The Top 30 Exotic Baby Girl Names Of 2018 (So Far)

The internet is brimming with baby name possibilities, but for an expectant mom about to need to finally pick a name, none of them are ever enough. It’s hard to pick the perfect name when there are now so many to pick from, but knowing a theme can certainly help. Rather than going with a popular and trendy name, opt instead for an exotic baby girl name.

It will help your little princess stand out and shine brightly on her own. Most of these 30 exotic names for a baby girl haven’t been featured on too many lists, primarily because they are only now starting to trend for 2018.

When picking the perfect baby name, the last thing that we want as parents is to go for a now that ten other kids will have on the same playground. We all want a name that is unique and creatively fresh without being too over-the-top in terms of wackiness (cough celeb moms, cough).

Many of these exotic baby girl names come from various other countries and cultures, but the best part about them is that they nearly all have exemplary meanings that are sure to give your little one the best start in your life. After all, our names are our most important possessions.

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30 Acadia

A very unique baby girl’s name, Acadia has been making strides in terms of popularity this year. Just from last year, it has made a 2,167 point jump on the popularity chart, landing it now at #3,940, according to BabyCenter. It’s not about to be in the top 1000 baby girl names any time soon, but it’s still a trending baby name for 2018.

Acadia means “idyllic place”, according to Nameberry, a meaning derived from Acadia, which was a New France colony in regions of North America that are now part of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and even Maine.

29 Ailsa

Love Elsa, but can’t stand how popular it has become after Frozen? Then Ailsa is another very interesting variation of the popular name.

As a bonus, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with the Frozen way of spelling this beautifully-sounding name. As Nameberry points out, Ailsa is of Scottish meaning and means “elf victory”. Interestingly, ScottishGirlsNames.co.uk says that the meaning of this name has evolved into “supernatural victory.” In either case, both meanings are quite unique and can be the inspiration behind a cute nursery theme.

28 Aine

Via: Pinterest

Irish in origin, you might have already mispronounced Aine in your head. It’s actually pronounced “AWN-ya” and is a name that has been quietly on the rise in terms of popularity. However, you could just as easily decide to pronounce it “Eyne”.

While BabyCenter lists this name as meaning “joy”, Nameberry also says that it means “brightness, splendor”. Both meanings are wonderfully fitting for any little princess, especially if you’re looking for a name that can’t easily be shortened into a nickname.

27 Allegra

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Although Allegra peaked in popularity in 2013, you’ll be seeing a comeback in recent years. A beautiful baby girl name with Italian origins, Allegra means “joyful, merry”, according to BabyCenter. As NameBerry points out, it’s a name that is often added to “unique vintage baby names” as well.

For some time back in 2009, parents favored the Alegra spelling, but the popularity of this variation has drastically dropped since, but it’s still worth considering if you want something less popular. Let’s not forget the American ballerina Allegra Kent, who took the dancing world by storm, and also Donatella Versace, who named her daughter Allegra.

26 Alyona

Via: Pinterest

Alyona is a popular name in Russian and while it’s now turning into a name of its own, it’s actually an adorable form of the even more popular name Elena. Pronounced Al-YO-na, it can also have equally as cute nicknames, such as Alyonka and Ayolina (although the latter wouldn’t be a Russian nickname of this name).

It’s also a name often used in Russian fairytales, so you can have your own little princess even if you aren’t of Russian origin.

25 Amina

Via: Instagram

As a name of Arabic origin, Amina is an adorable baby girl name that has tremendously jumped in popularity since about 2012. It’s one of those names that might just break into the top 100 baby names soon, but we have a feeling that it will actually finally start losing popularity. So if it’s a name that you love, then don’t worry about picking it. The chances of another girl sharing your daughter’s name are still slim!

I like this name a lot. I know a fabulous girl who had this name, she is hilarious beautiful and smart. Great name!” commented a user on Behind The Name.

24 Anya

Via: Pinterest

Love the name Anna, but hate how popular it is, especially ever since the whole Frozen craze that isn’t about to disappear any time soon? Then opt for the super cute name Anya instead.

As Anna is one of the top most popular names in Russia, Anya is actually a commonly used “cute” nickname for it, but it can totally be used as a name of its own too. According to Nameberry, it means “grace”, which is great for anyone who loves the name Grace as a baby girls name, but who would rather stay away from that top American name!

23 Aviva

Via: Instagram

You’re going to love the Hebrew meaning of Aviva, which as Namberry points out, means “springlike, fresh, dewy” – just like a newborn baby! According to them, Aviva is also “vivacious and memorable, a fresh spin on the Vivian and Vivienne names” and we couldn’t agree more.

According to BabyCenter, it’s also a name that is totally on the rise in terms of popularity, currently sitting at #2,371. It’s also a great alternative to the famous “Avira” name that has been experiencing a slight resurgence.

22 Briony

Via: Instagram

With Bree being a popular name for a while, Briony is a fun and unique alternative. It has actually significantly increased in popularity since last year, so if you love this name, we suggest that you snag it quick! Since 2017, it has actually jumped by a whopping 3,095 points and now sits at 12,079, according to BabyCenter. It might experience an even bigger jump next year!

BabyCenter also lists this name as meaning “vine”, which is cute in of itself, especially if you would rather stay away from the popular Ivy name.

21 Carina

Carina or Karina? Up to you to decide, but keep in mind that the K spelling is more popular. In terms of popularity, Carina experienced a huge boost in 1995 and is slowly starting to gain traction yet again.

As a Behind The Name user shared: “This is such a beautiful name. It's very simple and pretty. I hate when people name their children names like Katarina that just don't flow well and are too complex but this is simply a gorgeous simple name. I prefer the spelling Carina over Karina and I like Corrina (pronounced same way) even better than Carina.”

20 Danique

Via: Instagram

So many parents are favoring either short name or those ending with an A, but Danique is a great option for anyone looking for something absolutely unique. According to Nameberry, it’s the French variation of Danica and means “morning star”.

If that wasn’t beautiful enough, it’s also a great alternative to ever-so-popular Monique. This name wasn’t even on the charts in 2017 and only started trending in 2018. Although a bit of a stretch, it can also be super cute to use Dani as a nickname, similar to Dany from Game of Thrones.

19 Elitsa

Via: Instagram

Just like the Danique, this name too hasn’t been on the charts for all that long. It only started being used in 2016 and is sure to increase in popularity from here on out as well.

Unlike most names, Elitsa also doesn’t have much data on it as it appears to be a relatively new used name. According to some sources, it actually means “little fir tree”. A variation of the name Eliza undoubtedly, Elitsa is a super cute baby girl name and definitely sounds exotic. Plus, unlike most other names on this list, it’s still quite rare.

18 Femi

Via: Instagram

Femi is of African origin and as a user on Behind The Name points out: “It is also used independently to mean "love me" in Yoruba as both a male and a female name.”

It certainly doesn’t get cuter than that as a little girl’s name! It’s also a totally up-and-coming name that has only started ranking as of 2017. Interestingly, She Knows actually lists this name as being of Egyptian origins, also stating that little girls with this name have a high chance of getting bit by the travel bug.

17 Hattie

Via: Instagram

Hattie is the kind of name that you’re going to either instantly love or hate. As a Behind The Name user pointed out her thoughts on the name: “I think this is a beautiful name. My cousin is named Hattie, & my great-grandmother was also called Hattie (although her real name was Hedwig). Hattie is an uncommon name, but sounds very pretty and unique.”

This name means “estate ruler”, according to Nameberry and is a preferred alternative to the old-fashioned name Harriet.

16 Imani

Via: Instagram

Look no further than Imani if you’re on the hunt for a unique religious name. According to Nameberry, it’s of Arabic origins and means “faith”. As a name that has been steadily dropping in popularity for a couple of years, it’s still a great option for any parent looking for a more exotic name. It’s also a great alternative to the popular name “Iman”.

As a user on Baby Name Wizard said: “I have a friend who named his daughter Imani. I think it has an exotic charm to it.

15 Kai

Via: Instagram

Look, I know that Kai has been a popular boys name for some time now, but it’s actually on the rise on the girl side as well. Most boys name are actually being adapted to being fit for a little princess actually, and the same goes in reverse. So many names are becoming increasingly unisex and it’s just a matter of taking a name you like and adapting it to fit your family.

With that being said, Kai is of Hawaiian origin and means “sea” according to Nameberry, which is a very cute association and could go amazingly well with a mermaid nursery and photoshoot theme!

14 Kaira

Via: Instagram

Love Keira or any other variation of that name? Then Kaira might totally be the name for your little princess. According to She Knows, Kaira is of Scandinavian origins and as it’s said to be an abbreviation of the name Katherine, it’s also supposed to mean “pure”. That’s kind of a stretch if you ask me, but it’s still a nice one nonetheless!

BabyCenter for its part states that Kaira means“beloved” and “friend”, both of which are certainly equally as great.

13 Kalene

Via: newhdwallpaper.in

The background on the name Kalene is slightly confusing. While Nameberry states that it’s “one of those names that don’t really exist as an official name in any culture”, She Knows argues that it’s a Polish and Czechoslovakian name that is a “flower name”. The latter source also says that it’s a Gaelic baby name that is a feminine form of Kyle.

In either case, Kalene is a beautiful baby girl name, especially since it only started rising in popularity in 2017.

12 Keely

Via: Instagram

Kelly is actually a popular name in Ireland. As a proud parent shared on Baby Name Wizard:

We named our daughter Keely for several reasons. We wanted an uncommon name, and Irish name and a name with a meaning that was, well, meaningful. When we heard Keely, we liked it. When we saw that it means "beautiful," we HAD to name her that. I can't imagine her name being anything else now!"

A woman with this name also shared on Behind The Name:

My name's Keely, as a kid I hated it. I thought it was the worst name ever but over the years I've started to like it more, not many people are called Keely, that's what I like best because I don't have such a basic name... but people always spell it wrong (Keeley) Or pronounce it wrong- they call me Kelly or Kylie.

Either way, there’s no denying that this is a beautiful girls’ name.

11 Krishna

Via: Instagram

Hesitating to use this name even though you love it? Then let this comment from Behind The Name convince you: “My name is Krishna and I am a female with no ties to the Hindu Faith. When my mother named me Krishna she had no idea that the name was a Hindu Gods name. She altered the name my father wanted to give me to make it sound more English. Found out later that the name has significant meaning.

I am a young lady and have met many Indian people who all seem to be okay with the fact that my name is Krishna. One elderly lady even told my mother that it sounds beautiful as a girls name and that she believes I will be very blessed in my life.”

10 Liv

Via: Instagram

For over a decade, Olivia has retained an ironclad hold as one of the top 5 most popular names – even the US at least. But this also puts many expectant parents who absolutely adore this name in a tremendously tough place. Should you still name your child a top 5 popular name even though you know that they may encounter numerous other little girls with the same name?

Or do you go with an alternative? Liv is a very beautiful compromise to the name Olivia. In fact, one Behind The Name user shared their love for the name, saying, “I love this! It's nice as a nickname for Olivia, Livia, Liviana, etc., but I prefer it on its own.

Another wrote: “I absolutely adore this name. I have been drawn to it for 20+ years! I see it as classy, beautiful, simple and sweet. I have given it to my daughter as her middle name and it's what she goes by.

9 Maeve

Via: Instagram

If you have ever watched Westworld, then you should instantly recognize the name Maeve. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the Western world at all. In fact, Baby Name Wizard states this name as being of Irish origin and meaning “she who intoxicates” when translated from the Gaelic.

Someone with this name also said of it: “My names Maeve! Growing up, I hated it, the kids in school had trouble spelling it and the substitute teachers and coaches totally butchered it. But it's easy to say and catches on quickly. I got compliments all my life but I didn't start liking the name until later on.”

8 Maile

Via: Instagram

Love Miley but can’t stand the Miley Cyrus association? Then opt for the beautifully exotic Maile. Pronounced the same way, Maile is said to be of Hawaiian origin, according to Nameberry.

As a bonus, it has significantly dropped in popularity since 2017. According to BabyCenter, it was at #5,894 then and is now at #10,422. But that’s actually a good thing. Although it has dropped in popularity as a name in general, it’s still a top name as far as exoticness goes.

7 Rae

Via: Instagram

Forget Rey from Star Wars for a moment and really focus on the name Rae instead. A name of Hebrew origin, it means “ewe”, according to Nameberry. Before you get disgusted, an ewe is a female sheep. This isn’t to say that your daughter will be meek or feeble if you give her this name either!

But Rae is a fabulous alternative to many of the other popular short baby names, especially since it looks amazing as a standalone name.

6 Shani

Via: Instagram

How marvelously-sounding is the name Shani? It also coincidentally means just that: marvelous! According to Nameberry, Shani is a name of Hebrew origin that means “scarlet, marvelous”. It’s also “also the name of a Hindu god and the Sanskrit word for the planet Saturn.”

You certainly can’t go wrong with associations like that! If you want to separate your daughter even further, you can also opt for the more unique spelled of “Sharni” as some parents actually do as well.

5 Shira

Via: Kveller

Pronounced SHEER-ah, Shira is a stunning exotic Hebrew name that has for meaning “my song”, according to Nameberry. Depending on when you grew up, you might even remember the differently spelled animated series She-Ra, Princess of Power. Not too surprisingly, there’s even a reboot coming to Netflix soon enough.

According to Baby Name Wizard, “In Japan the word Shira or Shiro means white. There are some cities and coastal beaches with the name.”

It’s definitely a pretty name and one that is on the rise in terms of popularity, currently sitting at #2,900, with a 1,479-point rise since 2017.

4 Soraya

Via: Instagram

A Behind The Name user shared: “I had a friend in college with this name she was from Puerto Rico. It's a very exotic name but very beautiful.

But according to Nameberry, Soraya is actually a name of Persian origin that means “jewel”. It’s also said to be an “exotic name made famous in the Western world by the one-time empress of Iran, who settled in Europe, primarily in France”.

One thing is for certain: it’s a unique baby girls’ name that no one else will have on the playground.

3 Svana

Via: Instagram

Swedish for “swan”, Svana is a beautifully-sounding exotic baby name. Very similar to “Ivana”, “Anna” or possibly even “Savannah”, Svana is only not beginning to trend. Back in 2016, it wasn’t even on the charts yet, but as of 2017, has been in the 14,907th spot.

Not too much information can be found on this name, but it’s still one that stands out for its uniqueness. You certainly would be hard-pressed to find many other little girls with this name in the same school, let alone in the same city!

2 Tevy

Via: Instagram

When I read the name Tevy, my mind immediately made the connection to Torvi from the TV show Vikings. Although slightly similar in pronunciation, Tevy doesn’t actually have any Viking association. Instead, Apt Parenting points out that it’s of Cambodian origin meaning “celestial deity, much like an angel”.

I think we can all agree that our kids are certainly our little angels (on most days anyway). For its part, Essential Baby merely states the meaning of this name as being “angel”.

1 Yara

Via: Instagram

Don’t discount Yara just yet. As Babble points out, Yara is actually a stunningly exotic name with a lot of history to back it up: “pronounced YAH-rah, it’s the name of a Brazilian goddess with green hair and fair skin. The name also has Arabic origins, meaning “small butterfly.

Does it get more beautiful than that? Just four letters long, it’s a name that certainly packs a punch. Fans of Game of Thrones may also remember this name from the character Yara Greyjoy.

References: Nameberry, BabyCenter, SheKnows, Baby Name Wizard, Babble, Behind The Name, and Apt Parenting.

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