The College Bribery Scandal Was A Surprise To Everyone But Teachers

When news of the college bribery scandal hit a few weeks ago, plenty of people were surprised by what was being reported. Parents, coaches, and college administrators conspiring to get kids into top-notch schools, even though they fell way short in the qualifications department. If you remember the college admissions experience, or are helping your own kids through the process now, then you know just how competitive it can be.

Decent grades and test scores just don't cut it anymore - the top schools in the country have incredibly high standards for admission, and even state schools are getting hard to get into. So to hear that a bunch of rich (and some famous) people just wrote a check to get their kids into schools, thereby taking a spot away from a more deserving student, really pissed a lot of people off. But you know who wasn't surprised by the scandal? Teachers.

Unfortunately, they deal with bulldozer and helicopter parents day in and day out, and to them, this was just the culmination of years of parents going above and beyond for their kids. Gerry Brooks is a school principal in Lexington, Kentucky, and a video he posted about the reaction from educators on the scandal is eye-opening.

Ain’t none of us sirprised, for reals... Instagram: @Gerrybrooksprin

Posted by Gerry Brooks on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Gerry Brooks makes funny and popular videos about issues educators face, and has written a book called Go See the Principal. Brooks says that teachers aren't surprised by the admissions scandal, because they deal with parents like this every single day. Maybe not to this extreme degree, but parents who bend the rules and cut corners in their kid's favor. Parents who write notes to excuse their kids from doing homework or assignments, secretly send banned foods in lunches, or cut around the carpool line to get their kid to school on time - they're two sides of the same coin. It's knowing the rules, deciding they don't apply to you, and willfully breaking them. It's just a legal version of it.

And sure, parents might tell themselves that no one gets hurt when you forge a reading log or tell the school your kid is sick so they can go to Disneyland for the day. But it's the principle, according to this principal. And we to say, we couldn't agree more.

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