These Moms Trolled Their Kids By Lip-Syncing Them Playing Fortnite

If you've got a gamer kid, then you are probably deep in a Fortnite obsession at your house. It's everywhere! The super popular game has taken over, and kids all over are spending their summers trying to ... well, we're not exactly sure. Save the world? Stave off a zombie apocalypse? Something like that (can we tell we don't have gamers?). But while the game may be fun for kids who play it, unless you're a parent who enjoys playing, it can get a little annoying for you. So why not have a little fun at your kids' expense? Whitney Cicero is a blogger at The New Stepford. She's got a gamer, and he LOVES Fortnite. So naturally, she and a friend lip-synced to one of his gaming sessions. The result is absolutely hilarious.

At first, you may not realize the women are actually lip-syncing along to a session. There's a lot of yelling, so it's hard to tell who the voices belong to! But as soon as talk turns to farts, there'e no denying it. We laughed so much watching these moms recreate the gaming session. What are these kids even talking about?! The best part of the entire video was probably when the gamer kid was trying to get his mom off the internet, because apparently his connection was slow and he was having some trouble in the game. You really have to watch the entire video for yourself.

The dance intervals are a nice touch! Our kids are currently obsessed with that move, The Shoot, which we do not understand but will laugh at them doing it all day long. The food flying, the random phrases from the game, the anguish when one of their characters dies or doesn't get the good weapon - it's all hilarious. Honestly, the only way to get through parenting most of the time is by having some fun, and kids are always good for some jokes, right? We would love to see this catch on, so there's a new trend of moms playing Fortnite as their kids. We imagine every single one of those videos would be just as hilarious as this one.

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