Your Kids Can Soon Pump Peanut Butter Straight From The Jar

For those who often have trouble getting that right spoonful of peanut better, there’s hope. You can now put your knife down (permanently) as there is a new invention that is sure to make your peanut butter and jelly sandwich-making efforts much easier.

According to Indiegogo, the peanut butter pump is a tool that will soon make its way to kitchen counters all across the country. Touted as the “Perfect Pump for Peanut Butter,” there’s a stream-style nozzle that allows for snacks and smoothies, a wide surface for easy pump action and a ribbon nozzle for sandwiches. If that weren’t enough, it also comes with a standard lid with a hole for the pump, a twist-n-lock for collar storage and a removable vale for easy cleaning. The sliding suction seal also keeps air out, making sure that the peanut butter stays fresh at all times.

Credit: indiegogo

What makes it so great is that the product is very universal. It can be used on all different kinds of nut butters, including the “crunchy” kind. The many features were specifically designed for easy cleaning while the mechanism scrapes the side of the jar so users can maximize the amount of peanut butter they want to use on their sandwiches.

There are several different peanut butter pumps available and if you want one, you will have to act fast. The single-use pump for $20 has already been sold out, with an expectant delivery in August of 2019. Over 250 lucky peanut butter lovers have already bought one with many more wanting to get their hands on one.

Luckily, there are two other packs available – the 10 pack Etailer for $200 and the 5-pack for $105. There’s also a twin pack peanut butter pump special for $42. All items are expected to be shipped and delivered by the end of the summer. There’s a limited lifetime warranty for all the parts of the pump.

Credit: indiegogo

The project pump owner, Andrew Scherer, has managed to raise over $88,000 and counting for the Peanut Butter Pump. Over 2,000 people have donated to his cause. It’s been noted that his fixed goal was just $20,000.

Clearly, the peanut butter lovers out there have spoken.

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