The Jonas Brothers Release New Song, And the Music Video Stars All Their Ladies

If you were a teen or a young 20 something in the late 2000s, chances are you loved the Jonas Brothers. How could you not? After four or five years without any cute young boys in our lives (and our ears) we were ready. And the JoBros filled the void. They were cute, they could sing, and they played their own instruments. So we were getting the best of the both worlds. But, like all good things, the reign of Jonas had to come to an end. But, as they announced this week, they're back with a new single and video.

In the video for their new single "Sucker," Nick, Joe and Kevin are back with a vengeance. And if you notice, there are three very special co-stars: their significant others. That's right, instead of just getting random models, the guys used their special ladies. Kevin's wife Danielle, Joe's fiancée (and Games of Thrones star) Sophie Turner, and Nick's wife, actress Priyanka Chopra share equal screentime with the boys, and we totally love it.

And it totally makes sense, given the song is essentially a love song with a sick dance beat. With lyrics like "I'm a sucker for you / say the word and I will follow you blindly," it's hard to imagine anyone but their special ladies standing alongside them. And not only is the song super catchy, the video is a really over-the-top fun romp, which is the perfect start to what will hopefully be an awesome comeback.

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In the video, they're romping around an estate wearing some seriously outrageous designer duds. Seriously, there are a lot of sequins and glitter. We're not complaining though. As they ride on bicycles, play with a bunch of puppies, and take luxurious bubble baths (yes, you get to see Nick Jonas in the bath. You're welcome.) the very real chemistry and love between the couples is evident. And what would a song called "Sucker" be without showing everyone sucking on lollipops?

The big reveal that the Jonas Brothers were getting back together came on Thursday with several videos posted to social media. In celebration, they're going to be featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden all next week. JoBros Carpool Karaoke?! Yes!

In an interview with Elvis Duran on his morning show, Joe Jonas revealed that they've already recorded "30 to 40 songs" and we should be hearing more new music "in the next few months." We seriously can't wait, but while we do, we can stare at Nick's biceps in the video for "Sucker" over and over again.

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