The Most Lavish Children’s Birthday Parties Only The Richest Families Can Afford (20 Pics)

The sons and daughters of rich celebrities typically enjoy lavish birthday parties, which are far fancier than "regular" birthday parties. After all, their famous parents are loaded and more than willing to splash out cash for amazing decorations, entertainment, food (including lavish b-day cakes) and venues. These children's birthday parties are more elaborate than most non-famous people's weddings.

Moms who want to spoil their kids on birthdays may gain inspiration from these "crazy rich" kid's birthday parties, which are possible to re-create without spending the same amount of money. It particularly helps if moms are motivated to make their own decorations, provide entertainment and do the cooking and baking.

There may be moms who think all of the parties on today's list are OTT (over the top). They may be right. Celebs do get some shade for going overboard on their kid's parties, but it doesn't stop them from doing it. They have the money to throw great big parties with all of the bells and whistles and they want to spend that money on their kid's special days.

From Blue Ivy's fairy-themed fourth birthday party to Harper Beckham's bash at Buckingham Palace and beyond, these children's birthday parties are glam events. They rival the red carpet events that the famous parents of these kids attend so often.

20 Blue Ivy Had A Fairy-themed 4th Birthday Party


When your mommy is worth 355 million dollars and your daddy is worth 810 million dollars, your childhood birthday parties are going to be epic. Blue Ivy's mommy is Beyoncé and her Dad is Jay-Z.

They have more money than they can ever spend, and they choose to use a little bit of it to throw lavish parties for their first-born daughter every year.

On Blue Ivy's fourth birthday, a fairy theme was chosen and no expense was spared, according to Eonline. Party guests chilled on bright couches, or inside of tents, or at a big table that featured chairs with butterfly wings attached. Racks of child-sized fairy dresses were onsite so little guests could enjoy some fun dress-up playtime.

19 Mariah Carey’s Twins Had a Disneyland Party


Mariah has two kids by her ex, Nick Cannon. Their names are Monroe and Morocco. When the twins turned six, they were at Disneyland with mom and dad. The birthday celebration was not an inexpensive one.

According to TMZ, the party cost "five figures". There were tons of people in attendance to celebrate the birthday of the twins, who received a couple of cakes. Monroe is a girl and Morocco is a boy, so Monroe's cake featured Minnie Mouse and Morocco's featured Mickey Mouse.

That's pretty cute if less than gender-neutral. Although Mariah and Nick aren't together anymore, they once renewed their wedding vows at "the world's happiest place".

18 Harper Beckham Had Her Party At Buckingham Palace

Via: Today Show

There was some media backlash after Harper Beckham was permitted to celebrate her birthday at Buckingham Palace, or, as the royals themselves call it, "Bucks House".

According to the Express, some critics felt that Harper and her family did not have the right to hold a party there...probably because they aren't members of the royal family.

Harper spent her sixth birthday with friends and family, enjoying a tea party and meeting a real princess (Princess Eugenie, who is Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's daughter). David Beckham and wife, Victoria, brushed off the criticism because they are friends with the royal family.

17 Jessica Simpson’s Son Had a Moana-themed 4th B-day Party

Via: People Magazine

Moana is a Disney musical adventure which was released in 2016. Jessica Simpson went for a Moana theme when she was planning a fourth b-day party for her son, Ace, who is just as blond as his mommy.

This party was held outside, according to People, right in the family's backyard. The yard was transformed into Te Fiti, which was an island in the animated Disney film. There was also a bouncy castle and lots of games.

Kids who attended received gift bags which were personalized just for them. Jessica and her hubby, Eric Johnson, were decked out in beach-inspired attire for the big party, and Maui and Moana lookalikes were there to make the kids smile.

16 North West Had a Festival-themed 1st Birthday Party


You've heard of Coachella, but have you heard of Kidchella? It's the name of the festival held for Kim and Kanye's baby, North West when she turned one year old.

Inspired by the huge music festival, Coachella, it featured a karaoke area, where Kendall Jenner gave a performance, as well as plenty of hippie-type outfits and a tie dye-style birthday cake.

According to the Dailymail, Kidchella even featured a Ferris wheel. This children's birthday party attracted some controversy because Khloe Kardashian chose to wear a native headdress to the event, which critics found that distasteful. The party was held at Kourtney Kardashian's home, which she shared with Scott Disick at that point in time.

15 Tamara Ecclestone’s Daughter, Sophia, Had a Lavish B-day Bash


Tamara Ecclestone is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, who headed Formula One racing for years. Tamara is very wealthy and she made sure that her little girl, Sophia, enjoyed a truly fancy fourth birthday party. It wasn't the first extravagant party that Sophia has had. She's always been treated to extra-special festivities with high price tags.

For her fourth birthday party, there was a DJ, a custom-made cake and a huge assortment of gifts. Tamara says that her little girl has tons of confidence, according to the Dailymail.

She calls Sophia, "FiFi" and reported that her daughter asked the DJ to "drop the beat" during the party.

14 Tori Spelling Threw a Video Game-themed Party For Her Son


Tori Spelling grew up super-rich and developed very expensive tastes. She's talked about the fact that it's hard not to buy the best, even when she has money problems because she was raised in luxury.

While she's definitely had her financial ups and downs, she pulled out all of the stops to celebrate her son's ninth birthday. Her son's name is Liam. She threw him a video-themed party that was really special.

According to the Dailymail, party guests received custom t-shirts and the cake and other treats featured Super Mario and Donkey Kong motifs. Liam also got a huge gift basket.

13 Saint West and Reign Disick Had a Monsters Inc. Double Birthday Party


People are fascinated by the Kardashians because of the glamour and the excess. This is a family that has a glam squad, lives large and doesn't shy away from the spotlight.

So, it's really no surprise that a double birthday party for Saint West and Reign Disick was way over the top.

Kourtney K. does seem to be a very devoted Mom. She often posts about motherhood on her social media accounts. She shared her son, Reign's, birthday party with her cousin, Saint (he's Kim and Kanye's son) because the kid's birthdays are fairly close together. According to People.com, the party had a Monsters Inc. theme, as well as an ice skating rink and fake snow.

12 Chrissy Teigen’s Daughter Celebrated In High Style

Via: fambles.com

Sesame Street was the theme that Chrissy Teigen selected for the second birthday party of her daughter, Luna. Luna's dad is famous crooner, John Legend. According to Etonline, this party required weeks of planning and featured a lavish cake adorned with the faces of Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo.

Luna had watched her own father on Sesame Street and loved it, so this party theme was perfect for the little girl. Some of the real Sesame Street characters recorded birthday greetings for Luna, which were played at the party. It's safe to say that most kids don't get this type of VIP treatment when they are two.

11 Baby Asahd Got Spoiled On His First Birthday


Baby Asahd is adorable and very much like his famous papa, DJ Khaled. He often wears miniature versions of his Dad's outfits or other "hypebeast" athleisure. Baby Asahd has gotten pretty famous in his own right and he gets producer credits on Dad's work.

When Asahd turned one, his party was as fancy as you would expect. It had a wild jungle theme and was hosted by a family friend, P. Diddy. The party was held at a revamped nightclub in Miami called the Fountainebleau, according to Billboard. Instead of VIP bottle service, there were miniature luxury autos for the tiny guests to cruise around in.

10 P-Diddy Took His 11-Year Old Daughter to Italy to Celebrate


In 2017, P. Diddy, who is also known as Sean Combs, took his daughter, Chance, to Italy to celebrate her eleventh birthday. He splashed out over half a million dollars to rent a yacht called the Double Down.

He also brought along his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Chapman, who is Chance's mother, and his current girlfriend, Cassie. Lots of family members were around...the yacht had room for tons of people, thanks to its grand size and scale.

According to Pagesix, P. Diddy often spends big bucks on yacht rentals. One yacht that he rented has a price tag of seventy-two million dollars.

9 Ciara Threw An Elmo-themed Party For Her Son


When Ciara's Son, Future, turned two, he was treated to an Elmo-themed birthday party, according to Elle.com. Future's Dad is hip-hop star, Future, but Ciara and the father of her eldest child aren't together anymore. Ciara is married to football star, Russell Wilson, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

During the big party, Ciara whipped up pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse for her adorable two-year-old son. Later, he enjoyed an Elmo cake and got to see his Mom and other party guests in fancy Elmo hats.

Celebs made the scene at this toddler's big party, including Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child. Stars mingled outside while they watched the kids play.

8 Tracey Morgan Went All Out For His Kid


Dads also get into the spirit when it's time to plan birthday parties for their kids. Loving Dad, Tracy Morgan, made sure that his little daughter, Maven, had the time of her life at a big birthday bash.

This party was held at Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City, according to Justjared, which is almost like having a party at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! Tracy and his wife, Megan, planned the party to celebrate Maven's fourth birthday.

At this fun and costly party, Minions were in attendance and kids got to chow down on plenty of party food and sweet treats. Tracy Morgan looked very happy while his daughter was enjoying her party.

7 Molly Sims Threw A Camp-Themed Party For Her Son’s 1st Birthday

Via: Molly Sims

Model Molly Sims wanted to give her son, Grey, a first birthday party that was amazing, so she transformed her home into "Camp Stuber", according to her official Mollysims.com website.

She went for a camp theme and then went all out, with a little help from friends and party professionals. The party featured fake fur rugs, faux fire pits, and teepees. This party sounded awesome, even though a one-year-old probably couldn't enjoy the activities the way that older kids in attendance did.

The party featured balloon stations, face painting and a craft station where kids could make their own animal masks.

6 Gwen and Blake Threw A Scooby-Doo Party For Her Son, Apollo


In February of 2018, Gwen Stefani threw a cool and groovy Scooby-Doo birthday party, according to People.com. The party was for her son, Apollo, whose Dad is her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

Apollo is Gwen's youngest of three boys, all of whom have the same Dad. For this fourth birthday party, Stefani donned a ginger wig to become Daphne, while her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, took on the role of Shaggy.

Scooby showed up at the party, and there was also a puppet theater and face painting. Pictures from the party were posted online and the kids at the party looked extremely excited and happy when Scooby-Doo appeared.

5 Jessica Alba Threw A Unicorn Party For Her Daughter, Haven


According to Kidspot, Jessica Alba treated her daughter, Haven, to a lavish birthday party with a fun unicorn theme. Since Alba's Honest Company is hugely profitable, this party was more than affordable, even though it was expensive. At the party, Haven turned six as she enjoyed an amazing unicorn cake with a golden horn on top and other unicorn-themed treats.

According to Jessica, cheap parties are fun for kids, too. She has more to spend but knows that kids can enjoy parties that don't cost as much.

Kids also played in Alba's pool, on inflatable pool toys that were shaped like rainbows and unicorns. A big pinata of a unicorn was another party highlight.

4 Nick Lachey’s Baby Had A Fancy 1st Year B-day Outing


Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey headed for Cincinnati to celebrate the first birthday of their son, Camden. The day before Camden's birthday, Nick's brother, Drew, sent a selection of gourmet cupcakes and a cute onesie to Camden. The onesie was printed with the words, "made in Ohio".

During the birthday itself, Camden was taken to Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park, where he got his own pint-sized baseball jersey with his last name on it, as well as the number "1", according to UsMagazine.

While a one-year-old might not understand everything going on around him at a big ballpark, his parents will always remember taking him there and marking his birthday in a special and unique way.

3 Britney’s Son Had A Big Pokemon Party

Via: Twitter

Britney has raked in some serious cash throughout her long career. She's worked hard for what she has, from a very young age, and she has every right to spoil her kids with luxurious birthday parties.

With an estimated net worth of two hundred and twenty million bucks, according to Wealthygorilla, she's more than able to pull out all the stops for birthday celebrations.

In 2016, she threw a double birthday party for her sons, Jayden and Sean, which had a Pokemon theme. Both boys have September birthdays, so she made sure they had an amazing double b-day bash, complete with Pokemon cake pops and character encounters.

2 Adriana Lima’s Daughter Had A Little Mermaid Party


According to Celebritynetworth, Adriana Lima has eighty-five million dollars. When her daughter, Sienna, was getting ready to celebrate her fourth birthday, Adriana used some of her cash to plan a special Little Mermaid party for her daughter. The party included a very fancy cake that featured Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid on the top.

Party decor and party favors included lush roses, colorful balloons and mermaid costumes. Life as a VS angel has its perks and Adriana is able to indulge her adorable daughter thanks to her long-term modeling success. Adriana threw another lavish party, with a unicorn theme, for Sienna when she turned seven.

1 Ivanka's Daughter Had a Disney-style Bash

Via: Hello Magazine

In 2015, Ivanka's daughter turned four in grand style, as she enjoyed a very fancy birthday party with a Disney theme. Arabella clearly adores Snow White, as she dressed as this classic Disney princess for the party, and her lavish cake featured a Snow White cake topper, according to the Dailymail.

The year before, she had a party with a Frozen theme. The Snow White party had candied apples, as well as cupcakes with pastel frosting. The little girl is really cute and does appear in Disney princess dresses a lot in Ivanka's social media posts. Her Dad is the presidential advisor, Jared Kushner.

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