This Little Girl Picked A Horror Movie As Her Birthday Party Theme

If you were to imagine what a typical birthday party for a three-year-old girl would look like you’d probably imagine a lot of different Disney Princess costumes, maybe a unicorn or two, some fun arts and crafts and a whole lot of pink and purple. However, one little three-year-old named Lucia decided that typical birthday parties weren’t for her when she decided that the theme for her special day would be a little bit out of the ordinary.

Andrea Villarreal helped her 3-year-old cousin Lucia go viral when she posted pictures from her “The Nun” themed birthday party. In case you’ve forgotten, The Nun was a 2018 terrifying horror movie about a demonic nun that that was so scary she would haunt your dreams. That didn’t seem to bother little Lucia at all as the birthday girl chose to dress up as The Nun for her birthday party.

Villarreal said her cousin, who chose the much more typical children's movie Frozen as the theme for her party last year, was quite persistent when she told her parents about her unusual birthday theme choice this year. "Her parents did not question it at all, they were very supportive on her wanting this theme, especially because Lucia was very persistent," Villarreal told My San Antonio before adding that the party favors took a bit of extra work. "They had to go out of their way to make the pinata and cake special for the occasion because as you can imagine, you those aren't popular requests."

While many people thought Lucia’s theme request was a bit odd, Villareal pointed out that Lucia's friends were very supportive and came to the party in full theme costume. The older cousin told the paper that while Lucia doesn’t typically watch horror movies, she felt a connection to The Nun. "I know people see 'The Nun' and get scared, but Lucia tells her mom that nun is protecting her," she said.

Lucia’s love of the horror genre caught the attention of some pretty big name fans, namely movie director Jordan Peele. Peele noticed the viral tweets and responded by writing, "Does she have a godfather?" "She does," Villarreal answered, "but he will forfeit the rights so we can hand them over to you."

The family says they’re still shocked at how much attention the pictures of Lucia’s party have gotten. Villareal’s tweets have been liked over a half million times with thousands of commenters praising the young girl for choosing something a little less than typical for her birthday celebration while others shared pictures of their own younger family members who also loved the horror genre.

One commenter was so impressed they created a drawing for little Lucia to commemorate the occasion.

It may not be typical but it's awesome that Lucia's parents let her have the party of her dreams, even if it may be a nightmare to others. Can't wait to see what she'll choose next year!

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