit and it's an interesting question at that.

It sounds so strange to think that a mom would regret the name that she chose for her son or daughter. After all, we think that parents spend a long time thinking about names and going through all of the options. Do you go for something that is part of your own family's tradition or do something unexpected? And while it might sound weird to regret this, it does make sense.

4 That Dome

"Does my baby's head look like a cone?" is a weird but common question. However, this is also something that new moms think about because it turns out that a baby's head can absolutely look like a conehead. And there is a reason for it...

According to Babble, "Since a newborn’s head is still so soft and malleable, the process of childbirth is likely to cause it to emerge a bit deformed. Chances are, your baby’s head shape will return to normal on its own, but if you’re concerned, consult your pediatrician."

3 Is This Teething, Or Are You Happy To See Me?

"Is my baby actually teething?" might not be a question that moms think they would be asking after bringing their baby home and adjusting to life with a newborn for the first little while. And yet, it was a topic that a new parent brought up on Reddit. Their baby seemed to be teething but they were only 11 weeks old.

This really shows that there are so many things to know about babies and at the same time, you just won't know until you become a parent. You can read all the books and plan ahead but there is nothing like the experience of having an adorable newborn.

2 A Good Question

"How do breastfeeding moms ever leave the house for an extended period?" is a question that a mom posted on Reddit and it seems like many moms can relate to this.

It's one of those questions that is a little weird because, well, moms do have to go outside — they can't spend the entire day breastfeeding indoors! But it's also a question that has a ring of truth to it; it's logical because breastfeeding moms have to plan ahead and figure out how to breastfeed in public and all of the things that go into that.

1 A Strange Thing To Think About

Another hilarious but weird question that moms ask when they have a newborn is thanks to Scary Mommy: "How many calories are in a placenta?"

Though it may be strange, there is NO shame in this question. There are many new moms who eat their placenta due to the nutritional content in it. Some ask for it in pills to take daily while others bled it in a smoothie. Regardless, no woman actually thinks about a placenta until they become pregnant themselves.

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