The Original Tamagotchi Is Back


Oh man - did you guys have a Tamagotchi when you were a kid? We begged and pleaded for one from our parents. Well, actually, we begged and pleaded for a dog or a cat, but they were very much a hard no on either of those. Something about not wanting to take care of, feed, and clean up after another living thing? Seemed super unfair back then, but we certainly have a new appreciation and understanding of their position now that we're parents.

But anyway, our little Tamagotchi was the compromise we came up with. Our own little virtual pet that we could take everywhere with us, cared for, and shockingly, kept alive for a decent amount of time! For such a silly little toy, they really helped foster a sense of responsibility. No one wanted to wake up one day to find their Tamagotchi had gone to the great Tamagotchi field in the sky. Those little x's on the eyes were the worst! We'd forgotten all about this toy until we found out that they're making a comeback, and now we can't wait to get for our own kids! And maybe another one for ourselves,

Tamagotchis came back briefly in 2017, but they were different than the original. And we want our original Tamagotchi! So the company made a few changes, and now the vintage Tamagotchi is back and better than ever. The new and improved (yet still true to original) virtual pets will have the same classic look and feel of the original game, but they come in a bunch of color combinations. You can get a Tamagotchi in rainbow, red glitter, mermaid, and even tiger stripe. Kids these days have it so good.

The new Tamagotchis are available now at Target, and like we mentioned, there are tons of options. Prices range from $9.29 for a basic color, to $14.99 for a two-color combo. The vintage Tamagotchi in yellow and blue sells for $19.99. These are such fun little gadgets, and they would make great stocking stuffers this holiday season! Just be prepared to take over for your little ones who have a hard time remembering to feed their virtual critter. Nothing sadder than a heartbroken kid with a deceased Tamagotchi.

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