The Kardashian Moms Are Spending A Fortune: 20 Things We Learned

The Kardashian moms are rich, rich, rich -- they're positively loaded. A large part of their enduring popularity hinges on the fact that they enjoy lifestyles which are way out of reach to "regular" people. They flaunt their wealth by purchasing expensive real estate, going on luxury vacations, buying designer clothes and jewelry, driving high-end cars and paying for glam squads that get them close-up ready.

Anyone who's curious about the spending habits of Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe will enjoy learning about the ways they spend their fortune. It's jam-packed with hard facts about the over-the-top spending habits of these four wealthy and famous women. We hope this gives Kardashian fans the power to live vicariously through the Kardashian clan by imagining themselves in Calabasas mansions, driving Ferrari sports cars or dropping megabucks at Chanel.

Does money buy happiness? Judging by how many rich celebrities are miserable, probably not, but it takes the edge off, doesn't it?

Our world is a material world and the Kardashians embody the material mindset. When they aren't making money through entrepreneurial activities that trade on their reality TV show fame, they're spending what they make and then posting about their extravagance on social media.

The Kardashian moms are excessive, like Marie Antoinette was, but they won't suffer the same fate. Society continually rewards them for how they live.

20 Kim Dropped Megabucks on a Strange Surgery for Her Dog


Did Kim spend a fortune on artificial body parts for her pooch? Yes, she did. According to Thehollywoodgossip.com, Kim dropped ten grand on synthetic reproductive body parts for her male dog, Rocky.

As it turns out, pets like Rocky, who have been neutered, feel happier when they have the artificial parts.

The artificial body parts are known as Neuticles and they are pricey. They are designed to boost the self-esteem of male canines. Kim is very fond of Rocky and clearly spares no expense to make sure that the dog is happy. She says that her dog's personality is "calm" and "cool", just like her own.

19 Khloe Uses Private Jets To Get Around


If you want to a burn a lot of money fast, and you've already got the big things, such as grand estates and fancy cars, then it's time to start using private jets. The cost of private jet ownership is still astronomical, so Khloe K. doesn't yet have a plane of her own.

According to Pagesix.com, Khloe, Kim and Scott Disick shared the bill for chartering private jets from a company called SilverAir LLC, and then didn't pay their bill. I guess that's one way to save money.

The company sued over the unpaid tab, which was more than two hundred grand. The lawsuit was launched in May of this year, so we'll wait and see what happens.

18 Kris Has Spent A Million Bucks Enhancing Her Looks


If you were worth sixty million bucks, like Kris Jenner is (according to People.com), would you embark on physical improvements, with a lot of help from the world's premier cosmetic surgeons? Kris is rumored to have dropped a staggering million bucks enhancing her face and body.

Right now, Kris is 62 years old but looks younger, thanks to talented surgeons, such as Dr. Garth Fisher.

Kris wants to look as good as possible. She's in the public eye, has always been beautiful and is invested in staying that way, no matter how old she gets. Some of her daughters have followed in her footsteps.

17 Kim’s House Features Gold-plated Toilets

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Are gold-plated toilets crass and obnoxious symbols of wealth, or are they cool? I'd say they're pretty tacky, but they do look expensive, which is really the point, I suppose. Kim and Kanye are reported to have these OTT, Richie Rich-style toilets in their home, based on information from Forbes.com.

It's probably best to not contemplate the number of hungry children who could be fed for the price of one of these fancy toilets. The Kardashians bought four of these garish toilets for a whopping $750,000, but later put their house on the market. The house has a fridge covered in Swarovski crystals.

16 Kylie’s Car Collection is Outrageous


Does Kylie enjoy flaunting her wealth by driving the world's most expensive cars? According to Sheknows.com, the answer is, "Yes".

Kim K., who was robbed in Paris after flaunting a massive diamond ring on social media, is reportedly hoping that her half-sister Kylie will stop flaunting her own wealth by posting pics of her fleet of luxury vehicles, including a rare LaFerrari sports car with a retail value of 1.4 million dollars.

Kim hasn't been as active on social media since the robbery. The robbery scared her and changed her. Kylie hasn't had that bad experience, so the flaunting continues.

15 Khloe Splurged On a "TRUE" Diamond Ring


Diamonds are status symbols and the Kardashians are all about buying and flaunting status symbols. Khloe went for a status symbol with sentimental value when she bought a ring that spelled out her baby daughter's name in glittering, genuine diamonds. The ring is pretty and unique and Khloe wears it with a series of delicate, diamond-studded bands.

Right now, she's not wearing a wedding ring. Her relationship with Tristan Thompson is rocky, to say the least, and Khloe may have finally had it with her baby daddy, because she recently posted a picture captioned, "revenge bod" to social media, according to Inquisitr.com.

14 Kylie Jenner Bought an Air-conditioned Dog Mansion


Kim isn't the only Kardashian mom who splashes out cash on household pets. Kylie also goes all out when it comes to spoiling her dogs. Kylie's net worth is estimated to be nine hundred million dollars, according to Businessinsider.com.

She's very close to being a member of the billionaire's club, thanks to her popular makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

Since she has more money than she can ever hope to spend, it's no surprise that she bought an air-conditioned dog mansion for her pooches. There's nothing wrong with spoiling loyal and lovable pets, but most people don't have mansions for their beloved canines.

13 Kylie’s Daughter Has a Fashionista Shoe Collection

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Kylie Jenner may not have needed to fork over any actual cash for many of the fashionista shoes in her daughter's growing and impressive collection. Rich people need free stuff the least, but get free stuff all of the time.

According to Revelist.com, Stormi Webster's shoe collection is currently valued at $22,000.

Manufacturers send on free swag to influential celebs, because they want the celebs to promote their brands. This kind of quid pro quo has been going on for a long time in Hollywood and the Kardashians are the types of people who've made getting and promoting free swag into an art form.

12 Kim’s Newest Wedding Dress Cost 410,000 Dollars


Kim is super into shopping and she pulled out all the stops while preparing for her wedding to talented and wacky hip-hop legend, Kanye West. Kim had been married before, but that didn't stop her from donning a snow-white bridal gown valued at four hundred and ten thousand dollars, according to Calgaryherald.com.

The dress was couture (of course), which means that it was constructed by hand at the Givenchy atelier, by craftspeople with incredible sewing skills. With couture, the dress is made to measure. Suffice it to say that Kim's wedding dress fit her well. Couture fits just a little bit better than off-the-rack stuff.

11 Kylie Loves High-end Jewelry


Do you know that high-end jeweler, Cartier, sells bracelets that lock? They are called Cartier Love Bracelets and, according to Etonline.com, Kylie has had one of these bracelets locked onto her wrist for five full years. She actually owns a cluster of these pricey bracelets and likes to stack them sometimes, for a luxurious and layered effect. Each bracelet costs about five thousand dollars.

The bracelets are known for being difficult to remove. Some women need to go into Cartier, where special tools are used to unlock them. 

10 Kim and Kourtney Blow Big Bucks on Kids' Birthday Parties


Kids' birthday parties are fun things to spend money on. Little children are adorable and innocent and spoiling them with lavish B-day parties is a pleasure for parents. However, most parents can't drop a fortune on these parties. They don't have the financial freedom to rent horses disguised as unicorns and things like that. The Kardashian moms do have the power to rent horses disguised as unicorns, according to Elle.com.

In June of 2018, a joint B-day party for North West and Penelope Disick featured a unicorn theme, as well as a DJ. Kim and Kourtney spared no expense to make this double birthday party unforgettable.

9 Kylie’s Hidden Hills Home Cost Her Over 6 Million Dollars


The Kardashian moms upgrade their homes regularly. They buy huge mansions, tire of them and then purchase bigger ones. One of the homes that Kylie purchased was worth more than six million bucks, and she's since upgraded to an even more expensive and massive one.

Kylie Jenner's six million dollar house is nestled in the Hidden Hills gated community, in Calabasas, California. It is, without a doubt, more house that most twenty-somethings need. According to real estate listings on Zillow.com, most homes in Hidden Hills cost at least four or five million bucks. A sampling of celebs who live in Hidden Hills includes Drake, Jessica Simpson, and The Weeknd.

8 Kris Gave Kylie a Business Loan for Kylie’s First Lip Kits


Kris uses her cash to grow more cash. She's the most renowned "Momager" on planet earth and she's always looking for new opportunities to boost the fame and earnings of her children because she gets ten percent of what they make. Kris floated a loan to Kylie, which allowed her daughter to get the first Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits ready for market.

Obviously, this loan was a smart idea. According to Iol.co.za, Kris collaborated with her makeup mogul daughter in May of 2018, on a Kylie X Kris cosmetics line. The line's packaging also playfully pokes fun as Kris' Momager image.

7 Khloe Bought Justin Bieber’s Old House


You know you're in the big leagues financially when you're able to buy a house that once belonged to Justin Bieber.

"The Bieb's" personal wealth is immense and estimated to be two hundred and sixty-five million dollars. Khloe Kardashian's net worth is believed to be thirty-five million, according to People.com. In March of 2014, Khloe spent 7.2 million bucks on Justin's old crib in (naturally) Calabasas. Justin had bought the house for 6 million, so he pocketed 1.2 million when Khloe snapped it up. The estate is traditional, with a gorgeous staircase. Khloe did some remodeling to make it her own.

6 Kourtney Puts Up Six Christmas Trees During the Holidays


Kourtney unleashes her inner Martha Stewart every Christmas. She adores decking the halls in her fancy house, and her total Christmas tree count is seven. According to Instyle.com, Kourtney fills her huge luxury home with Christmas trees and generally goes for Hollywood-style excess during the holidays.

Kourtney goes for that whole Dynasty vibe by placing a couple of Christmas trees in the foyer of her home, adding another in the grand and spacious living room and putting Christmas trees in bedrooms. That's a lotta trees, right? She used to decorate for Christmas herself, but outsources the job now.

5 Kim’s Wild Shopping Sprees Have Been Going On For Years


I'm not judging. Most of us would do the wild shopping spree thing sometimes if we had unlimited funds. Until you're really, really rich, it's hard to say how you'll spend major wealth.

Shopping is relaxing. Hit a mall on the weekend and you'll see people who don't really need to be there. They don't need anything. They are there to look at stuff, look at other people, space out, buy a little something and forget about mundane problems.

Kim does this form of retail therapy on the highest possible level. According to the Mirror.co.uk website, Kim blew over half a million bucks on baby goods before child number three arrived, via surrogate.

4 They All Go On Luxury Vacations


If you were loaded, would you party and soak up the sun's golden rays in the hottest global vacation spots, such as Ibiza and Cannes? I would. We've all seen pics of the Kardashian mom wearing chic cover-ups over their bathing suits as they hang out on yachts or explore quaint resort towns. Luxury vacations are part of the Kardashian lifestyle.

According to Stylecaster.com, Kim and Kourtney rented a Mexican vacation villa in 2017 that cost a whopping seventeen thousand bucks a night. These two have been clashing publicly lately - will there be more high-cost holidays in the future?

3 Kris Spoils Her Grandkids

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It's hard to fault Kris for spending money on her grandkids. Kris had a lot of babies of her own because she loves motherhood, and being a grandmother is working for her, too. She enjoys spoiling the Kardashian and Jenner grandchildren, just like every other grandmother does.

In January of 2018, Kris reportedly spent ten grand on prezzies for Kim and Kanye's third child, Chicago West, according to Metro.co.uk.

She shopped at a luxury baby and kid's boutique called Petit Tresor, which is located in West Hollywood. This is where she bought a fancy stroller and other baby care "essentials". Kris' generosity extends to all of her grandchildren.

2 Kim Pays For A Glam Squad For North West


Should little kids have glam squads? This is a sensitive issue. Children shouldn't need to feel like primping is necessary in order to look good. They should clean up each day, put on clean clothes, brush their teeth and then focus on other stuff, like learning, making friends and playing.

However, the Kimye family doesn't live in the real world. In their high-glam world, image is everything. This is why Kim reportedly pays five grand per month for a glam squad and lets her young daughter, North West, "steal it", according to People.com.

Apparently, North West is developing some mad makeup skills, probably from watching the pros in the glam squad work their magic.

1 Kylie Bought Her BFF A Mercedes

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Kylie absolutely adores her BFF, Jordyn, and she was kind enough to buy her best friend a Mercedes. For Kylie, that's like buying a large Starbucks iced coffee to carry around while the paps take her picture, but it's still a very generous present.

With a net worth nearing the billion dollar mark, Kylie can well afford to take good care of those she loves.

According to People.com, Jordyn received a shiny new Mercedes couple from her famous BFF, and was totally surprised by the present. Kylie gave her the fancy car while pregnancy rumors (which turned out to be true) were swirling around online.

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