The Children’s Place To Bring Back Gymboree

For all the mamas (and littles) out there missing their beloved Gymboree brand, it will now see it's time in the spotlight again, thanks to The Children's Place. Yup, time to get excited, because big things are happening for this clothing brand in 2020.

If you're the mom of little ones, you most definitely felt that gut-wrenching ping in your stomach whenever we heard that Gymboree was closing it's doors. Gymboree first filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2017, immediately closing 375 stores. This included the brand Crazy 8, too, which they has already discontinued at the time.

Another store that we love, The Children's Place, is coming to the rescue of Gymboree and it's revival is going to be good!

Reportedly, The Children’s Place bought the rights associated with Gymboree (and the Crazy 8 brand) for $76 million and they finally shared that they will be re-lauching the brand in 2020.

Jane Elfers, President and Chief Executive Officer for The Children’s Place, shared via a press statement, “We have embarked upon an exciting journey to bring this iconic brand back to the loyal Gymboree customers, who continue to voice an unrivaled passion and affinity for it. We are thrilled to be able to revitalize bow-to-toe collections that create magical childhood moments.” Elfers also added, “We are making every effort to meet her high standards for curated and elevated product and eagerly anticipate welcoming her back to the Gymboree brand.”

We know that you are all wondering about change that will be associated with the brand moving forward. Obviously, there will be some since whatever was going on before wasn't working and lead to their bankruptcy, so they will be switching some things up. The company first plans to revive Gymboree.com through curating a personalized shopping experience and will include their clothing collections in sizes 12M-8T, an enhanced loyalty program and the ability to buy by collection.

As for brick and mortar locations, there hasn't been anything confirmed, however, products in more than 200 of The Children’s Place stores across the United States and Canada starting in 2020.

Senior Vice President, Global Merchandising for The Children’s Place, Claudia Lima-Guinehut, said, “We believe a multichannel offering combining an enhanced online shopping experience with inviting in-store locations will best serve long-standing Gymboree customers, and also welcome a new generation of moms to the iconic brand.” Lima-Guinehut continued, “The goal is to provide a Gymboree brand experience that reconnects mom to the branded product that she loves, and also provides her with enhanced capabilities she’s come to expect from best-in-class, omni-channel retailers.”

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