The Kardashian-Jenner Babies Born This Year: 20 Things We Know So Far

Just like the families that they were born into, the kids of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West, and Khloe Kardashian seem destined for fame. These babies are already being talked about and fans love to see their adorable photos while learning as much as they can about them. I, for one, love the Kardashian-Jenner clan, so it's safe to say I love their children as well. They may be little but they are just as stylish as their moms and relatives. (All we have to do is look at little North West and all her fashionable outfits—including tutus and little jackets—and know that these are mini style icons in the making.)

It was exciting to learn that Kim was adding a third baby to her beautiful family, that Khloe was expecting her first baby, and that Kylie was pregnant all at the SAME time. It was a whirlwind, which is why it was so tough to wait for news about these babies. When we finally read that good news, fans could already anticipate how famous these babies would be and how much this family was gonna change.

But how much do we really know about these tiny tots? Probably not that much, which means it's time to learn more. Here are 20 things we know so far about the Kardashian-Jenner babies.

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20 The Sisterly Pact

Many of us have middle names. Whether we like those names or not, well, that's a different story. Middle names are typically traditional ones that are kept in the family, so we don't exactly want to insult our mom by saying we're not big on the one that she gave us (but it's our little secret!).

One thing that we know so far about Khloe Kardashian's baby girl, True Thompson, is that she has no middle name. According to Harper's Bazaar, this is something that her sisters (Kim and Kylie) have decided on as well. None of their babies have middle names. Interesting.

19 Play Dates

Moms love play dates because they want their little ones to get along with others and have friends. It's a phenomenal way to have your child learn to socialize and share. And just because the Kardashian-Jenners are siblings, doesn't mean they don't set up their own play dates with their kids.

Thanks to PopSugar, we know that Kim Kardashian West's baby Chicago and Khloe Kardashian's baby True have play dates. Based on the photo of these two tots hanging out, all we can say is how adorable these two babies are. Born a few months apart, I have a feeling these two cousins are going to be besties.

18 Why Chicago?

Have you ever wondered why Kim and Kanye chose the name Chicago for their third baby?

I think we all knew that Kanye and Kim were going to choose a unique name that was both chic and rare, but none of us pictured them naming baby number three after a city in Illinois.

PopSugar explains why the couple chose the name Chicago. In the end, Kim and Kanye couldn't find a name for their third baby that they both thought that was exceptional, but when the idea of naming her after Kanye's hometown came up, the idea won in the end.

17 Stormi looks *just* like one of her parents

All new parents hope their newborn looks like them. Sometimes parents will even say, "My son or daughter looks just like me — just look at their eyes or nose!" And everyone will nod even though there might not be such a close resemblance. I think parents are just trying to find little parts of them in their baby. So it was cool to learn that Kylie Jenner was expecting her first child, and to see if Stormi ended up looking more like Kylie or Travis. And thanks to Complex, we know that Stormi looked just like Kylie when she was a baby.

16 It's True

Choosing a baby name can be tough business. It can be really difficult for couples to agree on, as well. One person loves one name while the other doesn't seem to be on the same boat. It's a good thing a couple has nine months to decide!

However, other times it can be easy for a couple to choose the name for their upcoming bundle of joy because it's a family name that is part of their tradition. So if you're wondering how Khloe and Tristan came up with the name True, here's how: the name True is part of the Kardashian family tree, according to PopSugar. Kris Jenner posted on her Instagram account that her grandpa's name was True Otis Houghton. Her dad's middle name was True as well.

15 Mama Bear Instincts

Being famous means reading and hearing negative comments on a regular basis, and Khloe Kardashian experienced this when she had her baby girl True.

As Cosmopolitan reported, people said that Khloe is making her kid "materialistic," due to her Instagram posts. However, in typical Khloe fashion, she had a great response. Khloe said, "She’s a baby who received a beautiful sweet gift and I was SOOO excited to put her in it and take a picture! I’m enjoying every single moment I can with my sweet angel! The angel GOD gave me!" You tell 'em, Khloe!

14 Now That's A Fancy Crib

Remember the MTV show Cribs? Many viewers loved watching the reality show about the super cool homes that celebrities lived in. To be honest, it would be cool if there was a Cribs episode that focused on the cribs that famous people got for their babies. Stormi's would be in that loop for sure.

As Complex reported, the crib that Stormi sleeps in was a gift from sister Kim Kardashian West – but it's no ordinary crib: it sells for $4,200. I repeat: $4,200 (!!).

Do "normal" parents even spend that on all of the furniture in their new baby's room? Probably not...

13 Surrogacy Talk

Kim had her third baby through a surrogate and has been very honest about the process. It's amazing for celebrities to go through something and talk about it since they can raise awareness about things that matter; making other people feel like they're not alone.

She told Motherly, "[A]nyone who says or thinks it’s the easy way out is completely wrong,” Kardashian writes. “People assume it’s better because you don’t have to deal with the physical changes, pain or complications with delivery, but for me, it was so hard to not carry my own child, especially after I carried North and Saint.”

12 Future Fashionista

Thanks to W Magazine, we know that Kylie has a Hermes Birkin purse that she will give Stormi one day.

Yeah, that's not really what most of us are planning to give our children when they grow up, but only because we don't exactly have the same budget... I totally get wanting to give your children the best of the best, though, so I can relate to this on that level. (Okay, we might still be kind of surprised that a baby already has a Birkin bag that has her name on it, but this is a Jenner baby that we're talking about. So, really, it's not that big of a surprise.)

11 Social Butterfly

It's fun to think about what kinds of social media accounts these little ones will have once they're older. I, for one, know that I'll want to follow along since I love following the Kardashian-Jenners on social media — Instagram in particular.

What kind of Instagram account do I think that True will have? Well, she already has one set up! (Even though she's not old enough to post on it yet.) According to PopSugar, True has an Instagram account: @True.

This baby is already so fabulous, I can't wait to see what she posts once she's no longer a little one.

10 Stormi Scott? More Like Stormi Webster

When we learn that a celebrity is pregnant with their first child (or even their second or third), we immediately wonder what name they're going to pick. We can probably all agree that celebrity baby names are so fascinating, mainly because they're so unique. They can be something we would never think of.

It's interesting that Kylie named her baby girl Stormi, considering none of us know a Stormi. We might be wondering why Stormi's name isn't Stormi Scott or even Stormi Jenner. Well, according to Heavy, that's because Travis Scott's real name is Jaques Webster.

9 Asking For Advice (Or Not)

Another interesting fact about Khloe Kardashian's experience with motherhood so far is that she gets lots of advice. It's nice to know that even celebrity moms are often told what they should or shouldn't do. It makes them that much more relatable.

As Cosmopolitan reported, Khloe said, "You get so much unsolicited advice that it drives you crazy, and you get really stressed out, but you're pregnant, you're nine months, and you're like, 'What is this? You're freaking me out. I'm already in this. I don't know what to do. There's no turning back.' And people just say the craziest things to you."

8 Tiny Toes

Becoming a parent means falling in love with our little ones and it's such an amazing experience. It's always cool to hear from other moms and what their perspective on motherhood has been like. It's also cool to hear from celebrity moms and see if we can relate to them.

We might not be buying fancy cribs and designer stuff, but we can most likely relate to this: Kylie Jenner has a "favorite feature" on her baby girl. As Just Jared reported, it's Stormi's toes. Awwww. Tiny toes are definitely the best. We might have loved our own child's little strands of curly hair or little hands when they were that age.

7 Breaking The Internet Already

The Kardashian-Jenners are known for being very active on social media and they get tons of likes and comments on everything they post. This is particularly true when they post on Instagram... and when they share a photo of their adorably sweet babies.

As Complex reported, when Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her baby holding her thumb on Instagram, it got over 14-million likes (and that didn't even take an entire day). It was actually the photo that was posted to the platform that got the highest number of likes.

We can only imagine the likes that Stormi will get once she has her own Instagram account (and we can't wait to follow along).

6 Funny Girl

FaceTime is lots of fun and many parents rely on it when they're at work or traveling for their job. It's a great way to stay in touch with your little ones since, of course, they can see your face.

Cosmopolitan wrote about this funny moment that Khloe Kardashian shared with her baby girl True. Khloe says that she can't FaceTime with True much. She was laughing about this when she launched one of her business ventures, her Good American line of activewear. She said, "I do get annoyed because she doesn't give me any play time on FaceTime, she like doesn't really care about me. With her dad, she smiles, and her tongue sticks out, and it's like why can't you do the same thing with me? I'm protesting, I'm not going to FaceTime her."

5 An Individual

Thanks to Motherly, we know that Kim said that Chicago is "definitely her own person."

This is so interesting since if we have more than one child, we know that we might be wondering if our youngest kid will like the older ones or if they will have a completely different personality. We know that treating kids as individuals is a better idea than assuming that just because they're in the same family, that means they will be exactly the same all of the time. It's relatable to hear that even celeb moms think about these types of things.

4 Living Large (While Still So Small)

According to W Magazine, Stormi already has some really fancy and expensive items. Yes, she's a baby, but hey, she's fabulous. She is living large already even though she is so small. Given the family that she is a part of, we know that will only continue.

She has a $625 Gucci baby carrier and a$12,500 Fendi stroller...

Um, that's definitely more than most of us have spent on anything this year... Maybe even ever. We might have bought a stroller that set us back $200 and thought that it was a pretty big purchase... This news puts things into perspective, right?

3 A Possible Name Change

Maybe some of us have nicknames that stuck from childhood or we wanted to be called a different version of the name that our parents gave us. For example, some girls were always "Jessica" but now that they're older, they feel that "Jess" or "Jessie" is thier perfect name. This is a pretty common story and it turns out that Kim has another name for her third baby, as well.

According to Cosmpolitan, Kim calls her baby "Chi" instead of "Chicago." She talked about this on her website: "Chicago just looks really long to me and doesn’t flow, so I call her Chi. That’s it, she can decide later if she wants to be called Chicago or Chi."

2 Traveling Baby

As People magazine reported, little Stormi is going to be a world traveler pretty soon. Kylie and Stormi are traveling with Travis Scott on his tour.

Many parents dream of being able to take their children to fabulous places. They want nothing more than for their kids to have new and exciting experiences. Of course, traveling costs a pretty penny and it can take a lot of saving to make that happen. But we're talking a family vacation to Florida so our kids can see the beach or a trip to Italy one summer, not going on tour. That is definitely living large.

1 Sibling Love

Chicago and Saint seem to get along really well. Kim posted this photo on her Instagram account and captioned it with, "These two are inseparable."

All I can say is, that is just about the cutest thing that I have ever seen. If I have two kids or more, I can relate to this because every parent wants their kids to get along and have fun together. Talk about the parenting dream. It's cool to see celebrity kids hanging out together and just generally being so adorable. I can't wait to watch these tots grow up and see what they do in life.

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